January 26th, 2019 by Arunima

The importance of a successful wedding cannot be overstated. You need some refreshing and trending wedding reception ideas to make sure it is a success. A wedding and the wedding reception must be perfect. Millions of people, both, women and men secretly dream of a perfect wedding. Even those who have no prior idea about planning and party want a perfect one when it comes down to it. But how to make your wedding reception perfect?

The key is in making sure that everybody has fun. Here’s some help with fun wedding reception ideas. You must already have some reception decor ideas for your wedding or whoever it is for whom you are planning the wedding. It doesn’t hurt to get some additional unique ideas for a  wedding reception. There will be hundreds of guests to impress. So, more the options, higher are your chances to ensure everybody has fun.

So with some detail added with awesome ideas so that you can enjoy your special day with grace, some naughtiness. Make your day the most memorable day.

Cover the bases

First of all, let us cover the crucial bases for a successful wedding reception. We can then take each base one by one and figure out how to incorporate the best wedding reception ideas in every chance we get.

Here are the broad bases we are looking at:

  • Decorations
  • Cuisines
  • Fun events
  • Receiving guests
  • Accommodation

These are the five broad areas of concern where you will need some fun ideas for a wedding reception to make sure the guests are happy. There are other important aspects like security and budget. You must take care of all that too. But as of now let us focus on the things that need elaborate planning.

Fun Wedding Reception Ideas

No matter how much pressure is there on you, say on your wedding day or that of a close one, you must remember to have fun because you too deserve to enjoy the day. You need some reception ideas that will be fun even you are planning out those and is entertaining of course, with the right banquet hall and wedding planners at your service. Here are some fun wedding reception ideas you would like to try out.

  1. Photo Booths

This idea isn’t new and unique but even today, not many wedding receptions have this. Photo booths are not just fun but also important because memories are precious.

Guests will be thankful that there is a good camera, photographer, and a beautiful backdrop ready for the memorable moments to be captured. No hassle of selfie sticks, or who will be the selfie guy, or which angles and all. Hire a professional photographer with a great camera to capture the buddies in one frame.

  1. Advice cards

This is probably the most passive-aggressive yet fun of all the reception ideas. Indians love to give advice to new brides and grooms.

Why not make a fun game out of it and ask the guests to put their advice on a card in a decorated box so that not only you don’t have to put up with the annoying advice, but also you get to make the guests think their opinions are welcome. Who knows? Some gem of advice too can pop up among them that makes you really want to keep it?

  1. DJ Request Boxes

Instead of shouting for your favourite song, you can have the guests and yourself write down all the requests in a box so that there is no commotion and the DJ to has time lining up the requests perfectly. DJ has been the most common form of wedding entertainment ideas.

  1. Karaoke and Budding Talent

How much fun is it to discover new things about old relatives in the event of a new journey for two dear ones? Just kidding. No good is going to come out of impromptu karaoke and Two Minutes to Fame at a wedding reception. But the fun you have watching and recording drunk or confident bathroom singers perform karaoke will be worth all the time.

Besides, no wedding reception is memorable without embarrassingly hilarious incidents to share even on the 20thanniversary.

  1. Dancing Shoes

We all have that relative who never dances or even smiles. But at a wedding reception, you will see new avatars unleash. The people, who you never saw dancing, will sway. Those who do dance will go crazy! But fractured ankles and broken brand new heels don’t count as hilarious wedding moments. They are just sad. So take care of your guests and let them have no excuse to not to dance. Heels? New boots? Hate to be barefoot? No, none of those excuses has any chance with comfortable flat shoes dedicated for the dance floor.

  1. Cocktail and Mocktail Carts

Need all the booze to make sure the funny moments come alive? And as far as the kids are concerned, they are always tripping anyway. Let them believe they are being served the same drinks as the adults.

A combined cocktail and mocktail cart will be convenient to fool the kids into believing that they are getting cocktails and the uptight adults into believing they are getting mocktails.

  1. Baby Nannies

Okay, the last idea was sheer fun but you need to take care of your guests so that your own wedding reception isn’t ruined by a series of inconveniences. One of the ways to help prevent trouble is to have a fun area for just kids, with dedicated nannies who could be dressed as clowns, or just regular people, or animals, whatever.

Put some jumping castles and lots of balloons. Keep some diapers and bottles, just a few. The kids will be busy playing and the parents will get to enjoy a few hours without consequences.

  1. Pet Watchers

This follows a similar idea. The thing is, you might not even have to pay the baby and pet watchers if you find them among the guests who are crazy about kids and pets! So, all you need to invest in is  food, bowls, and diapers.

  1. Magic shows

This shouldn’t be restricted to the kids’ corner. Everybody loves a good magic trick. Oh make sure, don’t keep it limited to sneaky card tricks and boring old rabbit boxes. Hire a magician who will be able to deliver at least a few simple but original tricks so that nobody forgets the wedding reception ever.

  1. Fireworks

If you arrange this, it will be the most awaited event of the evening. And don’t you make the mistake of not keeping a photographer handy when the fireworks begin. Take safety measures outright. But also have the bride and the groom take a position from where the photographs will look like something straight out of a Disney movie. Oh yes, you can have some lanterns too.

  1. Couple Quiz

Yes, that game where the bride and groom face away from each other and have to answer questions about their relationship or about the other individual. Indian guests might not be open to every type of question so go easy on the list. Make sure it is fun though. To add to the fun, don’t keep the game limited just to the bride and the groom. Make it a compatibility contest between various couples. See which couple knows about each other the best or agrees with each other the least. That will definitely be fun.

  1. Singles Games

Why should couples have all the fun? Take lucky draws from two different jars and pair up the singles. Yes, of course, you can cheat and try shipping two people you think will make a great couple. Wedding receptions are the best places to set the ball rolling for the next wedding! Parents of single people should take it easy though. Just a fun game after all. But singles, remember, this is more fun than dating sites.

  1. Hangover Treats

Spiking people’s drinks and making them dance and sing could be pushing it a little too far according to some. But most will be a good sport at a wedding reception. But just to avoid hurt feelings, take care of your guests. Send sweet hangover kits to their rooms the morning after. An aspirin for each guest, lemonade, and some lite breakfast. Nobody can remain mad at you after that.

  1. DIY Flower Stalls

DIY flower stalls are helpful for the guests who forgot flowers or couldn’t make it on time. Arrange a flower stall at the gate. Let your guests customize the bouquet. Nothing shows more care than this.

  1. Guestbook

While guests are leaving, turn the same flower stalls into cards and guestbook corners. Let the guests express their feelings in the fancy diaries you will keep forever. And maybe do not invite that crazy ex.

Fun wedding reception ideas always help ensure the day remain memorable. With a little bit of prior planning, you can incorporate most of these reception ideas at the minimum cost.