February 22nd, 2018 by Arunima

With plenty of items on your list and the day of your wedding getting nearer, you must be shuffling around from one place to other, say, this is your beauty appointment or a meeting with the stylist, your time schedule is all packed from top to bottom. And most of these are to be within your banquet hall services. So, when a month is left and you are about to say ‘I do’, communicate well with your venue and the respective planners and make a checklist of all those things that are done or are left behind.

Have a look at some of those things that you are about to ask them.

  1. Pricing & Availability:

First and the foremost question to ask your venue is the pricing. How many hours are included in the rental space? What’s the cost of catering and entertainment services? What are the timings and how long could you have your party like sangeet ceremony or mehendi night? Moreover, the important question that still remains to be asked is about the day’s availability, whether the venue has already been booked or not. All of these are an important question that you need to ask the venue before proceeding in your planning. 

  1. Accommodations and Guest List:

One of the factors to consider when planning an event at a venue is the capacity it beholds. Well, you cannot just keep away your guests from getting seated.

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While you are planning with the venue management, tell them about your entire guest list. Whether this a small and intimate ceremony or a lavish party in every sense, make sure that your planners are aware of numbers of guests you are inviting. 

  1. Tell them about the Kids:

When kids or toddlers are to be a part of your ceremony, then mentioning them to the venue is pivotal. May be the venue has to pass on some important information or might have to report their restrictions and rules regarding the guests. You may also ask them to include entertainment ideas like bouncy castles to keep them involve. Besides this, the venue could also hire nannies to manage the toddlers and allow some quality time to the elders. 

  1. Flexible Venue Arrangement:

We can never be sure about the weather, and god forbid it rains when you are organizing an outdoor wedding! Ask your venue manager about their arrangements and whether they could mould their seating plan within indoors as well as outdoors. 

  1. Ask About the Vendors:

Make sure that the decoration team or suppliers are in contact with the venue of your choice. The venue should be able to set up delivery items on the day of your wedding and the location is prepared as per your theme. Discuss your theme with the wedding planners beforehand to help them set up the entire set in your colour schemes or theme. The vendor list also includes the photographer, the most important person to capture the moments of your day. It might also be possible that your venue is not providing you with any in-house vendor. Then having a pre- informed notice about the same would be helpful for you in outsourcing your vendors.

  1. Is the venue accessible to special abled guests?

When your guest list contains some handicap or elderly people with mobility problem, then asking the venue about their arrangements regarding the entrance would be helpful. Make sure that the entrance to your venue in not a staircase only. Multiple entrance modes are required for such guests of yours. Like a lift system or a ramp way will be helpful in carrying out their movement. 

  1. Are they providing any Planner or Stylist?

Well, it’s not every time that your venue is providing you with a wedding planner. But, if they are then working with the planner or the coordinator on a day- to- day basis would release your stress level.

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The planners will be of great help in arranging your wedding within your budget. Thus, if yours is a smaller wedding but with the expectations of a grand decoration and other requirements, then taking help from the planner would be the best course of action. 

  1. Catering Service:

Most of the banquet halls today have an in- house catering service. While you are consulting your venue manager regarding the menu of your party, make sure that they are flexible enough to include your choice of snacks, drinks or desserts. Adding some personalization to your food items would be adding the charm of your romanticism in it, like if you are planning to add monograms on your cake. 

  1. Any Specialisation:

Ask your wedding venue like urban pind sohna road whether they are providing any creativity in your décor, entertainment and other facilities. If the flowers are not just your idea of decoration, ask the planner about the trending decorative ideas that could be imbibed in your ceremony. Personalizing your decoration would be a great way. Let your guests get a glimpse of you two beyond your marriage day. Centrepieces with your photo shoots, a section of photo booth with your personalised items or parting gifts with your signature symbol on them would be a great idea. 

  1. Any Timeline Limitation:

You need to make sure for how long you may play your music and have your ceremony. If this is a destination wedding then you need to aware about the native timings and the lifestyle to be aware about the restrictions beforehand. 

  1. What about the Convenience:

Picking a location that is too difficult for your guests to reach or far removed from your city would not be advisable. This might create a panic in minds of guests. Try to choose a venue which is easily accessible through a public transport and has all the conveniences within. Maybe they could help you out with the transport facility as well. So try communicating with your venue and discuss the pain points in detail. 

  1. Segregate the Budget:

Well if the venue has come up with a very hefty budget, then ask them to segregate each and every component in your list. Maybe the drinks are really costly or the DJ entertainment seems too surreal to invest on. Bring on your own vendor in this case. This would help you to minimise your budget in an efficient way. 

  1. Basic Amenities:

Ask them about the restrooms, parking facility, AC, and other arrangements that are necessary for your guests. You cannot have the facility of 3 restrooms for 300 of your guests. These hang-ups are the reason that a home or backyard wedding should be avoided at any cost.

Thus, with all the armours of selection in your hand and the event planning tips in your mind, chose your venue wisely and make sure that all the above points are well answered by them. You cannot risk any hassles on your big day and with such a planning guide at your disposal, you are surely going to take care of each and every aspect in your wedding swiftly. Hire a planner or do it yourself. All these questions would help you in sorting out the situation easily.

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