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A wedding is supposed to be the most special day of a girl’s life. Who are we kidding? Even boys plan their weddings as kids, but it becomes a secret for both boys and girls when they grow up to realize it is supposed to be embarrassing. Whether you have been one of these people who dreamt about the perfect wedding as a child or not, when it comes to it, we all want it to be perfect.


The Trouble

However, today we all are very busy with our careers and other familial obligations to afford the time and money for a lavish party. But people, who want to get married, want to do it just once, and it is okay to want a perfect one.

Thus, the celebration of a perfect wedding starts by feasting over the end of your bachelorhood. Since nowadays most of the professional help you but also punch a hole in your pocket in terms of providing benefits of banquet service for any occasion and burn down your fixed deposit account, we bring forth some of the interesting ideas and suggestions that will definitely bring out the life in your party.

The Solution

It is not fair that you should have to be stingy for the first few months of your marriage because you paid for the celebrations you wanted. There is a solution to this unfair problem. When your first priority is to give your friends or cousins a bachelorette party, the solution resides in professional banquet hall settings and services provided by the planners.

Ingredients for a Perfect Bachelorette Party

Event planners will provide you with every service you need if you have hired the right one. You deserve the perfect party and here is what it takes to achieve that:

  • An amazing multi-cuisine food menu.
  • A bar with the choicest mocktails and cocktails.
  • Beautiful venue.
  • Striking décor.
  • Convenient valet parking and transport service.
  • Efficient events management.
  • Comfortable seating and overnight accommodation options for guests.
  • Ready equipment.

Don’t panic yet. You don’t have to arrange any of this on your own. All you need to do is take out time to find best party planners and management team and follow these perfect event planning tips to throw your party.

  1. Finding the Perfect Team

In order to find the perfect banquet hall and party planners, you need to follow this plan in this order:

  • Get your wish list Ready

Starting from the food menu to the desired music, and the type of décor ideas you need, you should know what you are going to ask the team you hire. Sharing your own specific ideas with the planner would be beneficial so that you are not disappointed at the end of the day.

  • Budget

Set a budget with a margin that you are willing to compromise up to. Make sure the entire budget is reasonably generous so that you can put your foot down and not go a penny over what has been set as the limit.

  • Backup Wish List

You should have a substitute for every little detail in your wish list so that you can readily replace it with your second choice if the first choice is not in an option. Having a flexible and alternative option could save you from any last minute crisis.

  • Speak to Companies or Planners

The next step is to speak to as many teams as possible and figure out which team can provide most of the things on your wish list at a reasonable price. Comparing the event planners is a tedious task in itself but for a perfect party you need to ferret out the perfect planner who is synchronized with your party plans.

  • Perform a Background Check

Whether you are the kind who does a background check on your first date or not, you MUST do it on the people who are about to be in charge of your bachelorette party. Ask for real references, look for real reviews. Check their track record and see what kind of work they did. You can also consult your friends who have taken up their services in past. Having a rock-solid feedback will lend you some assurance that they are best for this job. Pick out a set of questions to ask the venue when planning an event of yours at a banquet hall.

  • Seal the Deal and Cut to the Chase

Close the deal with the team and banquet hall you found the best. Start the trials and tastings right away.

  1. Splendid Décor Ideas

The idea of how to go about your party is given. You can get all the help you want from your planner. You know you cannot compromise on the food and bar menu. But, there are a lot of tricks to reduce the cost of the décor and make the venue look amazing. Here are some tips to astonish your guests with an amazing décor of your venue.

Image Source

  • Themed Tableware

Imagine beautiful blue tumblers and plates of glass on matching or white tablecloth. It costs zero extra bucks to get coloured tableware but the entire dining area looks so much beautiful to me. Also, go for some fancy napkins and make sure the garbage area is way out of sight of the dining area or any area where the guests will be in.

Image Source

Choosing a theme that is particularly dear to your heart could enhance the decoration of your party.

  • Greenery over Flora

Flowers seem essential for every party. But they increase the décor cost by a considerable margin. The smart thing to do is to use various kinds of leaves and plants which cost way less. To make it look colorful, top it off with some beautiful white flowers and let the entire setting be on backdrops of various colors.

Get the picture?

Quite pretty right?

It comes at half the cost of going for all flowers, which is an outdated concept anyway.

  • Antique Photo Booth

Your friends might demand some happening corners these days and a photo booth is both, happening, and relevant. Make the booth antique themed so that painting of your garage spares in bizarre colors does the trick.

Image Source

A classic bicycle, a few small benches, a few lamp shades, and a lot of yellow, pink, and blue. You are set.

  • Balloons

Whichever part of the venue looks empty, fill it up with large balloons. Stick them on the walls, get some helium balloons to stick to the ceiling, and just don’t overdo it.

Image Source

Use them just where required. If you want to avoid looking basic, don’t make a canopy of balloons at the entrance and at the center stage. Use them on the walls as a background.

  • Drapes

Use a lot of translucent colorful fabric to make a canopy for the performing stage, use them in the dining space to make the entire room look colorful. Hang them near the entrance to create another colorful canopy.

Image Source

Wrap them around fairy lights to brighten everything up. Use sturdy silk for the shine, and some georgette for the transparency. Mix it up.

  • Lights

Use lights very wisely. Use big lights with bright lampshades and around the drapes so that the entire space looks colorful and lit up. Use fairy lights in abundance as it reduces the electricity cost while making things look just as beautiful. This is a perfect option if yours is a night bachelor party. Avoid using multi-colored fairy lights in one place. Use just the yellow and whites in one place, or the blues and whites in another, or pink and red.

Image Source

Keep it well distributed so that it doesn’t look tacky. Hang some lights from the ceiling by long chains which are again wrapped in rice lights. Let the levels of the hanging lights be random to add to the beauty.

  1. Give Some Special Party Accessories

One of the ways to make your party memorable is by gifting your friends some party accessories relative to your theme. Keep it simple with some tiaras or sunglasses or some really nice customized tees to create your fun moments.

  1. Introduce Some Games

A bachelorette party is unthinkable without appropriate games to spice up the moments. Having fun is the bottom line and to make it happen, arrange some of the witty and entertaining games that your friends would just love to play.

  1. Hire a Photographer

Well, when you are busy having fun, then who would capture those moments of yours? If your banquet hall is providing you with a photographer, then it would be awesome. But, if you are bringing a known photographer of yours, make sure to hire the one with the best feedback.

These were some ideas for bachelorette party décor or wedding decoration that should make the party venue look beautiful and all dolled up at half the price of a not so well thought out décor idea. Talk to your event planners and seal the deal only if they are willing to go by your ideas and just add their expertise to it. Don’t go for planners or a banquet hall that is not willing to accommodate your wishes and plans for your own party, or that of your dear one.

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