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Quietly sitting amidst the magnificent clouds, the north-eastern part of India is a must-visit if you are looking for a relaxing holiday in the laps of nature. However, landscapes of greenery, tranquil monasteries and thrilling adventures aside, North-East India is also famous for its sumptuous cuisine that is quite different from the rest of the country.

So, if your holiday is incomplete without trying a mouthful of scrumptious dishes, then here is a guide to some of the best food in North-East India that you should never miss.

Top Dishes in North-East India

Gyathuk from Sikkim:

Home to some of the most popular tourist destinations in North-East India, Sikkim boasts of a mouth-watering cuisine as well. An amalgamation of Indian and Tibetan tastes, the dishes from Sikkim are worth a try. Gyathuk is one of the best dishes in North-East that you can try while you are enjoying a fun-filled holiday in the hills of Pelling, Gangtok or having a relaxed day in Lachung. Cooked with different types of meats and veggies, Gyathuk is a noodle-based soup that fills you up to the brim! A close cousin to the Tibetan thukpa, this flavourful dish, is available in most of the street corners of Sikkim.

Jadoh from Meghalaya:

A favorite amongst the Khasi tribe of Meghalaya, Jadoh is one of the dishes that you should try when you are in Shillong. This dish, prepared with spicy pieces of pork mixed with rice, sums up the delectable taste of Meghalaya’s unique cuisine. Usually, the most sought-after dish during any ceremony in Shillong, this delicacy is a perfect blend of taste and aroma.

Smoked Pork from Nagaland:

The state of Nagaland is quite famous for its pork dishes, and the smoked pork is one of the most popular ones. Traditionally smoked with bamboo shoots, this pork dish consists of crispy skin on the outside and succulent meat inside. The dish can either be prepared in a thick gravy or tossed with dry ingredients to prepare a dry fare. Although the dish does not have many spices, the Raja Mirchi, one of the spiciest chillis in the world makes it a perfect side dish with steamed rice.

Sanpiau from Mizoram:

If your Northeast India tour includes a few days in any city of Mizoram, do not miss out on having a taste of the traditional Sanpiau. You can find a bowl of this fragrant delicacies in most of the food stalls lining the streets or in any of the restaurants that you visit. The dish is prepared using rice porridge and usually served with fresh coriander paste and spring onions. Tangy fish sauce and crushed black pepper are usually added to enhance the taste of this snack.

Pitha from Assam:

An evening in Assam is never complete till you have had a steaming cup of aromatic tea with some Pitha by the side. Pitha is one of the most popular snacks in the state of Assam. Locals prefer to savor this dish either during breakfast or as an accompaniment with evening refreshments. The unique thing about Pitha is that it can either be savory or sweet. They are either roasted or fried. However, the most common technique is to steam it in a hollow stem of bamboo. You can try a plate of Pitha with some curd or jaggery.

Traditional Nepali Thali from Darjeeling:

Greatly influenced by the culture and tradition from the neighboring country of Nepal, the cuisine of Darjeeling is a sweet mixture of Indian and Nepali tastes. Hence, it comes as no surprise that one of the most sumptuous things that you can eat here is a Nepali thali. A complete meal, the Nepali Thali consists of dal, rice, vegetable curry and condiments like chutney, achar, and curd which are similar to the traditional Bengali thali, but with the use of different spices. Delicious chicken and meat versions of the thali are available as well for people who love the non-vegetarian fare.

Best Restaurants to Dine in North-East India

Tratorria In Shillong:

Perhaps, the busiest place in Shillong, the Tratorria restaurant should be your choice for a hearty lunch if you want to try the authentic Khasi flavors of this North-eastern city. Sitting quaintly across the street, the restaurant serves all the traditional dishes like Jadoh and Tungtap.

Worth Trying:

Lunch Platter


11:30 A.M. to 7:30 P.M. from Monday to Saturday


Police Bazaar Road, Shillong, Meghalaya

Penang Restaurant in Darjeeling:

Serving delectable meals to patrons since 1972, this little restaurant has carved out a name for itself when it comes to authentic Nepali cuisine. The best part of the restaurant is the fact that it smoothly falls into your travel budget while serving some of the best dishes in Darjeeling.

Worth Trying:

Nepali Thali


11:30 A.M. to 9:30 P.M all day of the week.


Laden La Road, near State Bank of India, Darjeeling, West Bengal.

Nimtho in Gangtok:

Giving a gourmet feel to traditional Sikkimese food, the Nimtho restaurant stands tall as one of the favorites amongst the tourists in Gangtok. Apart from the delectable fare, the restaurant boasts of a beautiful interior design with adobe walls and mock earthen stoves that lighten your mood every time you step in.

Worth Trying:

A la Carte, that consists of moderately sized portions of all the local dishes like ningro churpi and nettle soup.


11 A.M. to 9 P.M.


MG Marg, Gangtok, Sikkim.

Destinations for Street Food in North-East India

Mall Road, Darjeeling:

One of the most popular places in Darjeeling, Mall Road is filled with tourist all through the year. The place is filled with shops and stores, that will satiate your desire for a shopping spree. Small street stalls sell delicious food dishes and the famous Darjeeling tea across the street. So, if you are in the mood to try out the best of Darjeeling food, then make your way to Mall Road for an evening stroll.

M.G. Road. Gangtok:

The city center in Gangtok, M.G. Road is filled with rows of shops and stalls. The place is also home to some of the best restaurants and cafes in Gangtok. Visit this lane during the Gangtok Annual Food and Culture Festival, in December to have a fun day trying out the some of the tasty treats from the many food stalls that are set up for the occasion.

Are you ready with your North-East to-do list? Well, make sure you try the appetizing cuisines from all the different destinations during your tour. You can even check out some of the Best Northeast Tour Packages on OYO Total Holidays for a hassle-free holiday this season.