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Weddings are one of the happiest events in life. You get to wish a lifetime of peace and happiness to a close one embarking on a new journey of life. If you are the one getting married, there is no end to the excitement, happiness, anxiety, and all sorts of mixed feelings throughout the day. Weddings are also about fun and flaunting. You have fun eating the spiciest of delicacies, and you get to flaunt your sense of style via your gorgeous wedding outfit. All those banquets in South Delhi always get to see gorgeous women all decked up. You add to the beauty at an event like this. The most elegant outfits, jewellery, and accessories are reserved for grand wedding events. Everybody gets all decked up, ready to bag compliments at a wedding. Men, women, children, youngsters, elderly people, everybody wants to look their best.

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However, the most captivating element in a wedding is the saree. Sarees are the most elegant fashion statement and the perfect ethnic and gorgeous outfit for a wedding. Different types of traditional sarees with posh embroideries and artwork set the traditional fashion bar high at a wedding. In this new age of fashion, the saree has seen a radical transformation from a household drape to the ramp. There are now minimalistic sarees as well as traditional sarees and both are popular among women, young and old. Here’s a list of different types of sarees every bride or any woman attending a wedding, should have in their collection.

  1. Kanjeevaram

South India has a lot more to offer apart from its delicious food, rich culture, and serene nature. The Kanjeevaram saree, native to Tamil Nadu, is a magnificent bridal outfit. The artwork and the embroidery are rich. It upholds the cultural art, serving as a canvas to flaunt the skill of the native makers.

The colours and hues are beautifully blended with the rich fabric. Wearing a Kanjeevaram at a wedding is an excellent choice as it flawlessly defines royalty. Most of the South Indian brides prefer to wear Kanjeevaram. Why shouldn’t they! They look absolutely glamorous in this saree.

  1. Banarasi

Banarasi sarees are one of the most popular and sought-after bridal sarees. They are not only popular in India but in the entire world. The unprecedented adornment of designs running along the silk cloth defines absolute nobility and richness. Banarasi sarees glow with a brightness that you will find on no other outfit. The bridal dress colour combination is mostly of bright hues, thereby, never letting the bride be out of the spotlight.

Banarasi sarees are also the perfect example of the coming together of traditions. Banarasi sarees are brought in from Benaras but the art is engraved on the cloth in West Bengal. A Banarasi saree is definitely a splendid choice for a bride. Most Bengali brides still go for a Banarasi Saree.

  1. Assamese Saree

The most beautiful sarees in the world are usually the ones that radiate simplicity. Assamese sarees are proof that simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. Gracefully made sarees from the finest of Assam silk is a unique and out of the box choice.

Imagine, there are guests at your wedding expecting you to wear something chic and expensive, but you surprise all of them by showing a much simpler yet elite sense of fashion. Assam sarees are mostly white silk with red embroidered borders along the end, the definition of Indian elegance.

  1. Net Sarees

A minimalistic and modern perspective is always necessary to elevate a tradition. With the changing fashion trends, a net has seen a lot of change in its use as well. Once considered a poor choice, the net is not used in increasing the sophistication of a gorgeous and traditional Indian bridal dress.

Sophisticated needlework and careful lace designs on a milky soft silk have made this outfit the ultimate trend in bridal wear in the country. This kind of saree is mostly preferred by the North Indian women. The different tapestries on each saree have a unique composition of colours. The lace design patterns make sure each saree is different from the other. There are many more layers to the sarees. The transparency of the silk sarees has also led to the creation of magnificent designer blouses and dupattas along with it.

  1. Odissi sarees

Odissi sarees thrive when it comes to experimenting. There’s no limit to alterations and design when it comes to Odissi sarees. Vast range and types of sophisticated embroidery, comfortable sarees, sarees to wear in everyday life, everything is covered by the Odissi tradition. There are both, cotton and silk fabrics that look absolutely gorgeous on sarees.

Some of the Odissi saree types are Bomkai and Katki. But the kind of saree that truly stands out in the crowd is Sambalpuri Silk sarees. These are always the best-fitted sarees for weddings as they are rich in design. The Odissi culture can be experienced through every inch of the baroque design. A Sambalpuri silk saree deserves some space in the closet of every Indian woman. These are the types of traditional sarees people don’t mind spending a fortune on.

  1. Paithani Sarees 

Sarees are not only flaunted for their designs and brocade. They are best adorned with gold and value. Paithani sarees have gold thread work which makes them one of the most expensive sarees in the world. A saree wore by queens and princesses during the old times have somehow managed to be preserved through the age of time and history. These sarees are the true example of absolute royalty.

The jaw-dropping intricate designs in every needlepoint of the saree result in a very high value. These kinds of sarees are mostly preferred in Maharashtra. So, if you want to be extra at your wedding and spend a fortune on the wedding dress, this is the best option. Paithani silk is imported from Aurangabad, protecting the history and time through art and fashion.

  1. Pattu Sarees

A sombre looking saree is always classy and very comfortable. Of course, it is also elegant and stands out in the crowd for its uniqueness at a wedding. Nothing accentuates Indian curves like a Pattu saree. From the Land of God’s Own Country, Kerala, Pattu sarees are a work of simplistic design, mostly preferred by traditional South Indian brides.

These sarees can be an out of the box idea to go minimalistic, the right way. These kinds of sarees are also preferred by most foreigners, because of their comfortable and manageable quality.

  1. Bandhani Sarees

You can have a grand wedding, yet the quirky child in your heart will want something more. Having fun is the ultimate goal for you. When it comes to your wedding, you know you need to like your outfit the most and you know it has to be full of happy colours. If you are comfortable and happy wearing what you are wearing, you will make it look good. You will definitely feel good and comfortable in a Bandhani saree.

Bandhani sarees are a chic fashion statement. The polka designs on the sarees reveal a wide range of colour combinations which make these sarees an absolute head turner. Bandhani, also known as Bandhej sarees, are most preferred at the Gujarati and Rajasthani weddings. These are one of the most beautiful sarees made in old Indian style. With an everlasting cultural richness, these sarees are definitely a beautiful choice.

  1. Zardosi Sarees

One of the most popular wedding saree types is the Zardosi saree. They’re minimalistic yet not. They are traditional in nature. It is also comfortable and easy to carry.  It can be used in both netted and silk sarees. There is a varied range of customizations and experiments done on these sarees to help them keep up with the evolving style and fashion trends.

These 9 different types of sarees are perfect for the Indian wedding scenario. Be it the bride, or her best friend, a young adult, or a grandmother, more than one of these types of sarees will intrigue you. You will never be sure about just one type; you will want all of them. This is exactly what being spoilt for choice feels like. However, if you focus enough on the comfort factor, and have a budget concern, you can narrow down the list of options. You will get a gorgeous saree, no matter what type of material you choose.

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