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Planning To Visit Bali Soon? Read Our...

Bali is often known to be the most hyped destination in the world, especially when it comes to planning your honeymoon.

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Top 16 Things To Do In Kolkata In 24-...

Culture might be spelt with ‘K’ as well if you have experienced ‘K’olkata. A city that has been immortalised in

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It’s that time of the year again, the school holidays. Faced with the same dreaded question of where, how and most imp

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Valley Of Flowers Trek – A Shortcut T...

As I broke the day by sipping coffee and scrolling through my Insta feed, a page exhibiting a baffling valley blanketed

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Weekend Getaways from Delhi within 300 kms

28 Best Weekend Getaways From Delhi W...

Monday blues! We all have them, don’t we! Sulking our way through a hectic week and counting days till Friday. So why

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Here Is What Makes Mumbaikars Ecstati...

Monsoon in Mumbai is like winter is to Delhi and Durga Pujo is to Bengal. There is no denying the daunting aspect of the

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15 Homestays In Delhi To Make You Fal...

The capital city of our country isn’t just a place, it’s a vibe, it’s a way of living, it’s elec

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Mount Batur Bali

Visit These Places In Bali For An Exc...

With its mix of ancient temples, wildlife sanctuaries, terraced rice fields, and beaches; the tropical island of Bali in

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The Best Places To Visit In Andaman

A few years ago, the Andaman Islands used to be one of the most underrated tourist destinations of India. The islands li

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Ramoji Film City 1

Ramoji Film City- Amusement Park In Hyderabad

Ever wondered whether there is still an inner child hidden in your mind? I have always thought of this and wanted to feel that childhood rush of excitement, playfulness and of course, the buckets of energy that I used to have! It is this inner child that came out when my sister suggested a trip [&he

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Taj Mahal- One of the Seven Wonders of the World

Taj Mahal- One Of The Seven Wonders Of The World

If you’re an Indian resident and haven’t seen the Taj Mahal yet, you don’t know what you’re missing. Trust me, I have been there twice and every time it has been nothing short of a surreal experience to say the least. Everyone has heard of the basic Taj Mahal details, namely the fact that it

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Konark Sun Temple

Memorable Trip To Konark Sun Temple & Puri City

I was fortunate enough to have convinced my boss about a mid-week leave from Wednesday to Friday for a short trip (yes we’re frank with him about going on trips and all) after a successful presentation. So I called up some of my buddies and we decided to fly to Bhubaneswar post which we would [&he

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Araku Valley- Hill Station in the Eastern Ghats (1)

Araku Valley- Hill Station In The Eastern Ghats

Picture an Eastern Ghats Valley resplendent with greenery, mist, mountains, winding pathways and a horde of natural attractions that draw innumerable tourists round the year. There you have it! It is none other than Araku Valley, one of Andhra Pradesh’s biggest attractions by all means. I checked

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Tired Of Being A Traveller? Time To Reconnect With Your Inner Tourist, Fridge Magnets And All.

“This place is so touristy” “That place is so overrated” “Put the big camera down you look like a tourist.” If you’ve journeyed to another country or city, then you’ve most likely heard judgements like this from people who’ve been doing it a little longer. What show

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Trying To ‘find’ Yourself On Holiday? Maybe You’re Looking In The Wrong Place.

Do you know your place in the world? Do you know where you belong? The modern world is full of complex challenges and huge pressures are on us to be, to look and to act a certain way. This, combined with the draining effects of social media, shows our generation is clearly struggling with these [&he

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5 Types Of Travel Photos Your Instagram Must Have

Pics or it didn’t happen! Instagram. It’s become our window into friends’ (and occasionally strangers’) lives. So much so that there’s a whole new visual language sprung up around how we take photos, particularly those images we capture when travelling. But which are classics every Instapa

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Kasto Mazaa Hai Railema

If the Indian Railways were an insect, they would be Dragonfly. Carefree and whimsical, they are not affected by perishable concepts of punctuality or dependency. They operate to fulfil their own higher aspirations, to stand as proof that mysterious powers still run the Universe. We could number the

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Chalti Ka Naam Gaadi

Raju uncle is an amusing man. He is healthy-eating papa of two, and travelling isn’t the entertainment of his choice. If I were to live like him, I would play the Sitar and spend my days showering my love on the flooring climbers paying their annual visit to my garden. I would start my mornings [&

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