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The current generation has way smaller families and very busy lives to handle events as huge as a wedding without professional help. This is why wedding planners are successful. Now, you could be someone who likes being in charge of your special day, or you could be someone who’d prefer to sit back and take care of yourself while someone reliable is taking care of the rest. Whatever be your preference, you do need to select the perfect team of professionals for the day.

The Perfect Plan

There are numerous things to take care of when it comes to a wedding. Even people who have hosted such events before could make a mistake and have a thing or two slip out of their minds. A wedding is the most hectic event that must end in tears of joy. This is assuming that you are looking for all the professional support you can get, and still have ample time to start organizing. This one is to help you plan out perfectly.

First Things First

You need to start in a systematic order to be in control of the entire situation. So, here are the things that you need to include in your event planning checklist and discuss with the important people before, in order to finalize the wedding.

  1. Number of Invitees

This is the first thing to determine because everything else depends on this. Even the budget comes after this crucial decision. It is recommended to invite those you really mean to. Inviting too many people just out of politeness or fear of bitterness not only increases the cost you don’t want to bear, but also increases the chances of unpleasant behaviour from your (secretly) unwanted guests. Discuss the guest list with every important person so that you are not leaving out a dear one and can organise a Perfect Budget Wedding.

It often happens that in the stress of the wedding, a very important person slips everybody’s mind. You surely want to save yourself from the embarrassment of last minute invites to very dear ones.

  1. Master budget and Fragment Budgets

A budget can get tricky even if you had been saving enough. You need to keep your master budget constant because you don’t want to run out of savings for just one day, even if it is your wedding day.

So, what you can do is customize the plans like DJ, Food Menu, décor, venue, and even the guest list to fit the master budget. Divide budget into fragments and make sure the sum is not exceeding the master budget. If you later need to customize the budget yet again, make sure you adjust the budget of one fragment into another, keeping the master budget put.

  1. Venue

The venue depends on the number of guests anticipated, the season and weather. If you want a wedding under the open sky, you need to be sure about the weather. The venue must be in a good location that is easily accessible from the airport and train stations if you have guests coming from long distances on the same day to attend your wedding. There are other little details you must pay attention to while you are looking for places to have a party.

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For example:

  • Nearby Events

Whether the venue is exclusive to one event at a time or will there be other parties going on around. You need to come to an arrangement if you don’t want another party going on nearby.

  • Valet Parking

The parking and valet service is important to discuss because you don’t want your guests to enter your wedding all grumpy because they had been circling the venue for 30 minutes to find a decent parking spot.

  • Location of Venue

The location of the venue is important not just in terms of commutation and accessibility but also in terms of aesthetic beauty. You can’t just have a grand venue in the middle of a residential area with cars honking and guests wading through the grocery stores to in their designer outfits to get to your wedding. You need a venue that is located in a secluded yet safe place.

  • Security

Security, emergency, and insurance policies are very important to discuss when you choose a wedding venue. You need to ensure no local goons cause trouble. You need to ensure there are precautions against fire and water troubles, with convenient evacuation arrangements. Anything can happen at a wedding and it is all fun in retrospect if you had the resources to handle the situation when it happened.

  1. Wedding Date

People often go to venues according to the date. This is a problem because when you fix the date first, it is often according to your family astrologer and chances are, there will be several weddings on an ominous day so there will be a tough contest to get a good venue.

Needless to say, the prices of every venue will be higher than usual because of the demand. Hence, it is always good to fix the date according to the availability of your favourite venue.

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If the court date for the registry is different, so be it. If your very religious family wants the wedding to happen according to the astrologer’s recommended date, so be it. Go legalize it when the court summons you. Go get the rituals done with only the nearest family members present on an ominous date. But never compromise on the date for the best venue. This way, you get to make everybody happy, including yourself.

