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Known for its natural beauty, snow-capped mountains, and pleasant weather; Himachal Pradesh is a tourist’s paradise. It is also famous for its one-of-its-kind mixture of spicy Punjabi and flavourful Tibetan cuisine, that is a must-try on your visit to this beautiful state. Here are some of the dishes and restaurants that you should give a try when you are in Himachal.

Top Dishes in Himachal


This complete meal, famous in the valleys of Chamba and Manali is one of the major delicacies of Himachal Pradesh. It is usually prepared during festive occasions and includes a serving of rice, rajma, curd, boor ki kadi, dal with jaggery on the side. There are special chefs known as ‘botis’ who prepare Dham.


Eaten in households all over Himachal, Bhey is a snack-time delicacy which is prepared using Lotus stems. The stems are chopped and cooked with onions, ginger, and garlic. A hint of gram flour adds uniqueness to the taste.


Made with chickpeas, Madra is the native dish of Chamba in Himachal Pradesh. This spicy dish is the perfect representation of Himachali cuisine and is a part of every celebration, festivity, and occasion in this hilly state.

Chha Gosht

For the core non-vegetarians at heart, Chha Gosht is a must-try dish in Himachal. This scrumptious dish is prepared in a gravy of curd and gram flour with marinated pieces of lamb and the fragrant Indian spices for a mouth-watering experience.


Usually consumed in Spiti Valley, this is a sweet dish, prepared during festivals. It looks like a pancake and is made with buckwheat leaves in wheat flour. This delicacy has become a mandatory part of celebrations in Himachal Pradesh.

Best Restaurants to Dine in Himachal

Café Simla Times

Sip on authentic coffee at Café Simla Times, which is considered to be one of the oldest coffee shops in Shimla. Located amidst the hills on mall road, it gives a spectacular view of the surroundings.

La Plage

A small eatery during its initial days, the La Plage is now a popular restaurant in Himachal. If you are in this cute place, don’t forget to try their mushroom curry and a glass of smooth lassi for an authentic taste of the hills.

Himalayan Café

A splendid view of the lake greets you as you enter this little eatery that serves some of the most famous dishes of Himachal. The pleasant feel emanating in its air imparts a sense of serenity.

Evergreen Restaurant

Located in the lush folds of Kasol Valley, the Evergreen Restaurant is a place where you can enjoy a good meal amidst vibrant flora and fauna. The outdoor restaurant does justice to its name with cute seating areas arranged around the verdant gardens and colorful flowers that spread a sweet scent all around. The place is famous for its Chinese and continental dishes that give you an authentic and fresh taste.

Rasta Café

This café in Himachal’s Kullu Valley is a delightful place to have a fun-filled time with great food. The café, with its traditional village style seating, is known for its fusion dishes that give continental dishes a very Indian taste. The ingredients for the dishes are sourced organically, allowing you to have a fresh bite.

Destinations for Street Food in Himachal

Mall Road Shimla

Shimla’s mall road is buzzing with activity all around the year. Known for its meandering paths and colonial architecture, the place is also famous for delicious street food corners that will fill you up to the brim.


Once in Manali, do not leave till you have tried all the mouth-watering street snacks that can be found along the road. Try the Bhelpuri and the Sidu or have your pick from trout, samosas, and khatta.


Known for the prevalent Tibetan culture, the streets of McLeodganj has quaint little momo stalls and thukpa corners that you can try for the authentic Tibetan taste.

Have you prepared your bucket list for Himachal yet? Add these delectable dishes and restaurants to your Himachal to-do list and have the best holiday ever. You can look at the Himachal tour package offers by OYO Total Holidays for a hassle-free journey.