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When you are looking for some pocket-friendly places, you are surely going to browse for the budget tour packages in India. And among those, one of the best places to cruise through with a light pocket is Amritsar. Amritsar and Golden Temple are often said with an inseparable unison. Golden Temple is one of the majestic marvels one can gawk at for hours.

The Golden Temple

With OYO Total Holidays, explore the beautifully ornate architecture of the Golden Temple which leaves an everlasting impression of royalty. The feeling of divinity surrounds us the entire time we’re in the temple.

As you walk towards the temple you’ll find yourself hidden in the middle of four long white marble walls. The Golden Temple isn’t in your sight until you pass through one of the four gates.

Golden Temple

As you enter the Chowk Ghanta Ghar entrance, which takes you under a magnificent archway, down a few steps and out onto a marble path, you’ll be greeted with the Golden Temple in all its glory. The flawless and dazzling golden domes will leave you breathless.

Apart from the grandeur, this shrine exhibits a peaceful and quiet aura. Hundreds of people are constantly meandering through the hallways and witnessing the temple with awe. There’s a constant cadence being done by the religious people and monks in the temple. But it is not intrusive or disturbing in any way. It rather contributes to filling the temple with a feeling of enchantment and awe.

Embrace the Rich Culture

If you’re going to Amritsar for the first time, Golden Temple package tours are the best choice to avail. The Golden Temple isn’t just about the magnanimity it manifests.  It also acts as a centre of culture and spiritual essence. The Golden Temple is the best place to learn about the fascinating aspects of Sikhism. The essence of Sikhism is embedded in the atmosphere around the Golden Temple. Wandering through the temple and witnessing many pilgrims that gather here, you begin to understand the religion. It was incredible learning those answers by kindling up conversations and simply by experiencing the atmosphere that emanates from this symbolic temple.

The Rich Architecture

As you go inside the temple, you’ll find it adorned and decorated from floor to ceiling. The musicians reciting from the holy book inside the golden dome create a divine aura within its domain. It is such a worthwhile experience to witness people from all over the country and abroad flocking here together to share a moment of pure spirituality.

Sikh spirituality

The reason we believe that Amritsar falls under the best budget tour packages in India is because of the convenience of food and accommodation the Golden Temple offers. The Langar is a practice in Sikh religion that involves providing food to people regardless of their religion, colour, caste, and creed. The belief that no matter who we are, we all get hungry, trivializes our differences with each other. Sharing of Langar for Sikhs among the community is backed up with a belief that all humans are equal.


Dining in Guru Ka Langar or community kitchen is an absolute grand experience, where more than 60,000 people gather every day to have food prepared by the volunteers and monks of the community.

Even though serving so many people at once is a difficult and challenging feat, the most astonishing of the facts remain that the food served is incredibly delicious. It is wondrous to see the foods stirred up in large quantities are so carefully cooked.

Of course, everyone is free to have food in Langar, although donations are always appreciated.

Generosity is beyond explanation when it comes to the Sikh community. Offering food isn’t the only generous act they exhibit. They also provide accommodation for people regardless of where they come from. There’s a dormitory called Guru Ramdas Niwas dedicated to the foreigners to sleep and rest.

However, if you’re looking for a luxurious lodging, this might not be the place for you, as the accommodation here is for the experience one can feel while waking up amongst hundreds of pilgrims to the rhythm of prayers and music all around.

Golden Temple

The Golden Temple is the perfect place to sit and do some soul-searching. We can travel the country and sit here to process what we had witnessed and learned from our travels in India. This is why thousands of Indians and foreigners take Golden Temple package tours during the holiday season. It is cheap on the pocket but the experience is the richest one your soul could find. You do not have to be religious to feel the positivity and warmth of this place. You just need an open mind and a good heart.

This is one of the commonest tour packages in India. When you are on a tight budget but want to take a trip, try this out. You won’t regret it.

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