September 10th, 2017 by OYO Team admin

The Party After The Party Hotel

If you’re a night crawler, this one’s for you.

Come Friday, and your phone starts buzzing with messages from friends eager to head out to the hippest spot in town. Be it MG road’s extravagant bar hopping scenes or the happening nightlife of Hauz Khas, the groovy beats Koregaon Park or an after office drink at the Cyber Hub; you’re always up for some hard core fun when the weekend is coming your way.

After showing off some crazy moves, just as you’re getting comfortable ordering a pitcher of lager and some snacks – you hear the DJ call out the last song for the night.

It’s time to drive back home, but you feel so sleepy. Too tired to haggle with the cabs. And certainly not in the best position to face your mom.

Party After the Party Hotel

How about we help you out? Just pull all your friends together and head to an OYO – Your Next Door Hotel. Sit back, relax and have some tit-bits before you catch on some much-needed sleep. In the morning, treat yourself to an elaborate breakfast and sip on a cup of coffee to recoup from all the shenanigans the night before.

With more than 70,000 rooms in 8,500+ hotels across 230+ cities in India, you can find an OYO near you, anytime, anywhere.

So the next time you’ve had a little too much or don’t feel like heading back home after a late-night gig, you know exactly where to go.

Just download the OYO app and choose from hundreds of rooms in your neighbourhood.

3 cheers to more late-night parties and less late-night drama.


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