August 10th, 2017 by OYO Team

India is as diverse as it gets. Having gained freedom 70 years ago, there are still so many places waiting to be explored.

This Independence Day, set foot on a new adventure by taking a #MiniBreak and exploring some off-beat destinations.

Pick your happy place:


Champaner: It’s a UNESCO World Heritage Site with marvelous historical ruins revealing intricate Hindu and Islamic designs. Not just that, the old-world charm of the locale makes it the perfect destination for those who love architecture.

Stay at an OYO in Champaner


Digha: Since the British Raj, this place has been an idyllic beach resort. If you’re up for some fun in the sand, this is the place for you. Drink fancy mocktails, read a book by the beach or simply unwind in your comfy room – the choice is completely yours.

Stay at an OYO in Digha


Wayanad: This place has sprawling spice plantations, enchanting waterfalls and picturesque Ghats. No, that’s not all. You also get to spot Elephants and a variety of other flora and fauna in the nearby wildlife reserves.

Stay at an OYO in Wayanad


Shojha: This place is absolutely surreal. Revel in the peace of this lush green Himalayan valley as you enjoy splendid views of the hills in the distance.

Stay at an OYO in Shojha

Take an impromptu #MiniBreak and enjoy flat 30% off on your OYO bookings.

Now, that’s convenient, hassle-free and fun.


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