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August? Too much rain.
September? Too humid.
November? The mad rush begins.
December? Too expensive, too crowded.
Wait, did we miss a month? Oh yes, October!
The perfect month for Goa.
Some perfectly good reasons why…
By the time you’re done reading this, we bet you’ll be checking for flight tickets. And need we remind you, the Dussehra long weekend is coming up! What could be a better way to kicks
December? Too expensive, too crowded.
Wait, did we miss a month? Oh yes, October!
The perfect month for Goa.
Some perfectly good reasons why…tart the festive season?

Whether you are a cultural fanatic or not, the ambiance of Goa in October will surely soothe your senses. So, explore Goa and delve into the festive pool to rejoice yourself. Before you head on, take a glance at these Goa Tour Packages for the most amazing experience of your life!

1. Clear Blue Skies

It is such a relief to see beautiful blue skies after incessant rains for four continuous months. The weather is best enjoyed in an open jeep or on the faithful scooty. So get to Goa and rent one. Roam around without worrying about where to take shelter if it rains or getting drenched. The thing is that Goa is blesses with great weather for the better part of the year and so no matter what time you visit, you will not have much to complain about. Even the monsoons by the sea have its own charm, though going for a swim is strictly prohibited along most beaches at this time of the year. However, October brings its own share of fun and that is why it is the best time to visit Goa. The rains are over and the air becomes crisp again and there is this amazing freshness in the air which is not noticed at other times of the year. Those who want to go on a vacation before Diwali will find this to be the ideal time and you can complete your Diwali shopping from Goa itself.

2. Peak Season Perks

From flight tickets to accommodation rates, everything is much more affordable in October. Since the whole state is getting ready for the flood of tourists from November onwards, this is your best chance to enjoy all the facilities of the peak season at a more pocket-friendly rate. This is because some schools have their half yearly examinations and the Diwali vacation has not yet set in. So there are high chances that you will find the hotels having ample extra rooms and the rates are also very affordable at this time of the year. Too many people can simply make the beaches chaotic at a point and not everyone may like that. You will have the beaches to yourself in Goa before the great rush of tourists descends November onwards. You will have quite an experience when you find the beaches are clean and unpolluted which becomes quite the problem once the peak seasons begin.

3. Not Too Hot! Not Too Cold!

Thanks to the last leg of monsoon, the sun isn’t scorching just yet. The average remains around 28°C. It gets sunnier closer to November. The temperatures dip a little at night, so it’s pretty pleasant even without air conditioning. Unless you are a ‘can’t sleep unless the AC’s on 16°C’ person. Hence, those who want to enjoy the perfect weather will also find the October is the perfect month to make your Goa plans. You have the option of wearing light t- shirts and dresses in the day and at night snuggle under light sheets and there can be nothing better for honeymooning couples especially. You will love the breeze that blows from the sea at this time of the year- it is warm and pleasing at the same time and the air feels less salty because of all the rain the seas are fed with.

4. Crowds Away

This is probably THE BEST reason to go to Goa right now! No mad rush, no pushing through throngs of crowd wherever you go. Clean beaches and clean sunbeds are two major points October scores. The crowd in Goa can be truly maddening as the party season post- October starts to set in and November and December can actually make you go crazy if you are not a crowd- loving person. Not only is October comparatively quieter, but if you visit the more secluded beaches, you will notice a calm and peace that is practically impossible to come by at other times of the year. The seagulls are more accommodating and the birds move around more freely, as once the crowds descends on the beach, they usually like to stay away.

5. Green Life

The benefits of visiting right after monsoon. Everything looks freshly washed and brand new. And that wonderful smell of rain-washed air! Most definitely the best time to enjoy the lush green expanses of Goa. 

If you drive around the Goa countryside, you will see that the parks and plains are lush and green and the coconut trees along the beaches get ready to bear fruit again. The roads are clear and there is a burst of fresh vegetables and fruits in the local markets as the farmers bring in their fresh produce after the monsoons. You will simply love how beautiful nature feels at this time of the year.

6. Shack are Back

You won’t have to deal with the deserted feel of north Goa beaches. October is when most shacks resume business. The seasonal restaurants open up too, so you can have your pick from among the best dining options in Goa. The monsoons can be a hard time for the shack owners by the beach because the beach can get very windy and the rains can be hard. This is why most of the shacks are closed down for safety purposes and then they are reopened again around October. They also bring a fresh stock of sea food and the food somehow ends up tasting a lot better at this time of the year than at any other point.

7. Beach Bum

One who has visited Goa during monsoon knows what it is to be deprived of a swim. The Goan waves are not welcoming. Water sports become a rarity, even stepping in for a dip seems like a task on Fear Factor. The seas rage a lot less during October. Calmer seas means a great time for beach bums.  

As mentioned earlier, most of the beaches are shut down during the monsoons and you just have to wait at a distance and enjoy the beauty from there. October is the time when everything becomes calm again and the beaches open up. The waters are cool and crystal clear after the rain and with the sun out again, it is so warm and comforting to take a dip in the sea at this month. You will have the most heavenly experience ever.

8. Flea Markets

Flea market grounds that stand flooded during monsoons, turn into the most happening spots in town come October. The Saturday night market in Arpora and the flea market in Anjuna are some of the most popular ones in Goa. Since the set-up begins in October, there aren’t too many tourists and you can shop in peace. You will also have the chance to land up with good bargains at this point because the tourists haven’t hit the markets and the prices are still reasonable. You will not have to jostle through the crowds or shout above the others as you try to bargain. There is also fresh stock that is brought to the market after the monsoons and there is always something unique waiting for you at this time of the year. Your bags are sure to burst from all the shopping in Goa!

If offbeat is your style, then Goa in October is worth your time. Get going already!

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