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As the summer intrudes into what was supposed to be springtime, the blistering constant heat and sweat turn out to be irritable. The thought of a wedding makes you nauseating, instead of excited. You think of the entire crowd, the suffocation you’re going to feel there, the heat makes you feel like the hall is an oven. No matter how well air conditioned the best banquet halls in Delhi may be, you will feel the summer heat at a wedding. To add to all that, are the troubles of looking gorgeous in an outfit that will make you sweat all day.

Serve Summer Drinks right

You don’t enjoy your favourite rum and coke anymore, a cold beer is what you crave for. But beer makes you fat, who cares? But it also makes you want to go to the washroom every five minutes, and that is a problem. You start to feel that there’s no way around to beat the heat. On top of that, you have heavy Indian wedding menu to serve you better.

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Don’t fret because the alchemists from exotic bars and clubs have the ‘solution’ to your problems. Cocktails! What can be better than a cold alluring cocktail in a highball glass as you cruise through the crowd, wearing your high heels or classy boots?

If you are about to host a summer wedding, cocktails are a must. You cannot just pour whiskey straight out of the bottle and give your guests the option of neat or on the rocks. You need to take care of your guests with some cool, refreshing cocktails.

Every cocktail has a different alchemy and chemistry to it. Different spirits, different fruits and flavours, different high and different moods. But the contents aren’t always about the taste and the feel but also the presentation.

We’ll list down some of the best cocktails in India to be included in weddings.

  1. Screwdriver

This drink is the epitome of freshness. Nothing represents the citrus twist better than orange. The chemistry of orange juice and vodka never fails. The tangy and twisty taste of orange perfectly blends with the outlandish vodka.

As simple as this drink sounds, it isn’t easy to achieve the perfect balance of taste. You can try screwdriver in thousand different places and yet, you’ll notice differences in each of them. You’ll be surprised how different traits of oranges and different blends of vodka can do wonders to your screwdriver. It is also one of the most preferred cocktails in India as the colour of the drink, the presentation it manifests, and the feel of it is perfect for a wedding under the sun. It is also easy to make with two simple ingredients that can be served to lot of guests in a very short time.

  1. Mojito

During a wedding, there’s a lot of noise, lot of chatter and unnecessary conversation that you want to get out of. All you want to do is relax and enjoy your time all by yourself. Mojito is a drink that relaxes you. A serene aura surrounds you when the taste of fresh lime hits you.

The drink also looks fancy when the mint leaves forms an attractive design on the glass. An easy to go drink which is very simple to make. White rum, sugar, lime juice cordial, soda, water and mint is all that is necessary for making the perfect mojito.

  1. Margarita

Tequila is something that helps you forget, though weddings are something that is to be remembered for a long time. So, to make tequila more interesting, Margarita is the perfect mixture of tequila and lime.

Margarita glasses also look elegant with a slice of lime attached to the rim of the glass. This classy looking drink gives you a lasting impression amongst the crowd.

  1. Martini

This sophisticated drink was accidentally created in a San Francisco hotel. This cocktail is as elite as it sounds. Not everyone can understand the true nature and taste of martini. Martini is made with gin and vermouth which can be garnished with either orange or olive. This is a sophisticated drink because there are many ways to drink it, wet martini (when the martini is made with more proportions of vermouth), dry martini (when it is garnished with more olive brine/juice). There’s also Gibson when the martini is served with a cocktail onion. So, one has to know what kind of martini is best suited for them. It is an aristocratic drink, James Bond’s favourite.

  1. Cosmopolitan

Nothing beats the heat like a cosmopolitan. The sweet twist and the red colour is a fantastic combination for an aesthetic appeal to go with your gorgeous wedding. This is also one of the most preferred cocktails in India. It is easy to make, tastes good, and looks artistic.

A jumble of vodka, cranberry juice, and lime juice is shaken with crumbled ice gives you the best cosmopolitan experience.

  1. Long Island Iced Tea

One of the most celebrated cocktails in the world is the Long Island iced tea. This is a cocktail for a rock star and loved by all. The unique and light taste of Long Island iced tea makes it a suitable drink for everyone. In summers, in an open-air wedding at one of the best banquets, no matter how hot it gets, a tall glass of Long Island iced tea will cool you down.

A delicate mixture of vodka, lime juice, tequila, white rum, gin, and cola makes you feel like you’re on the beach in Florida. This is a fancy, easy to make cocktail meant for everyone.

  1. Bloody Mary

This is a drink that requires careful delicate chemistry. This is a drink for the mysterious, crazy, and the dangerous. This drink is challenging to make. It comes with a lot of ingredients. A Bloody Mary at a wedding is for the fun and the talkative ones who enjoy the complete loud essence of an Indian wedding. This drink is served at various wedding ceremonies to make sure people dance to every beat.

An amalgam of vodka, tomato juice, Worcestershire sauce, hot sauce, Piri Piri sauce, garlic and herb sauce, and some more spices isn’t for the faint-hearted.

  1. Whiskey Sour

Whiskey sour, also known as Boston sour, is a gentleman’s drink. A well-groomed man in a smart suit is amazing. And him holding a whiskey sour is just classy. As you parade down the long hallways during the wedding with a whiskey sour in your hand, you get a classy and royal impression that turns heads. Not to say, it isn’t a lady’s drink as well.

The whiskey sour is a favourite for anybody who likes a strong drink. This drink is a mixture of whiskey, lemon juice, sugar, and sometimes, a dash of egg white. It is a unique cocktail that is only meant for the strong drinkers.

Crucial tips

These were the top Indian cocktails to serve at a wedding. There are some rules to follow in order to make sure you offer the best cocktails to your guests. Let’s just make sure you know them:

  • You must have a dedicated bar for the cocktails so that guests do not have to wait for their turn for being served around.
  • You must have the drinks served around or at least people assigned to ask around for a drink so that everybody who could use a drink does not HAVE to walk up to the bar.
  • You must have expert bartenders to impress the guest. Perfection is impressive.
  • There must be some mocktail options for those who are not a fan of alcohol. Make sure there are at least three non-alcoholic beverages that can be served cold. Fresh orange juice, virgin mojito, and Lassi are good options for an Indian wedding.
  • Make sure all the ingredients are fresh and the bartenders are masters of their craft.

Pull this off and your event will be a hit. You do not have to offer all 8 favourites of Indian cocktails on the list. Have a minimum of three options to choose from and you are gold. Make sure you offer a range of variety though. A moderately strong drink like the LIIT, a light fruity cocktail like the screwdriver, and a strong one like the Bloody Mary, are sure to cover the wishes of all kinds of palates.

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