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Has that feeling of “Engaged Bliss” begun to morph into the “Now what?!” phase?

If so, rest assured that this is totally normal. As the proposal pops up, most newly engaged brides feel that they have to jump into planning their entire wedding right away. The initial excitement of wearing a beautiful ring can turn into stressful to-do lists like booking the best banquet halls in South Mumbai or any other location, searching for the best designer etc. in order to put together a gorgeous wedding. If you haven’t planned a party before, then a wedding can feel like an intimidating task. But when the event planning is broken up into a series of smaller and more manageable lists, it becomes less overwhelming and a fun process to enjoy with your fiancé and family!

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Whether you’ve been dreaming about your picture perfect wedding day since you were little, or couldn’t be bothered about trendy wedding decorations colour schemes and are just looking forward to marrying the person of your dreams…Wedding planning can be a daunting task! Especially if you’ve never been involved in any wedding planning before.

With a handy wedding planning checklist for your big day, you can make sure everything gets done with plenty of time to spare.

Six To Twelve Months before the Wedding

  • Finalize the exact budget

How much to spend, where to spend, and when to spend are some of the questions that need your utmost attention in the initial phase of planning your wedding. Before you begin to tick off anything else off your wedding planning checklist, it’s important to close the budget!

So, break down the things you want to spend on, and things that would definitely require expenditure. Decide a ballpark figure for your wedding and select the essential expenses.

  • Finalize Your Guest List

Before you start with the list, think of an approximate number of guests you would want to have at your wedding.  Categorise your list of office colleagues, close relatives and friends, mutual friends or acquaintances and neighbours. Make sure you include the names of the people in the final list whose absence on your wedding would definitely make a difference.

  • Search and book the wedding venue

Getting the best venue these days is difficult since most of the wedding venues stay blocked for the month in advance, so make reservations in advance. Whilst keeping in mind the approximate number of guests attending the ceremony, consider the important factors such as location, ambience, space and the size of the venue. Check everything out at the venue inclusive of all the services provided by them with the cost involved so that there’s no glitch in planning.

  • Get hold of a wedding planner

While most of us love planning our own wedding, some of us like to lie back and relax. In the latter case, it’s better to hire an experienced wedding planner who can do all the wedding planning, take care of the checklist for the wedding, and organize everything as per your convenience.

  • Design your wedding invitation

It’s the best time to finalize the look and feel of your wedding invite as everything from the colour of your invitation card to its design and content matters. Make sure you’ve done enough research in the previous months so that you make the best decision at this time.

  • Book Your Mehendi

Irrespective of how much you like Mehendi or not, don’t forget to book good artists since there would be no pictures your hands can escape. And obviously, there are kids and women. And they love Mehendi!

  • Get hold of your Makeup artist

Book your makeup artist and your pre-bridal or groom package at the salon as this is really crucial. Remember, at this time, almost everyone might be getting married! If you’ve shortlisted a few good ones already, get their quotes, and book the best one as soon as you can.

  • Book the Photographer and Videographer

Some of us still admire the traditional style of capturing memories even when candid photography has caught up the fancy of most people. Make sure that by now if you’ve taken a call if you want theme photography, candid, or the old-school style, then book the photographer and videographer as soon as possible.

  • Finalize and book the entertainment bit

There is no wedding that is ever complete without good music and some entertainment. And there’s no better time than this to have a famous rock band at your wedding or any other artist whom you may want to invite. Get your hands down on the list and book one well in advance. If you want to go for a DJ, find the best one in your budget and book right away!

  • Plan your Honeymoon

Look up for the destinations, finalize the ones that you really dream about going to, and check out the places and things to do there. Browse through some pictures to gain clarity and research if it’s really a place worth visiting on your honeymoon. Discuss with your spouse and make sure you book well in advance to enjoy the most beautiful days of your life in an exotic location.

  • Finalize your wedding jewellery

This is certainly the best time to include this in your wedding checklist! One of the most important tasks on your marriage checklist is buying wedding rings and jewellery. You need time and patience for that. So, head out to the best jewellery stores, and look for the designs you wish to have in your collection or your spouse’s wedding ring. Find out the discounts running and make sure you buy the best!

  • Get your Wedding Outfits Ready

To ensure you don’t end up with a stressed mind, head out for your D-Day outfit shopping well in time. It’s time taking but only worth if you could get what you have always dreamt of wearing on your special day! Finalize and get the outfits readied for all the ceremonies through your favourite Indian designers or scout the best bridal outfit stores. Take your time and then close on the final decision.

  • Book Accommodation for your Guests

It’s time to book a good and comfortable accommodation for them. To assure your guests get the maximum comfort, find out good hotels and guest houses that provide friendly hospitality and amenities. It’s best to choose an accommodation which is in close proximity to the wedding venue to avoid any discomfort for the guests.

Two Months before the Wedding

  • Trousseau Shopping

Take a break from everything else and head out on a shopping spree. We’re sure you want your new wardrobe to have something of every kind. Make sure you buy different colours and styles and shop for ethnic, western, and formal as per your requirement.

  • Book Your Honeymoon

This is the best time to book everything from flights to hotels for your honeymoon with just two months to go for your wedding. Who knows, you might just get lucky and grab a deal that proves to be a real value for money. A major thing from your wedding checklist will be ticked off as you book your honeymoon!

  • Schedule your Pre-wedding Shoot

With your pre-wedding pictures, remind everyone to save the date and make some lovely memories! An important task on your marriage checklist is undoubtedly getting a pre-wedding shoot done. Head out for your shoot during this period and share the pictures with your friends and family to catch everyone’s attention as soon as you get them from your photographer. Search your best options and get going!

  • Send out your Wedding Invites

This is an ideal time to send out invites to your friends and family. Choose the card, get the respective names printed, and mail them to your guest list right away!

One Month before the Wedding:

  • Follow Up With the Vendors

Get hold of everyone connected to the organization of your wedding and give a call to the management of your wedding venue, the DJ, the florist, the makeup and Mehendi artists, photographer and videographer etc. for the final time. Cross check the checklist for the wedding and check up if everything’s on point or not.

  • Honeymoon shopping

Keep in mind the destination of your honeymoon and the weather there to shop for stuff that suits the place. Grab the stylish dresses, the shoes that you’ve been eyeing, and the sunglasses that make you look really chic, take help from your girl gang here. Be your best for your honeymoon! This is the most exciting part of wedding planning for a bride.

  • Book a Special Stay

Know that this day won’t ever come again! So, look for luxury hotels or any place that you’ve been wanting to visit with your partner, and book it right away. To avoid any last minute hassle, request the hotel/resort to make special arrangements in advance like flowers, a wedding cake, or a private candlelight dinner.

  • Hire a Choreographer

It’s to prep up for the wedding performances as well to make your sangeet a fun memory. By hiring a choreographer for the practice, make sure you make everyone from your aunts to nephews groove on the dance floor.

  • Try your Wedding Attire

We’re sure you can’t wait to wear the special outfit on your special day, and you might have tried it a couple of times already, but no time is as risky as this one. To see if you need any alterations at all, wear your outfit and put on your shoes for a final trial. If not, you’re ready to turn heads! There is nothing else to do on the wedding day except going with the flow and thoroughly enjoying the celebrations with all the arrangements in place. Make your wedding an affair to remember as you make use of these essential tips!

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