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To see those beautiful white sand beaches in postcards come to life, you need to make a trip to the Andaman Islands! The unbelievably clear water of the Andaman Sea calms the senses to the core. Its bold blues are in striking contrast to the greens and browns of the thickets that frame the road. Here, mornings are defined by a stunning sunrise and soothing sound of the crashing sea waves and the evening casts a golden glow over the white sand beach, brushing everything with the softness of the balmy sea air. On the beach, you will see the fishermen in shorts and vests finding solace in the simplicity of island life. The sky is clear and cool blue meeting the aquamarine sea below at the horizon. Everything about Andamans makes it look like a paradise! On one hand, its pristine beaches entice you to put your feet up and relax and on the other hand, the ocean calls you to explore its virgin depths and vibrant marine life. So, let the white sand grains tickle your bare feet and the colourful underwater life show you a world you’ve never experienced before! You will find everything in abundance here. From natural beauty to water activities, you are free to choose your indulgences. Boat rides, snorkeling, scuba diving, parasailing, under sea walking, speed boating, angling and more, a trip to Andamans is equal parts fun and reposing. Come to Andamans and make this your personal paradise!

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