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Engagement party means that you are just a bit away from saying ‘I do’. But, that doesn’t lessen the glory of this ceremony any more. Engagement parties are fun-filled and joyous ceremonies that hold tremendous importance in the life of the couple. Being one of the foremost ceremonies before the wedding, engagement parties should be exciting enough to be celebrated with your friends and family.

There a lot of new ideas to make our engagement party different and out of the box. Several engagement party venues these days have trending party ideas in their store that are truly excitable in every way. But you can always choose what type of party you want. Nowadays everyone dreams of having a really amazing and quirky style celebration. So,  gear up because we have pickedout some of the most amazing flashy ideas that can liven up your ceremony profusely.

  • Paris Perfect

Everyone thinks about Paris, it’s such a romantic and beautiful city. But you can live the vibe of the Paris on your engagement day. Starting from a Parisienne playlist (think Edith Piaf and Juliette Greco) and moving to the macarons and champagne, you just have to live the moment. You can have the décor of the Eiffel Tower as well which the lights on it.

  •  Hire a Host

A nice welcome is what your guests desire while they are attending your engagement ceremony. While this is your engagement party, you are definitely not going to play the host. Let it be someone closer to you who can greet your guests with a wholesome warmth and enthusiasm that will inculcate a feeling among them that they are an integral part of your celebration.

  • Have a Rooftop Party

There are numerous venues for engagement parties that have the facility of a rooftop arrangement in their venue. Now wine and dine with your friends and family in relish and you would literally get the feeling of being on “top of the world”.

rooftop party

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Moreover it would be a great excuse for the couple to break the regular party planning of indoors or having a lawn wedding ceremony.

  • Sunset Sail

Some people want to have their engagement in the middle of the water, you can celebrate your day with a bunch of friends and family on the beautiful boat. You can arrange for the boat and make the décor according to your preference. The best experience to have this beautiful day on the romantic boat and in the middle of the water.

  • Beach Bonfire

Beaches never fade for any romantic and beautiful event. To make your engagement more different and fun filled you can choose the Beach Bonfire theme where you can party on the beach and at night in front of the bonfire you can always have your best engagement time.

  • Make it a Costume Engagement Party

If yours is a small and intimate engagement ceremony, then it will be a nice time to play dress up. Inform your invited guests about the colour code or dress style that you have decided for your engagement.

costume engagement party

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It would look cool enough for your celebrations. Try to make sure that your guests are informed about this beforehand.

  • Interesting Lawn Games

If you are going to organise the party outdoors, then some accompanying games would be fantastic. Brides loves little uniqueness in their ceremonies.

Interesting Lawn Games

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Being a friend to the couple or a planner, you should keep the entertainment factor in mind and introduce some games accordingly.

          – Ring Hunt

Now, this game would be a real show-stopper. Engagement is all about rings. So, keeping this within your fun activity will let your guests immerse in the rhythm of the ceremony.

           – Memory Game

This is quite an engaging game for your guests. Just distribute some notes to them and let them write down a moment that includes you. Afterwards, the couple gets the chance to sort out the moment with the person.

           – Roller Derby

Get yourself ready to relive the 70’s period, get your dresses of those times and gather your family and friends for this amazing theme of going down the memory lane. Hire a DJ, and give the most amazing playlist of that time and make your day a great and memorable one.

           – Quizzes

A perfect time to question your spouse-to-be! Get to know how much your would-be wife or husband knows about you by asking him or her about what you like, what are your favourites and what are your habits. This will be quiet a funny entertainment activity when you would be holding a different answered placard in front of your guests.

  • Your personal Memory Deck

This is your engagement party and you feel like a king! Share this feeling with your guests as well. Put up all your cherished photos in a collage or pin up those on a large wooden board. A video slideshow of those photos would be an amazing idea. Some of the benefits of banquet hall could be seen while you are arranging such decorations for your party. The planner can plan out some themes or wooden scriptures to display out the photos.

  • Photo Booths

The quirky photo booths with flowers and ribbons or the quirky photo frames hanging from tree branches braced with the colourful props is enticing enough for every ceremony.

  • Put up a Suggestion Box

This is not a game in general, but exciting nonetheless. Let your guests fill your basket with some “golden” suggestions of their own, which will be directing towards your upcoming marriage life. These would make for a nice past time material when you have wrapped up your party.

  • Put up a Music Station

A party without music is lifeless. Though you might think that a DJ is common enough, then give your DJ songs a shuffle of its own. Choose the wedding related songs that match the spirit of your ceremony. Give your guests some chance to have their own request played.

  • DIY Booze Counter

Is anyone of your guest’s mixologist at heart? Then, let him have a great time at the bar counter of your party. Put up all the drink essentials and he would definitely jump into this corner to make the drink for him as well as your guests.

  • Don’t forget the Kids

Well of course, it’s not just an adult only party. When kids are a part of your celebrations, try to make something “kid’s special”. Set up a SWEET TREAT station where they can have sugary fills to their heart’s content. The joy on their faces would be alluring enough to light up your celebrations.

  • Say yes to Bean Bags

Why it’s always the traditional chairs and tables? Though they are essential enough, bring out some cheeriness in your seating arrangement with bean bags, duvets on the field and the similar type of arrangements. So break the stereotype and put up these types of seating arrangement for an exclusive decoration that your guests would love.

  • Theme Party

Want to have some native traditional themes for your engagement party? Or is it some Mexican Piñata theme you want to indulge in? Seasonal decorations are perfect enough to compliment your party! So choose the colour scheme or the prop style that will be a superb theme for you.

  • Speeches & Toasts

It gets very difficult to have a formal speech during the wedding due to the hustle and bustle within. But, engagement could be proper occasion to prepare your emotional speech for your son, daughter or friend who are about to get married.

Make your engagement a different and valuable one, don’t go for the regular party because these ceremonies don’t happen every time. Enjoy it! Make it the best memory of your life and make your party the best party ever!


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