February 6th, 2019 by Arunima

A mehendi party is a fun day during the wedding season. But more than a party, it is tradition, and in some families, an important part of the wedding itself. India gets to see the most diverse wedding rituals and traditions. You could belong to any kind of family including the one where mehendi is just a customary event and the one where the wedding isn’t considered complete till the groom finds his initials hidden in the latest bridal mehendi designs. In all this diversity, there is just one constant thing and that is a mehendi party.

You know how weddings are. Everything is a big deal. Mehendi night is definitely a big deal. Some brides celebrate their bachelorette party on the same night. Though, that is not a much-recommended idea unless there is a time issue that all the brides and her friends are bound to. It is always good to get two girls night, one in the form of a mehendi night and the other with some bachelorette party ideas.


Let’s focus on the mehendi party here. It is not just about bonding with your friends and applying mehendi on your hands. There have to be some fun mehendi party ideas so that you all get to enjoy the night. There should be exciting activities in store to entertain you all night. If you are looking in the right places you will never fall short of fun henna night ideas to fit the taste of every friend and the bride too even if everybody wants to do totally different things.

Mehndi Party Ideas for Fun Memories

The customary mehndi ceremony has its own rules. But you can totally buy your way into making it fun. There is one limitation about a mehndi party, that is, the male members of the families are excluded. However, you can also turn it into the most fun girl’s night out that does not even have a curfew. Here are 10 such fun henna night ideas that will make your mehndi a happening event you all will talk about years later.

1. Karaoke

Everyone loves music, and when it comes to a party or function, the mood is different and everyone is ready to have fun. Make your ceremony a lively one with the Karaoke, test the vocals of every relative or guest and make it a fun event.

Make a list of amazing songs and club them together, just ask everyone their favourites, the playlist should be versatile and awesome so that every person can relate to their favourite song and enjoy singing in-front of everyone. The songs are always one of the most relaxing, enjoyable and soothing medium to get happiness.

2. Cocktail fun

I don’t think the party is complete without the amazing cocktails. Own your bar and try making the cocktails by yourself. Cocktail are always flowing either it be a party or a wedding function. Make this cocktail one a different and amazing experience.

Let every go behind the bar and make their own cocktails one by one, this act will be filled with fun and tasting of new flavours, some blunder some great invention. The mixture of flavours, laughter and lots and lots of fun in this unique event.

3. Bangle Making on the spot!

Another idea is that, if you don’t want to keep cocktails and the karaoke one then you can try a different idea. Call some professional bangle making person and make the live bangle making competition or keep just an event. All the ladies or maybe men also can participate in it and make most of this event.

Live bangle making event will be filled with fun and excitement and all will come to the process of handmade bangles, it will be so fun! Just think out of the box and for this idea and you can make it live on Facebook or Instagram.

4. Live Concert

This concert is not for any big band or group, this concert will include the folk singers and groups who can bring our culture and tradition in a very beautiful manner. Beautiful and amazing voice of our folk singers and the smell of our culture. Not only the folk singers but everyone can perform and make the moment worthwhile.

The girl’s side and the boy’s side can prepare an amazing dance performance or sing some songs and make everyone enjoy the epic moment. Playing the guitar or some other instrument which you can play, just give the best performance for your partner.

5. Message Basket

This is another awesome idea that can take your function at another level. Just make a beautiful box crafted by yourself and distribute the paper to all the relatives, family and friends and ask them to write any message or suggestion or whatever they are feeling like writing.

The amazing thing is that no one will write the name on it, just write them for whom they are writing and it would be fun to guess whosoever has written the message. In this game maybe some surprising things get revealed and the enjoyment will be double.

6. Nail Art

Okay, this could sound more like a job than fun. Getting a good manicure and wearing fabulous nail art is absolutely mandatory on a mehndi night. If your nails don’t look good, even the most intricate mehndi designs will not be good enough.

Since every girl needs to get their nails done for the wedding anyway, it will be fun to do it together. Help each other out, share nail art ideas. Get some cool fake nails and gather everybody’s nail paint collection. If you have even one or two creative people in the group, you all will get fabulous nails. Pitch in ideas and help each other get their nails done in a fun way. Don’t forget to click away and flaunt your nails on Instagram.

