Indian Wedding Food Menu Including Must Have Dishes

A Big Fat Indian Wedding is incomplete without serving some finger-licking food to the honourable guests. Earlier a Halwai along with his team used to take care of the entire menu but recently professional wedding caterers have replaced them in the kitchen. Latest food trends with international dimensions and unique exhibits are sizzling up the wedding venues these days. Well, the new food format and exotic world cuisines are fine, but it is essential to keep our Indian palates satisfied with the desi lip-smacking food from the galis (streets) of India.

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Just check out the Indian wedding menu that we have prepared for you if you haven’t selected the dishes to be served at your wedding! The finest stuff is here.

  • Paneer Pasanda with Corn Pasanda

For your vegetarian guests, why not include this one? Your favourite Nuts are mixed and cooked in a delightful Onion-Tomato curry to give your guests a royal feel. The Paneer pieces are filled with green Chutney and shredded Paneer. Vegetarian guests simply love this lavish dish. It is such a yummy affair that no one can refuse it.

  • Zafrani Pulao

Let’s have rice. As this is the first item your guests are going to take on their platter, how about Zafrani Pulao? Originating from the mountains of Kashmir, it is a noted dish of Hyderabad. Rice being an essential part of any Indian wedding we must see to it that it is not so heavy so that guests can enjoy rest of the menu.

This is a fragrant recipe with perfect blends of traditional ingredients like Dry fruits, Milk, Saffron, Sugar and more delicious things. Your guests will simply fall in love!

  • Dal Bukhara

It is the famous recipe of ITC Maurya Hotel and is made only with Urad lentils. In a desi wedding, Dal Bukhara is an absolute must. This dal is prepared with the lots of Butter and Cream and is thick in its consistency. It is going to melt you guest’s hearts, we bet on that!

It goes well with Zafrani Pulao or Onion Kulcha. Perfect for kids or children and equally enjoyed by both, this is not to be missed at any cost!

  • Dahi Bhalle

You will find the appetite of your guests increasing with every spoonful of creamy yoghurt-rich bhallas. A great way to inject some vintage and old memories into your wedding menu is including this rustic and cool street food. Light on stomach and tasty to the palates; this mouth-watering dish so beautifully sings the flavours of India.

  • Dilli ki Chaat

No matter how busy your guests are; but they can always queue up for hours for their share of chaat ki plate.

Dilli ki chaat is world famous as it appeals to the palate like no other food. It is sure to please plenty of palates at your ‘do’, so get this peppery and out-of-the-box stuff added to your Indian wedding menu.

  • Aloo ki tikki

Aromatic tawa-fried aloo tikki stall is a perfect choice to display the roadside heritage with aplomb. Also, you can always play safe and woo your guests with this miraculous dish. In simple words, any wedding will be incomplete without the infamous aloo ki tikki. Offering a great delight to the foodies especially veggies these small mashed potato tikkis are always a hit!

  • Litti Chokha

Quite a unique and most talked about the roadside food of Bihar is now giving an authentic experience to the guests at the wedding. In fact, this love of Bihar has now started appearing everywhere.

Most of the weddings today are serving this humble and tasty dish with a makeover. You too can let your guests have a lesson of Bihar’s food heritage with the brownish balls stuffed with satto masala (bhuna chana atta).

  • Risottos

Risottos have become common in Indian weddings these days. As pasta is something all kinds of people indulge in today, risottos are seeing a rise on the wedding menu and are loved largely by everyone including elders. Italian staple risottos have replaced pizzas and pastas in the popularity index. They are light and bland, and hence hugely compensate for the spicy Indian flavour.

  • DIY Dessert -Chocolate Fondue

Let’s accept this! There cannot be any party without a little chocolate, right? Chocolate certainly makes us go weak in the knees and a chocolate fondue is the best thing you can have in an Indian wedding food menu to impress people with your finest hospitality.

Cheese and chocolate are melted together served with apple slices, bananas, brownies, cookies and waffles. The best part about this counter is decorating the dessert platter on your own. This Chocolate Fondue will perfectly compliment the wedding decorations being done at the venue and add to its charm.

  • Amba Khatta

The end of a great wedding requires a great chutney for the guests to smack their lips too. With this tangy mango chutney, one can delight the palate of the guests. It won’t surprise you if your guests return to you asking for this recipe.

  • Smoked Dal Makhani

Originating from Punjab with a western twist, this creamy and buttery dish is a must have at your wedding. Practically, there cannot be any wedding or a party without Dal Makhani.

