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Amritsar Summer

The spiritual and cultural centre of Punjab, the iconic city of Amritsar, is one of the most fascinating cities in Northern India and offers a multitude of sightseeing options while illustrating the heroic character of Punjab. The city houses some of the most stunning monuments, gurudwaras, tombs and mosques, the architecture of which is very impressive and worth applauding. Amritsar has never failed to cast its magic spell and enthrall its visitors with its serene and scenic charm round the year. The beautiful, holy city boasts of a profusion of natural beauty, historical marvels, religious sites, bustling streets and breathtaking Punjabi culture which makes it one of the most enchanting and memorable tourist destinations in Northern India for both local and foreign travelers.

So, whether it is the iconic monument of Golden Temple, the significant Jallianwala Bagh, Wagah Border, Guru ke Mahal, Maharaja Ranjit Singh Museum or Khair-ud-Din Masjid, there are numerous popular places in Amritsar to satisfy the traveler in you.

Why visit Amritsar?

From Operation Blue Star in Golden Temple to the infamous tragedy at the Jallianwala Bagh, Amritsar has seen the worst of situations and yet unfolded like a phoenix through testing times. Today, Amritsar is a blossoming city with active trade and tourism industries, and continues to be the choicest destination of North India. The tourist spots around Amritsar are also a huge hit.

While Amritsar may be one of the most vibrant cities in India, the time you visit this princely city is very important and could influence your holiday in different ways. So, take hold of a map of Amritsar with all popular places to visit there and start holidays in the Golden City of Punjab. Read on to know the best season to visit Amritsar to plan your trip, so that you can experience the most of this charming destination, and explore the famous celebrations and events around the corner in the city. Go ahead and pay a visit to this charming city. You’ll be enchanted, for sure!

Find Best Hotels In Amritsar

Amritsar summers (April to July)

  • Amritsar witnesses long summers and the temperature ranges between 19 and 37 degree Celsius or sometimes even beyond that. Summer in Amritsar begins by early April and continues till the end of July and remains extremely hot and humid. In the bright heat of summers, the scorching hotness may not be a favorable time to enjoy the beauty of the spectacular history and culture of this quaint town, as the sweltering heat will most likely leave you dehydrated and exhausted.
  • Summer in Amritsar always witnesses soaring temperature, and the hot sun may deter you from exploring the city’s famed structures during the day. If you are planning to visit Amritsar during the summer season, make sure you carry lots of sunscreen and a pair of sunglasses with you, along with light, cotton clothing, hats and sufficient chilled water to prevent dehydration and beat the heat while going out. April and May constitute the hottest months of the year, and city tours during afternoon can be very exhausting, and it is certainly not the best season to visit Amritsar. Following a little shower in the latter half of June, the temperature hovers between 24 degree and 30 degree Celsius.
  • However, summers is also the time when the crowds are less, making it an ideal time to enjoy a peaceful vacation in Amritsar. This is the best time to enjoy some great deals for tourists at one of the several accommodations, bespoke hotels and luxury resorts, which cater to all types of tourists. As per your needs, you can book a hotel that is closest to most of the excursions in Amritsar. You can also consider staying in one of the leading opulent hotels in Amritsar that feature well furnished rooms, modern facilities as well as recreational amenities such as various kinds of spa and massage therapies that promise some real quality experience.
  • The Golden City is dotted with picturesque gardens, colonial buildings and beautifully decorated bazaars, and offers you much more than just historical monuments. The lively markets in Amritsar are considered to be the heart of the city and one of the major attractions which offer you with amazing variety of stuff. You can shop at Amrtisar for some exclusive phulkari suits, Punjabi juttis, hand woven carpets, handicrafts, krippan and accessories and for beautiful traditional Indian wear with Phulkari designs. Pay a visit to some of the town’s most important markets including Hall Bazaar, Guru Bazaar, Shastri Market, Katra Jaimal Singh Bazaar and Lahori Gate Market or splurge in its plush and iconic restaurants, malls or movie theatres at the Trilium Mall and Celebration Mall. The satiating food and generous dollops of authentic Punjabi hospitality further casts a magical spell upon the visitor.
  • The summer months of May and June are dry and hot with sweltering heat waves, with temperature as high as 45 degrees Celsius. Before the foray of monsoon, the city experiences blistering heat and dust storms in summer. The festival of Baisakhi which draws a lot of people to the city is celebrated in the summer month April every year, and marks the onset of spring season. The occasion brings out Amritsar’s resplendent spirit with its finest food, clothes, traditional folk music and dance performances and merry-making.

