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Gone are the days when weddings used to be a winter affair. The youth of today has to deal with the parental pressure of finding a holy, blessed time for the wedding. We all know how important the “Muhurat” is. They also have to deal with the hassles of arranging everything almost on their own as there are no multiple siblings to help around these days. The most difficult part is to manage to get a leave to get married. Thousands of brides and grooms who book banquet halls in South Delhi fly in the very day of the Mehendi and go back to join their job immediately after the reception. It is safe to assume that the situation is no different in other major cities. As if all that put together wasn’t trouble enough, the issue of expenses is always there to add to the worries.

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  1. Take your Budget Seriously

Yes, it is stating the obvious, you need to have a predefined budget for a wedding to make sure you do not eat up other crucial expense points that are to follow. Everybody does make a budget, but there are two major mistakes you can make:

  • Not taking the budget seriously and eating into your savings.
  • Not setting a practical budget that should suffice for the wedding goals.

So, you need to make sure that you set a budget that is practical and achievable. You can’t just be the biggest miser while planning the budget, and then feel guilty about overstepping it. Once you have set a practical budget, you need to make sure that you stay within this limit. Whatever you do, you need to be serious about the budget

  1. Segment your Budget

This step is crucial because it helps you achieve the first goal, that is, to take the budget seriously. You need to compartmentalise the budget. You can start with a master budget of whatever amount. But you also need to determine what percentage of it is going to food, wedding hall rent, transportation, the management team, hall decorations, and other wedding expenses.

The important thing here is to make sure you do not cut into the budget of one compartment, in order to make another one very elaborate. If you must do so anyway, prioritise the segments. For example, you can never compromise on the food menu. The feast is what every guest will be looking forward to. They will appreciate good decorations and good lighting, but they won’t notice much if you missed a spot. But if you don’t provide the top quality fish or meat, people will remember your failure for the rest of their lives, and some would even try to let you know that.

Hence, you prioritise food over decorations. You make sure that even if you cut into the extra lights budget to make the dessert richer, you never do away with the three varieties of delicious finger food in order to make a canopy throughout the dining area.

  1. Keep a Treasurer

When you were in school, the fest had a treasurer or group of treasurers. Not at your office, you have a treasurer for every important event that is organised. So why should you not keep a dedicated treasurer for something as big as a wedding, who were looking to wedding planning checklist as well? Usually, it is assumed that the bride’s parents are to take care of the entire budget of the wedding, and the groom’s parents are to take care of the reception. However, the parents on both the sides are already stressed with a lot of other arrangements. Hence, it would be wise to leave the job of smart decisions regarding the budget up to someone who can focus on money matters.

The immediate family of the bride and the groom are still the ones who will be paying. They are the ones calling the shots. But a dedicated treasurer will help them with advice and updates on the money being spent on various aspects of the wedding. This will help them make better decisions.

  1. Don’t Bite Off More than you can Chew

We all know this was coming. This is probably the most important financial advice. You need to make sure whatever you are signing up for, is actually within your reach.

A wedding is an ultimate place to flaunt your riches. In fact, society demands people to impress others at any cost. But you should know better than that. No good ever came from trying hard to impress people who are just waiting to criticise you for one little failure.

It is not wise at all to live a poor marriage just because you wanted an amazing wedding. Those who have already realised this are happy in their lives, and their pockets are alive and healthy too.

  1. Don’t be a Miser

In case you misunderstood the last point, here is a clarification. You are not supposed to be too stingy with your money. Be it your own wedding, your child’s wedding, or the wedding of your beloved niece or nephew, it will happen just this one time, or at least so, is the plan. Do not say no to ideas that you might regret not executing. Do your honest best. Book a decent wedding hall, a spacious one with comfortable seating and air condition. Make sure the wedding food menu has delectable items and there are enough options for vegetarians as well as strict meat eaters. Just, don’t go overboard with any expense.

  1. Work your Way Back

We remember how to compartmentalise the master budget. Another idea would be, to work our way back to make a detailed budget for each segment of the wedding and then come to a cumulative master budget. If a master budget is what you want to prepare first, then adhere to the fixed budget from the beginning, while looking into the details of each expenditure first,  will assure quality and perfection.

  1. Think Long Term

When your parents talk about your wedding jewellery or wedding expenses, do not put them down. Of course, nobody can just get you married off when you are not even interested. However, think about the amount of money that goes into a wedding.

Of course, you should start early. Make some investments beforehand so that everything doesn’t pile up on you at once.

  1. Make Connections

Say you attended a friend’s wedding and liked the food. What do you do? Instagram selfies and Foodfies. What should you do? Have fun. But what else should you do? Go talk to the caterers and take their contact. Give them some small orders to create a bond.

A familiar catering service will offer you the best possible price. Do the same with wedding decorators, DJs, whoever you can. Just make connections. The right networks reduce wedding costs by a surprising margin.

Try these tips, master all of these practices, and you will be able to pull off a wedding that does not make you compromise on your honeymoon destination to make up for the extra expenditure.

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