  1. Wedding Menu

The importance of the menu can never be overstated. Believe it or not, no matter how beautiful you look, the food is what people are going to remember longer. Yes, that’s the bitter truth. But the bright side is, even if a few things go wrong, like an embarrassing toast, a performance fails on the stage, a lighting issue, even a part of the roof décor coming undone, guests are going to forget about it the moment they taste amazing food.

This is the major fragment of the budget that you shouldn’t try to negotiate on. Ask if there is an in-house catering team and see if you like them better than your contact. Also, make sure you taste every bit of food at the trial tasting weeks before the wedding.

Wedding Menu

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Here are a few things you need to make sure:

  • Taste Beforehand

You taste every item starting from appetizers to the wedding cake at least two weeks before the wedding so that there is time for a second tasting of the items you did not approve of. Don’t shy away from asking for repeated tastings till you are happy with every item.

  • Flexible Menu

Be flexible enough to substitute some items on your agenda so that the caterers can bring to the table what they make best.

  • Constant Touch

Make sure that the chefs remain the same ones that you have approved of. Stay in touch personally to ensure that the people preparing the food for your guests at your wedding are the same people you had approved of. Make sure the quality of every item is top class.

  • The behaviour of Caterers

Also, pay attention to the caterers and servers. Their behaviour and demeanour make all the difference while the serve your guests.

  • Enough Quantity

Pay attention to the quantity of every item so that you don’t ever have to deal with the embarrassment of running short.

  • Vegans

Make sure you keep in mind the number of vegetarian or vegan guests you have so that you have food for every guest.

  • Cutlery

Pay attention to the cutlery as well so that the food is served pretty.

  1. Team of Planners and Caterers

For the entire event, you need the best caterers. If you have good caterers you don’t need to worry about all the little details mentioned in the previous point. All you need to do is state your requirements, customize the menu, give the numbers, and wait for the tasting. The matter is similar to the rest of the planners. Be it the lighting or décor or the music for the evening, if you have hired the right people, your job is done.

  1. Theme and Ambience

The ambience of the day or evening depends on the décor, the lightning, the colours of the drapes, the music, and of course, the location itself. A good banquet hall will take care of everything. If you want a theme wedding, you need to talk to the manager about it. If you want to bring in your own team of decorators, make sure that is not forbidden.

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Only go for a banquet hall that does allow you to have your day your way. Try out the theme before the wedding so that you can find out the loopholes in implementation and figure out a way to deal with those while there is still time.

  1. Security

The security is very important because weddings can be a target for goons to mug guests leaving the venue late at night or a straight on raid for the riches. Don’t panic. None of that will happen if you have selected a reputed wedding venue which is equipped with the necessary security weapons and a team of vigilant security guards who will be up on their feet 24*7 throughout the event.

Security also includes prevention of accidents like a fire or a gas leak so make sure the venue has working fire alarm and control mechanisms implemented.

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  1. Transport and Accommodation of Guests

Not every guest will have their own car. You need to make sure the banquet hall will provide transport and efficient drivers who can promptly pick up your guests from the airport or anywhere in the city and safely bring them to you. You must talk about accommodation and extra charges for rooms as well for the near ones who you would like to have fun chatting all night with at the venue.

  1. Events

While selecting a venue for an event, you need assistance with various events you might want to organize and the additional costs they come with. Say you want to organize a DJ night or a tattoo parlour or a makeup session and karaoke.

You will need the equipment and the managers for these events so that they run smoothly and not haphazardly. You will also not want to disappoint your guests when they ask about a photo booth or the bar. So according to what your guests want, and of course, what you and your partner would like for the day, you should talk about all the demands with the manager so that they can arrange everything for you.

Lastly, the most important thing is the bride and the groom. Whatever you do, you should get to be happy throughout, and relieved at the end of the day despite the obvious little glitches that come with every event of this stature. So, ask around for real live reviews. Look everywhere for the reputation and references in search of the venue and team that deserves the honour of organizing and planning your wedding. Invest time and money in looking for the best banquet hall, the best caterers, and a team of managers for the wedding you deserve.

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