Amritsar Monsoon (July to October)

Amritsar monsoon

  • Monsoon in Amritsar sets in by late July and continues till October, and is perhaps the most unpredictable of all the seasons. While the onset of monsoon brings a sense of relief from the scorching summers, and allows you to take lazy strolls around the vibrant and bustling bazaars of Amritsar, the rainfall occurs in rather varying degrees. Evenings are however pleasant and marked by pleasant breezes. Amritsar receives heavy to light rainfall during the monsoons and the average high and low temperatures usually range from 24 degree Celsius to 33 degree Celsius and the climate is mainly gratifying throughout.
  • A visit to the glorious Golden Temple, popularly known as Darbar Sahib, that is renowned all over the world for its beautiful sprawling gurudwara and the serene sarovar or lake, is something that you can’t afford to miss irrespective of the month you choose to visit Amritsar. The upper section of the Golden Temple is crowned with a dome which is shaped like an inverted lotus and gilded with about 100 kg of pure gold. One can offer silent prayers inside the temple, where the sacred Guru Granth Sahib is placed, take a dip in the sarovar to purify oneself or simply pick a corner and observe people go by and take in the splendid scenes and the divine atmosphere.
  • Consider exploring the popular tourist spots around Amritsar including hill stations, trekking spots, religious pilgrim centers and wildlife sanctuaries that showcase the beauty of the place and offer an unforgettable travel experience. Some sought after destinations include Jalandhar, Darjeeling, Pathankot and Dallhousie.
  • If you want to travel with the clouds and a little drizzle then Monsoon is the best season to visit Amritsar. The sheer natural beauty gets amplified to a large extent, and the flowers are in full bloom. Make sure to head out to the enchanting Jallianwala Bagh, Wagah Border, Bathinda Fort, Pul Kanjari, Harike Wetland and Bird Sanctuary, Durgiana Temple and Partition Museum. Relish the rich authentic local delicacies and finger-licking food including signature Amritsari Kulcha, Lassi, Amritsari Fish, Chicken Tikka, Channa Batura, Sarson Da Saag with Makai ki Roti, Tandoori Chicken and Gulab Jamun in the most vibrant restaurants and dhabas that will keep you coming back for more.
  • To make your stay comfortable, there is a good selection of plush and affordable hotels in Amritsar, to suit every budget, including a bunch of deluxe and medium to budget accommodations available. Not far from Delhi, but distant enough to feel like a getaway, a bunch of days here will leave you calm and ready to take on the chaos of city life once again.

Amritsar winters (November to March)

Amritsar Winter

  • Though the city enjoys a pleasant climate year-round, the best season to visit Amritsar is during the winter season when the weather conditions are perfect to traverse the spectacular town. In the winters, the weather stays delightful and enjoyable and this is when you can get the best out of your vacation and visit famous attractions like Guru ke Mahal, Jallianwala Bagh, Bibeksar Sahib, Akal Takht, Durgiana Temple, and many other such marvels.
  • Winter is indeed a delightful season to indulge in activities such as shopping and sightseeing when the weather is the last thing one needs to worry about. October sees the gradual transition to winter which extends till early March. During this season the days are bright and sunny, the weather is mild and extremely pleasant, while evenings and nights can be little foggy, making it the best season to visit Amritsar. It is recommended to carry light warm woolens as the temperature at night can stoop to low levels.
  • The average temperature during this time period hovers between 12 degree Celsius to 26 degree Celsius, which is generally considered ideal for monument visits, city tours and other tourists’ activities. You can also enroll yourself for one of the ongoing heritage walks to observe the beautiful landscape and gurudwaras in early morning hours, which is indeed a visual treat for tourists.
  • Amritsar weather in winter months is perfect and full of hustle and bustle and myriad of lively events and activities keep taking place. You can partake in the grand festivities during this season like Guru Nanak Jayanti, Basant Panchami and Lohri that are celebrated during this season, and bring in huge tourism in the city. During the festival, one can observe numerous carnival floats, parades and all kinds of folk dances of Punjab such as Bhangra, Giddha, and Gatka, which makes for an overall enlightening experience.
  • Another noteworthy attraction in the city is the Jallianwala Bagh which is a public garden housing a memorial to commemorate the martyrs who lost in the infamous 1919 massacre by the British forces. Several historical structures are present inside the premises which stand testimony to the atrocities that occurred here during that time, including a wall which still bears the marks of the bullets that were flanged blindly at the civilians and a well in which many people jumped to save themselves from the onslaught of the bullets.
  • The popularity of Amritsar during winters also makes it the peak season which brings with it a huge influx of tourists and fewer tranquil places to enjoy. Winters are the time the city receives a huge rush and most tourist attractions are overcrowded with people who come from across the country to admire the city’s beauty. The hotel room fares also go up and most of the prominent resorts and heritage properties might already be booked and not be available on weekends.

Nearby Places to Visit in Amritsar

There are a number of places that one can visit from Amritsar and it will make for a complete holiday experience.

