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Regarded as the ‘jewel of Punjab’,  Amritsar is flourishing city with significant religious and historical sites, reflecting on the magnificent past, splendid present and a hopeful future. Home to the stunning and famous ‘Golden Temple’, a visit to Amritsar is believed to purify the soul of the pilgrims. Its folk arts, museums, famous monuments, bustling bazzars and delicious cuisine add a further appeal to the city.

Best Time To Visit

Amritsar Travel Guide

The ideal time to visit Amritsar is between November and March when the weather is pleasant and perfect for sightseeing. If you love the monsoons, a visit between July and October is perfect as the city experiences a pleasant weather with heavy showers.


Average weather- 12°C-31°C

While June is the hottest month in Amritsar with temperatures touching the 40°C mark, January is the coldest with temperatures as low as 4°C.

Places To Visit

The Golden City is home to some of the most significant and religious sites and monuments, but that isn’t all there is to explore in Amritsar.

Religious Centers

Amritsar Travel Guide

Amritsar is widely known as the holy city of the Sikhs. The religious sites dotted across the city lend a unique peaceful charm to its ambience. The Golden Temple is undoubtedly a must-visit site in Amritsar. Resting on the waters of Amrit Sarovar, fed by an underground spring, the temple is a beautiful blend of Hindu and Islamic architectural style. Situated next to the Golden Temple is the Akal Takht, built in 1609. This is regarded as the most sacred site of the Sikhs.

The 16th century Durgiana Temple, devoted to Goddess Durga is an important religious site for the Hindus. Much akin to the Golden Temple, the Durgiana Temple is surrounded by a lake.

Gurdwara Bibeskar Sahib, Gurdawara Ramsar Sahib and ISCKON Temple are other temples in amritsar that you may visit.

Historical Monuments

Amritsar Travel Guide

Amritsar was significant in India’s freedom struggle and the remnants from the era are still present in the city. The Jallianwala Bagh and memorial site, where one of the most landmark events occurred during colonialism is a must visit. A light and sound show in the garden premises walks you through the events of 1919.

Built in 1876, the Khair ud Din Masjid in Amritsar holds great importance in India’s freedom struggle. The mosque was the center of unification of Indians against the British rulers. Apart from its historical and religious importance, the mosque’s architecture also makes it one of the key landmarks in Amritsar.

Chand Baori, dating back to 800 A.D is another famous attraction in Amritsar. This deepest step-well in the world has over 3500 steps taking you down 13 stories.

The Gobindgarh Fort, Pul Panjari and Maharaja Ranjit Singh Ram Bagh Garden are other sites of historical significance.

Bird Sanctuary

The Harike Wetland and Bird Sanctuary in Amritsar is the largest wetland in Northern India playing host to a wide variety of migratory birds. Species like the sulphur-bellied warbler, yellow-legged gull, brown shrike, and white-tailed stonechat can be spotted flowing across the skies in the sanctuary.

Where To Eat

Amritsar Travel Guide

Amritsar is often regarded as a foodies’ paradise. From sweet to the savoury; the fried and the roasted; street food to fine dining, the city has a lot on the menu. With Tandoori kulchas, multi-layered paranthas, makki ki roti, marmalades, Barbequed Chicken, Fried Fish, Gur ka Halwa and Balushahis, Amritsar presents a wide array of lip-smacking delicacies.

Where To Shop

Hall Bazaar: It is the main shopping place in amritsar. Dotted by a number of shops and restaurants, the market has a lot to offer. Traditional clothes with phulkari work, jewelry and handicrafts are sold in this market.

Old City Bazaar: From traditional Indian wear to the famous Punjabi jootis, the Old City Bazaar represents the essence of Punjabi craftsmanship. The narrow lanes of the market are lined with old havelis and structures making for a unique shopping experience.

With its vibrant culture, rich history and religious significance, Amritsar is undoubtedly a place like no other.

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