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5 Types of travel photos your Instagram must have

Photos or it didn’t happen!

It’s not just something people say to question your claims anymore. Now, travelling isn’t complete unless it shows on your Instagram profile. So, before you set out for your next big adventure, you should know of these 5 types of photos your Instagram followers will look forward to.

  • The ‘Let me show you around’ photo

Whether you do it seriously or to poke light fun at others who do it, there is no way you should miss this modern classic photo pose.

  • The ‘See what I had for lunch’ photo

They say share your bread with your brethren and that should not stop just because you’re in a different city or country. Share pictures of it.

  • The ‘View is so good, watch it twice’ photo

Let’s be honest, a nicely captured photo of anything reflecting in water instantly enhances it’s quality by 10 times.

  • The ‘Look where I stayed’ photo

You only worry about your perfectly planned casual pose, OYO will take care of the perfect setting and interiors.

  • The ‘Definitive proof I travelled’ photo

Not every day do you get to be over the clouds so make the best of it while you’re there.


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