Here are some of Best places to visit near Amritsar :

  1. Katra
  2. Dalhousie
  3. Jalandhar
  4. Panitop

1. Katra

Katra is a hill city and a site of pilgrimage. The region is located just about 4.5 km away from Amritsar and one can travel to this picaresque hill city by bus. The hill city is about 249 km away from Amritsar and there are many lodges here that will also help you make an overnight stay after paying your respects at the shrine.

2. Dalhousie

If you are visiting Amritsar, then there is no way you can miss Dalhousie, which is just about 3.5 km away from it. It makes for a lovely weekend getaway and one can easily get to the hill station with the help of a superb bus city from Amritsar itself. The hill station is also a popular honeymoon destination and one can truly enjoy the peace and quiet of the hills here.

3. Jalandhar

Jalandhar is another bustling city in Punjab and it is located just 1.5 hours away from Amritsar. There are a number of places to visit here which will further reveal the rich Sikh heritage of the city. Some of the notable places that one should visit here are White Wall Church, Jama Masjid Dargah, Devi Talab Mandir, Saidan Gate, Golak Nath Memorial Church and Mahalaxmi Mandir among others.

4. Patnitop

This is a relatively lesser known hill station in the region and it is also about 5 hours away from Amritsar, but this is what makes this hill city so unique and keeps away most of the chaos that popular tourist destinations are always filled with. Patnitop is also a popular honeymoon destination and it is a great place for camping as well.

Where to Stay

If you are planning to visit Amritsar, then you will find no dearth of places to stay here. There are a number of hotels which you may book through the Oyo app. The hotels are very affordable and there are both budget hotels and luxury hotels to choose from. The food here is very good and you are sure to be greeted with a glass of rich lassi. The entire stay is going to be become extra special because you will be experiencing the vibrant culture and the equally vibrant hospitality of the Sikh community once you come here.

What to Eat

When you are in Amritsar, you simply have to try some of the local cuisine which will surely make you come back for more. First and foremost, you have to visit the langar in Golden Temple or any other Gurdwara in the city and it will be the experience of a lifetime. The Kara Prasad is must have and although you may have to stand in a long queue to finally get to it, this ghee laden Prasad will make you lick your fingers.

Apart from the Prasad, you will have to try the extremely popular Amritsari Kulcha, which is served with a dollop of butter. You can try it with Choley, a special preparation of spicy grams and also with a range of other dishes. The keema kulcha is the next popular pick, and the kulcha is filled with a spicy mix of meat, usually chicken or mutton.

The kababs in Amritsar are mouthwatering and there are a number of eateries that are well known for making them like Surjit Food Plaza, Friend’s Dhaba and Beera Chicken House. Try the Tandoori Chicken, an all-time favorite, along with Shami Kabab and the Reshmi Kabab. The Hariyalli Kabab or a platter of mixed Kabab will be equally delectable.

Whatever you may have, do not forget to top off your meal with a tall glass of lassi.

Where to Shop

Amritsar is a great place to indulge in some street shopping. Head to Hall Bazaar and Guru Bazaar to lay your hands on some premium items at very affordable rates. Bags, jootis, dress material with gota work and embroidery and household items can be found here in abundance. Ladies will find these markets extra special as they can bag some really beautiful pieces of junk jewelry here, especially Guru Bazaar. The Katra Jaimal Singh Bazaar is known for its items that are made from Phulkari work whereas the Lahori Gate market will give you the opportunity o buy some wonderful pieces of lehengas and dupattas which are mostly hand- embroidered and are done on premium materials like silk and velvet.

How to Reach

Reaching Amritsar is quite easy, thanks to the ease of transportation. One can get direct trains to Amritsar from all major Indian metros like Mumbai, Kolkata, Ahmedabad, Pune and Chennai. The Amritsar railway station will have cabs and autos waiting to take you to the interiors of the city from there.

Amritsar has its own international airport, the Shri Guru Ram Das Ji International Airport which is located just 11 km away from the city center. So whether you are a domestic or an international tourist, you will find no dearth of direct flights to the city from major cities in India and abroad.

If one is traveling to Amritsar by road, then they should take the National Highway 1. You can drive yourself you can take a bus from Delhi and you will reach Amritsar in about 6 hours.

Almost all the places of sightseeing here allow cameras or mobile cameras though it is important that you ask for permission or look for a notice board while visiting a museum or a Gurdwara. A nominal fee has to be paid for photography in such places.

The picturesque city of Amritsar is a harmonious blend of tradition, history, culture, and food and a delight to marvel at. In totality, the time of October to March is the best season to explore Amritsar. Take a leisurely stroll in the old world city or pay a visit to the key spiritual center in the region, the Golden Temple, and make some amazing memories to treasure forever while in Amritsar! Without further ado, mark the dates in your calendar and get ready for an incredible vacation!

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