20 Traditional Lip-Smacking Sweets for an Incredible Wedding Catering

No Indian wedding menu can be concluded without sweets. Even the decision of finalising the wedding banquet totally depends on the variety of sweet dishes their caterers are going to serve. The delectable aroma of the wedding sweets is incomparable in every sense. India has been popular for its variety of cuisines and desserts that have an identity of its own. Sweets hold a special significance in any marriage. It is a mark of happiness and is considered to be a pure entity that is a must have for any auspicious occasion. These are used as an offering to god as well. Here are some of the list of sweets for marriage that are a favourite for all those people who cannot even think about a marriage meal without them.

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  1. Gulab Jamun

The soft and syrupy Gulab Jamun makes its way to the top in a marriage sweets list. The spongy dough balls made with Khoya and fried in saffron syrup tastes like heaven when eaten warm.

These make for a perfect sweet to be given to your guests if you are largely confused about the dessert for your party.

  1. Jalebi

This is a popular crunchy dessert that goes well during a wedding breakfast as well as reception dinner party. When served warm it tastes as delicious as it looks.

It is even a delight to look when prepared by the halwai. The preparation itself makes your mouth water.

  1. Kheer/ Payasam

This is a sweet dish that makes a perfect after dinner dessert. These are prepared with fragrant rice or vermicelli prepped up with almonds, pistachios, and could be served cold or hot. Though it is entirely on your guests how would they like to have it. These are an excitement for your taste buds with a bit of gusto.

  1. Shrikhand

This is a milk based sweet dish that is most popular in Maharashtra and Gujarat regions. Even many brands are selling these sweets in a sealed pack due to its huge popularity.

  1. Shufta

This is one of those wedding sweets that is regionally popular and in this case, it’s Jammu and Kashmir. Prepared with dry fruits, coconut and ghee, the preparation is on a bit heavier side and satiates your appetite within few bites.

  1. Gajar Ka Halwa

A perfect dessert for winters to be included in Indian wedding food menu. Its sweet aroma can fill the entire venue. The look and fragrance of the sweet dish is such that it will entice the guests to the table like bees. It is a lovely dessert that could be prepared in bulk for your friends and family.

  1. Rasmalai

These spongy, creamy and sugary delights are available in oval or spherical shape. These are perfect sweets for marriage and are favourite of every guest. The last few slurps are like a divine for those who adore this sweet like a dear.

  1. Ghevar

Again a traditional sweet, this is basically popular in Rajasthan, though it has rightfully gained its reputation in North India as well. The Mewa at the upper portion and the crust in its lower one gives it an exquisite look as well as an inviting taste.

  1. Kaju Katli

Yet another delicious sweet dish that is simple to look yet magical when eaten. The best thing about this sweet is that it is dry and light and can be easily eaten more than once if you have a mind to do so.

  1. Rasgulla

This is the most favourable sweet delicacy in West Bengal. And due to its spongy structure, low sugar content and no ghee preparation, this is a personal favourite for the health conscious ones. These are available in various tastes as well as sizes and even carry a different name for every variety.

  1. Malpua

Though underrated most of the time, this is also likeable when served during weddings.  Mostly popular in North Indian weddings, it has a history of its own. Prepared with fried barley and dipped in syrup, these flattened ones are irresistible to eat when served hot with chilled Rabri scattered over the top. Hope you are imagining the taste with glee!

  1. Ladoo

This is one of those neutral sweets that cannot go wrong in any wedding ceremony. Made with besan or boondi, this is a hit in every occasion.

And you cannot ignore the fact that any Indian wedding traditions and rituals find ladoo a necessity during any ongoing puja.

  1. Kulfi

This is basically an Indian ice-cream but falls well under the marriage sweets list. Kulfi has gained its popularity that dates back to the time of kings and queens.

This is prepared from milk and flavoured with saffron or pistachio inside a metal cone and kept to freeze under ice. This is a hit among children as well as adults during all wedding parties.

  1. Qubani ka Meetha

This is a very popular dish in Andhra Pradesh and in their regional weddings as well. Prepared with apricots, these are undeniably a royal among wedding sweets.

Though there are varieties of sweets, this is one of the best in this state.

  1. Bebinca

This is a layered pudding and is extremely popular in Goa. It is a rich traditional sweet dish that is used in all auspicious occasions such as wedding, engagement etc.

It requires some hard work from the maker but the end result is worth to have.

  1. Basundi

This is a Gujarati sweet dish.

Made with sweetened dense milk, and prepped up with saffron and pistachios, this is also a popular addition to the wedding catering.

  1. Balushahi

A crunchy outer crust and an inner filling of sweet khoya, this is a very popular dish of Uttar Pradesh that are deep fried in sugary syrup and given a very pretty mould.

It is a dish that is famously served in the weddings.

  1. Mysore Pak

As revealed by the name, this is a popular sweet dish of Mysore. Made with ghee, besan and sugar, this alluring combination is very commonly served in the weddings.

  1. Badam Ka Halwa

Mostly preferable for winter weddings.

This sweet dish is prepared with Badam or almonds that are blanched and cooked in ghee until it gets brown.

  1. Khaja

This is one of those crunchiest desserts with layers that get unfolded when one starts eating.

It is a very popular sweet dish in weddings and generally seen being served in Bihar.

With such a long list of sweets to discover, now add some of these to your weddings and see how your guests relish in devouring them.

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