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In and Around Surat (°C - °C)

Being commonly known as the Diamond City of India, Surat is the second largest city located in the state of Gujarat. Previously known as Suryapur, it was a former princely state here and is just 300 kms away from Mumbai city.

Best time to visit
The months between October and February are absolutely ideal for indulging in tourist activities and visiting tourist attractions in the city of Surat. These months experience the winter season with the average temperature ranging being around 20 degrees Celsius. If you wish to experience the festival of Navratri, then you must visit this city in the month of October.Being a major hub of diamond polishing and cutting, Surat boasts of some great diamond cutters who established the diamond industry way back in 1901 and also started exporting stones to America.

Places to Visit
Being a major hub of diamond polishing and cutting, Surat boasts of some great diamond cutters who established the diamond industry way back in 1901 and also started exporting stones to America.The Blues Adventures which offs a plethora of water-sport activities and amusement park, the Science Centre, The Sardar Patel Museum, Jagdishchandra Bose Aquarium and Kavi Narmad Central Library are some of the most popular tourist attractions in the city. Do visit the Surat Castle, Heritage Square, Clock Tower, Tomb of Khudawand Khan and Mughal Sarai; all of which are quite unique in themselves. Religious people can worship the Chintamani Jain Temple, Ambika Niketan Temple and Ambaji. The popular beaches in the city include Dumas Beach, Suvali Beach and Umbharat Beach.

OYO Rooms – hotels in Surat
OYO Rooms are the perfect choice for leisure travellers as well as business ones as these rooms are centrally located in each city and are available at affordable rates without compromising on the service of the quality. Moreover, being the epitome of comfort, you can be rest assured that you will have a great trip when booking an OYO Room and hotel in Surat.The OYO Rooms and cheap hotels in Surat opposite the Surat Railway Station are absolutely perfect for those visiting the city for official work specially diamond merchants from all over the nation who visit the city in search of rare and exquisite diamonds. With the Railway Station and the Bus Station being at walking distance, you can also easily make use of local transport to get to the Surat Airport instantly. Parking and laundry services along with complimentary breakfast are offered by these hotels. The OYO Rooms in Athwa Gate are also an ideal option for business travellers. If you are travelling to the city by air, then the OYO Rooms and hotels in Surat on Surat Airport Piplod Road are just perfect for you.Tourists looking to explore the entire city making use of local transport can opt for the extremely spacious and comfortable rooms in Adajan Road, Lal Darwaja, New Bhatar road, Begumpura, Textile Market and opposite HP Petrol pump. The rooms on Adajan Road are a favourite amongst tourists as they offer a plethora of amenities such as gym, swimming pool, parking, laundry service and complimentary breakfast. Most of the other OYO Rooms offer parking, laundry and complimentary breakfast. Local transport is easily available in these places allowing you to get to one place from another rapidly from these Surat hotels. Moreover, these rooms are also in close vicinity to some great local restaurants and markets, allowing you to shop in your spare time and also get a taste of local Gujarati cuisine whenever you want to.If you are a lot of people travelling to the city and looking for an economical but convenient place for accommodation, then the OYO Rooms in Bharthana Vesu are available as bungalows which can be booked in totality and made use of for as long as you like with parking, complimentary breakfast and laundry services being available.

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Surat Hotels List with Tariff

OYO Flagship 047 Railway Station Surat
OYO 10697 Hotel Suraj Inn
OYO 10697 Hotel Suraj Inn Budget
Abowat complex 3, lakkad kot, opp torrent power building,cinema road, Surat
4.1 Very Good
555 Ratings
₹ 1339
OYO 14235 Hotel Ostria
OYO 14544 Hotel Pacific Inn
OYO 1386 Hotel Welcome Palace
OYO 1370 Hotel Akash
OYO 1370 Hotel Akash Budget
Lal Darwaja Station Road, Surat
4.0 Very Good
55 Ratings
₹ 2042
OYO 1042 Hotel Central Excellency
OYO 1339 near Dumas Road
OYO 15635 Elite Rooms & Banquet
OYO 15635 Elite Rooms & Banquet Budget
4th Floor, Central Bazaar, Besides SNS Planita, Nr. Reliance Market, Opp Pooja Abhishek, Vesu, Surat
4.5 Excellent
64 Ratings
₹ 2501
OYO 10031 Wind Chimes Boutique Guest House
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Are there any Surat hotels along with AC facility
By Tungar - a year ago
To get a list of AC hotels in Surat with the help of filters provided by OYO, here you can select the option called 'AC' under the filter 'Hotel Amenities' on your left hand. By OYO Team Surat - a year ago
How can i book 5 star hotels in Surat
By Nigam - a year ago
If you want to book extravagant Surat hotels best in design, service and location. A list of Luxury hotels in Surat are available along with their price. You can easily book by selecting 'Premium' or 'Elite' filter under division "Property Type". By OYO Team Surat - a year ago
I want to book cheap hotels in Surat. Where can I find only low price hotels?
By Shankari - a year ago
On your visit to Surat, If you want to get a wide range of benefits and amenities within a reasonable range, you can find a variety of affordable hotels in Surat by choosing budget hotels category on the left or you can click here: By OYO Team Surat - a year ago
Searching for discounted hotels in Surat
By Satyendra - a year ago
OYO provides you the best hotel deals in Surat at a discount rate of about 25-30%. You don't have to worry about searching for coupon codes to book Surat hotels as discount coupons are automatically applied to your booking. By OYO Team Surat - a year ago
Searching for Surat 3 star properties
By Anadi - a year ago
You can find a wide variety hotels in Surat with all basic amenities and quick service at very economical prices. From the Surat hotels list, Pick any OYO from 'Budget' under the 'Property Type' Section or you can visit this page- By OYO Team Surat - a year ago
Where can I find a list of 4 star hotels in Surat?
By Nangai - a year ago
Simply find a filter named as Property Type, under this you can select 'Premium' or 'Elite' to book the best hotels in Surat. You will find our Premium hotels in Surat with tariff on this page itself - By OYO Team Surat - a year ago