April 3rd, 2019 by OYO Team

Do you know your place in the world? Do you know where you belong?

The modern world is full of complex challenges and huge pressures are on us to be, to look and to act a certain way. This, combined with the draining effects of social media, shows our generation is clearly struggling with these questions way more than our parents ever did.

Perhaps checking in with who we are occasionally will help us keep our heads.

Looking on the bright side, this is when we take a trip, right? Eat Pray Love? Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani, anyone?

The idea of a journey of self-discovery might have become a bit clichéd because in reality, we’ve come to know that nothing kills the dreamy wonder of a holiday faster than piling it high with existential pressure! And practically speaking, if we can’t find ourselves in our apartments, why should we suddenly be able to do it while halfway up a mountain, on horseback in Nepal?

Maybe travelling should be less about finding ourselves and more about losing ourselves!

Planning to return from holiday a calmer and more centred person adds the kind of pressure that might be what’s making you feel lost in the first place.  Keep your plans simple, get your stay organised ahead so you know you have a base, then try letting the local flow guide you. Read, climb, walk, dance, join, learn, see, talk, feel, look out the window of a plane and spend a coffee stop staring at a heart-achingly beautiful flower. Just enjoy being you.

And if all else fails, maybe try finding something else instead.

Here are few things I’d be glad to find on holiday – no pressure required.

  1. A good night’s sleep.
  2. The discovery that being alone is addictively peaceful.
  3. A funny conversation with a stranger about flip flops.
  4. The freedom of not sharing every thought on social.
  5. The joy (after) completing a 10k hike – who knew?
  6. A perfect breakfast that lasted the day.
  7. The fact I’m okay with small talk, despite usually avoiding it.
  8. The recognition that we tend to smile more when travelling alone.

So where will you start looking?




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