August 14th, 2018 by OYO Team

A vast stretch of land, marked by hues of brown and green, surrounded by the azure sea describes the scenery of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands.

Away from the bustling city life, this paradisiac land calls out to every traveller. These islands have many experiences that will keep bringing you back for more.


  1. Beach Hopping on the Islands

The Andaman and Nicobar Islands boast of some of the most stunning beaches in India. Long stretches of white sand cover the spectacular coastline. Go snorkeling and sea walking at the Elephant Beach on Havelock Island or enjoy a lazy stroll on the velvety sands of Radhanagar Beach. You can sit on the sandy banks of the Long Island Beach and witness a mesmerising sunset or just be awed by the crystal-clear waves hitting the shores of the Lalaji Beach. 

Where: The Elephant Beach and Radhanagar Beach


  1. The Adrenaline Rush

If your vacation doesn’t end without a shot of adrenaline, the choppy waters of Bay of Bengal are here for you. Andaman and Nicobar Islands offer various options for water sports and adventures that will make your trip worth it. You can go snorkelling through the vibrant coral reefs in the depths of Neil Island’s Bharatpur Beach or find yourself chatting with the magnificent aquatic animals as you scuba-dive into the sparkling waters of Havelock Island. Explore the splendours of the sea on a glass-bottom boat ride through the beaches of Neil Island or try the various paragliding and parasailing activities that are part of various Andaman holiday packages.

Where: Bharatpur Beach, Neil Island


  1. Delectable Cuisine

The perfect amalgamation of several cuisines from different parts of Asia, the food on Andaman and Nicobar Islands is a must-try. If you are craving freshly caught seafood, head over to the streets of Port Blair and relish a plate of sumptuous prawns. If you want to tingle your taste-buds with an exquisite palate, you can sample the Continental or Israeli fare at sought-after restaurants like the New Lighthouse Restaurant or the Red Snapper.

Where: Streets of Port Blair


  1. Lessons In History and Native Life

A trip to the Andaman Islands is mostly incomplete if you haven’t walked through the lanes of history. Reminisce the attempted seize of the island during World War 2, as you wander through the ruins of Japanese bunkers. Re-visit the struggles of India’s freedom fighters while walking through the halls of the Kalapani Jail (Cellular Jail) in Port Blair. Converted into a museum, the monument is a living proof of the hardships of the Colonial era. Take a walk through the galleries of the Anthropological Museum in the provincial capital of the islands and learn about the tribal way of life. If you fancy marine life and creatures, find out about the varied forms of aquatic life at the Samudrika Andaman Travel Marine Museum. 

Where: Samudrika Marine Museum and Cellular Jail


  1. Experience Nature’s Best

At Andaman and Nicobar Islands, nature plays its favourite tricks to bring a plethora of scenic landscapes and grand facades together that serve as perfect photography backgrounds. Take Instagram-worthy pictures of your holiday at the Howrah Bridge, a natural rock arch blanketed in vibrant flowers and green creepers, on the shores of Neil Island or reflect at the awe-striking beauty of the rocks and hills on Chidiya Tapu. 

Where: Howrah Bridge for photography


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