August 9th, 2017 by OYO Team

Have you been working hard and feel the need to break-free from the monotonous routine? A #MiniBreak is what you’re looking for; whether you want to chill with friends or spend some time with the family, go solo or treat your partner to a surprise! Take a Monday off and enjoy an extended weekend!

Who isn’t tired of getting caught up in a hectic web of urgent activities? Plan a getaway from this chaos and add some new pictures to your family album. Embark on a spiritual yet adventurous journey to Haridwar, or picnic in the lush Munnar greens.

Book your OYO in Haridwar or in Munnar


Juggling the client’s needs seems to hardly leave any time for your own needs. Take advantage of the long weekends this month to find your own voice. Trek to McLeodganj and find some peace of mind in the monasteries or visit Coorg for a quaint experience, immersing yourself in its history and culture.

Book your OYO in McLeodganj or in Coorg


Couples find it increasingly harder to spend time with each other but not this month! Surprise your partner with a romantic long drive to Alibag or enjoy the scenic views of Dalhousie.

Book your OYO in Alibag or in Dalhousie


In a constantly connected world, we might enjoy each other’s company in the virtual world, but it’s time friends reunited in the real world! Party on the beaches of Pondicherry with picturesque lighthouses or chill in Daman & Diu with a spectacular view of the horizon.

Book your OYO in Pondicherry or in Daman & Diu

Time slips like sand in our hands, and we forget to appreciate what we have. Take a moment to reboot your brain this #MiniBreak!

Let OYO help you plan a hassle-free trip with a flat 30% off.

Hurry, book your #MiniBreak now!

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