You can serve kulcha or naan alongside making this a perfectly well done meal to savour and enjoy.

  • Pasta Primavera

Children simply love this dish. Freshly chopped vegetables are the main ingredients of Pasta. These are cooked in a pot filled with salted water till they are soft and pasta is boiled. After that, the boiled pasta and the vegetables are dressed with Garlic and Olive Oil and garnished with shredded Cheese. You are surely going to win many fans with this dish at your wedding.

  • Butter Chicken

Let’s have some chicken now. A Chicken item is a must in a wedding. What can be better than this! Chicken is cooked in Tandoor with a simple curry loaded with butter. There are many compositions and different ways of marinating of Chicken here.

The cream is used in  paste or as a garnish and Cumin, Asafetida, Cinnamon, Cloves, Coriander, etc. are some of the spices used in this dish. Cashew Sauce is added as a thickener. Balle! Balle!

  • Dahi Baingan

You can have this for your vegan guests. It is such an Eggplant recipe. It is made of Brinjal fried in oil and dipped in the Curd. You can add Onion and Garlic in it to make it spicy. Every Oriya restaurant will give this to you complimentary. It is deep rooted in their culture. Originally from the land of Punjab and Orissa, it is an authentic and easy dish. Oh! Heavenly, we say!

  • Gajar Halwa

People do love innovations, but the old ‘hot halwa’ has always given them a kick. This super-yummy dessert will have every other guest at your wedding huddling up to it.

After all, who on earth can hold on to their taste buds when there is an option as luscious as halwa. For a winter Indian wedding food menu; it would be like a match made in heaven. Isn’t it?

  • Jalebis

Piping hot jalebis are one of the tastiest and juiciest treat to be served at your event. These are hot on menu since ages and you just can’t go wrong with this ever-popular sweet dish. The smell itself will keep them on their toes. So, let your friends and family ask for more while you add this ‘wow’ factor to your gala.

  • Kachori sabzi

A plate full of kachori sabzi is a top-notch choice and seems heavenly to all the food lovers even when the array of choices for your guests might be staggering.

Your people just can’t ignore to have their mouths full with this enjoyable and spicy treat, Khasta kachoris with aloo sabzi is all the rage!

  • Pan

Consumption of pan after meals is a traditional affair. What do you say about this old-age sweet mouth freshener which is do deeply relished and enjoyed by people from all age groups! As many as twenty different varieties of paan’s are served as post meal appetizer in most weddings these days. Chocolate Paan, Ice Paan, Strawberry Paan & Vanilla Pan are among the popular ones and are enjoyed by people thoroughly. One of the best things to do is also welcome your guests with a sweet paan at the entrance! They will simply go gaga.

  • Veg Makhanwala

A popular dish on the Indian wedding vegetarian food menu list is the veg makhanwala; we must say there is not a wedding which won’t have this dish.

It’s got a rich creamy taste to fill your mouth and is deeply enjoyed with naan, tandoori rotis and missi roti as well. Furthermore, it is also nutritious!

  • Golgappa

Ah! Did it just make you mouth watery? A wedding menu can never be complete without a Gol Gappa, don’t you agree? Everyone loves it equally whether child or adult. We are sure they are going to look forward to it. Make sure you get the hygienic GolGappe wala so that people don’t hesitate to munch them. Trust us; you will be doing a nice favour to kids and to everyone. Have a blessed wedding.

  • Gulabjamun

A sweet is a necessity in Indian ceremonies. This sweet is made with Khoya and Paneer. Gulabjamuns are prepared by using Khoya or Mawa. Obtained by continuously stirring the milk on a less flame till moisture evaporates, Khoya is actually dry evaporated milk. This khoya is then moulded to a round shape and fried till it gets its rich brown colour. To get that glaze and that extra sweetness, it is dipped in Sugar Syrup. When you bite into the Gulab Jamun, it is soft and loaded with that distinct sweetness. Let’s make your guests crave for more. Grab a bite.

Expect to see the embodiment of the country’s heritage and rich culture in the menu for the wedding receptionwhen it comes to Indian weddings. How was the food?  – is the first thing that anybody asks after you return from a wedding in India. The only goal of the hosts is that every wedding guest returns with a satisfied and full tummy, in fact, the amount of food cooked during an Indian wedding is enough to feed an army. Food occupies such an importance in the Indian wedding scene.

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