7. Tattoo Parlour

Many people want to get tattoos done but are either too scared or do not get to get inked for real because of their families or their job profiles. So, a henna tattoo corner will be the perfect thing to arrange for your friends. You could live the non-invasive ink tattoos for at least a few weeks even if you don’t get to treat yourself to a permanent tattoo just yet. The bright side? No pain, lots of gains. Those of you who are planning to get a tattoo done but aren’t too sure how it’ll come out could use this night to try on a non-committal version of your tattoo.

8.Mehndi Contest

The professional mehndi artist will do the bridal mehndi. But if you are smart enough, you can call in favour while sealing the deal, and get a crash course for everybody. After that, you could volunteer to lend your palms and feet as a canvas for rookie friends.

Of course, the bride shouldn’t be the canvas. Her mehndi must be on point. But the others can go bonkers and push the limits of their creativity. So that people put their hearts into it, make it a contest where some of the best designers get some gifts.

9. Hair Care

Henna is more popularly known for its magical effect on the quality and texture of hair than for its use at a mehndi. Who does not want a good hair care regime right before the wedding? So, arrange for hair care mehndi packs for every guest at the henna party. You can leave the bride alone if her stylist does not like the idea.

10. Foot Massage

Everybody needs a soothing foot massage after days of running about arranging the wedding and related ceremonies like sangeet ceremony, mehendi, haldi and others. Some friends take a long flight just to get to the bride’s wedding. So, they all deserve a treat. Back massages and foot massages help people get rid of the pain of tiredness and the stress of a wedding. Make sure the bride herself gets enough attention during the foot massage episode. She is definitely the most stressed out one even if she does not let it on.

11. Finger Foods

Food is an indispensable element on any occasion. Good food must be served even after dinner because people are awake way past dinner time and they will get hungry. It is good to arrange for mini-snacks and finger foods so that the mehndi clad hands don’t find it too difficult to toss some of them in their mouths. Also, let there be enough functional straws for any beverages served. Even if it is just a cold can of cola or beer, provide straws. You don’t want to let the fresh mehndi run out. It is a bad omen, and even otherwise, just trouble!

12. All seasons Holi

To start the day in a bright colourful fun way, Holi is always a good option. Go for dry colours, or just flower petals. Play all you want. Skip the bhaang if there is alcohol for later. You don’t want people to fall sick. But play with the colours and flowers before getting ready for the mehndi. You will be happy after playing with colours. So you all will be ready to patiently sit for hours getting their hands and feet decked up in some colourful mehndi.

13. Doodles

Leave some henna cones for the children and others who are not going to apply any mehndi on their hands to look good. Leave some spares so that these people can go crazy, doodling on each other’s hands and feet, and maybe even some actual canvas. This will keep the children busy and add to the fun and creativity of the night. Make sure no kid paints anybody’s face though. That colour will not wash off anytime sooner than a week.

14. Gifts

Return gifts and favours are always sweet. These are gestures that prove to your friends that you value their time and are glad they came to your mehndi ceremony. Get little souvenirs for everybody. Either personalize them so that everybody gets something they like, or keep it even and give everybody identical gifts. You can add mehndi doodles on the wraps to signify the day. You can also add some fun into this by hiding away the gifts and play a game where everybody looks for these gifts. If they are personalized, put the intended receiver’s name on it, in mehndi of course.

15. Decoration

The food, drinks, games, and the actual mehndi ceremony have all been taken care of. What is left? The very important task of making the venue look good. If you want the venue to scream the ceremony, have plain cushions and colourful dupattas covered in henna patterns. Use a glossy paper base on the cushions so that the mehndi does not run out. If you are looking for hassle-free ideas, go for a lot of fabric in bright colours. Use every hue and drape the room in sequinned dupattas and curtains.


Incorporate these simple yet fun and bright henna night ideas for your mehndi party. Your mehndi night will surely be a success. You can also ask friends who have already had their own mehndi night already, for tips. It is always good to learn from other people’s mistakes and take inspiration from their days of perfection. So, go out there and ask around.

Leave the arrangements to family and friends or hired professionals. Hire a mehndi artist who is willing to stay on for tattoo art and more henna for friends. Hire a professional masseuse to let your hair down. You can also hire a nail art professional if you want perfection for everybody. The choice is yours. The mehndi artist is the only mandatory professional for your mehndi party though. Every other fun activity for the mehndi night, can be arranged among friends.