September 18th, 2017 by OYO Team

Yes, the autumn is here, the season of great symphony. Many consider this to be the time of blissful solitude, while some call it a perfect calm to get in touch with spirituality. The season comes as a relief in the wake of niggling rain. Let your longing to travel heat up this fall as temperatures cool down. Travel to Shillong – the Abode of Clouds or take a fabulous excursion in the wild, listening to the chirping of birds and enjoying the serene atmosphere of Guwahati in the east. Visit Shirdi the abode of Sai Baba or plan a pilgrimage to religious places of Somnath and Dwarka in the west to find the balance within you. Nainital a beautiful hill station in the Himalayas, the ‘pink city’ of Jaipur or Aravalli Hills bound city of Ajmer in the North could be the best places to seek comfort in the midst of dropping temperatures. Travel to Visakhapatnam, famously called ‘The Jewel of the East Coast’ or Coorg, the most affluent hill station down south to harmonize with nature. Book well in advance to avoid the rush and have the most Instagrammable travel experience this fall.

Weekend Getaways For Autumn [2017]

  1. Shillong [East]
  2. Guwahati [East]
  3. Shirdi [West]
  4. Dwarka [West]
  5. Somnath [West]
  6. Nainital [North]
  7. Jaipur [North]
  8. Ajmer[North]
  9. Visakhapatnam [South]
  10. Coorg [South]

Winter Getaways For Autumn [2017] Infographic


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