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Late Night Movie Hotel

You know you’re a true movie buff when you count the days to the the release of that blockbuster. You text your gang, make a late night plan and it’s show time.

Hero wins. Villain dies. Popcorn finishes but the movie never ends on time. The film ends on a happy note but not the night.

Thinking of the drive back home makes you groan. And if by chance you aren’t driving, you have to live through the showdown with cabbies and auto-wallahs. Sometimes you get so engrossed in a movie that you lose track of time discussing its details, and before you know it – it’s way past time to head back home.

The Late Night Movie Hotel

This struggle is real. We hate to see you hassled. So, skip the drama and the long drive home. Head to an OYO- Your Next Door Hotel.

Just check-in lean back, take a long shower, or grab a hot meal and hit the bed or if you’re up for another movie, our free Wi-Fi lets you stream it effortlessly.

With more than 70,000 rooms in 8,500+ hotels across 230+ cities, there’s always an OYO near you, anywhere in your city.

What’s more? Your next late night show could be completely hassle-free. All you have to do is book an OYO and get a 50% Paytm cashback on your movie tickets.

Go ahead, download the OYO app and choose from hundreds of rooms in your neighborhood


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