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Cut Long Drive Back Home. Hotel Next Door

Red. Yellow. Green. And just before you could cross, it turned red again. Annoying, right?

While you’re stuck playing the stare game with the lights, the honks and beeps ring in your ears. Cyber-Hub, Bandra Kurla Complex or Koramangala – wherever you are, traffic always gets the better of you.
It’s not just the money you burn because of cabs’ surge-prices or the fuel in case you’re driving your own car – but rather the energy such a commute drains out of you.

You end up reaching late all the time – be it back home or to the office the next day.
Oh, and the ill-maintained roads, the numerous potholes, or the unruly drivers don’t make it any easier. As a result, you get stuck in a vicious cycle of clutch and brake.

Stuck in Traffic Hotel

Don’t you think it’s time to break this cycle and cut the drive back home?
Do just that then, skip the slow-moving traffic and check-in to an OYO – Your next door hotel.

No matter where you are, or what time it is – you can lean back, take a long shower, or grab a hot meal – it feels just like home. You get to enjoy a peaceful night’s sleep and wake up to a sumptuous breakfast served in bed – making for just the right start to a new day.

Stuck in Traffic Hotel

So, the next time you feel exhausted or lazy to drive back home, you know where to go. With around 70,000 rooms in 8,500+ hotels across 230+ cities, you’ll always find an OYO round the corner, waiting to provide you with a hassle-free stay. Anytime, anywhere. Find a comprehensive list of your next-door hotels around major traffic hotspots

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