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When you are thinking about your big day, there are lots of ideas revolving around your mind, like your wedding attire to the guest list, your sangeet ceremony ideas and much more and every one of them being important in your planning process are impossible to discard.

Since you have been planning for this day for quite some time, then the idea of having a grand party must have popped up in your thoughts for once or twice. And why not, with such extravaganza that is seen in today’s weddings, couples today are much enthusiastic about organizing ceremonies like celebrity wedding to add the style and charisma that they want for them.

With the wedding season knocking your door, be prepared with some of the glam and glitz ideas that are sure to be the success mantra for your celebrity destination weddings.

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Thus, for all the modern brides and grooms for whom having an appealing wedding ceremony is their foremost priority, even the minute details about the celebrity weddings can make a big change.

So, here are some of the ideas that can surely bring out the charm in your ceremony:

  1. Have a Beach Wedding

To imbibe the feeling of celebrity-ness in your wedding, having the function organized at beach would be a perfect idea. Many celebrity weddings have taken place at some of these exotic seaside locations. With a vast and clear sea at the backdrop and the sun shining bright in the sky, your wedding is sure to be a picture perfect in every way.


From seashells as your podium decoration or the corals making way to your centrepieces, beach weddings are a colourful affair but with a serene background. Moreover, you may buy your dress in complement with your surroundings to give an ethereal effect.

  1. Fairy- Tale Wedding

Bring on a chariot style entry or ride on a white horse or set up your wedding in a Disney land style! Though it seems a bit childish but every girl has a little princess in themselves and wants to feel like one on their wedding day as well. Thus, a “fairy-tale theme wedding” is the perfect opportunity for all the brides-to–be to organize their dream wedding.


Now arrange some twinkling lights dripping down a tree or create a fascinating focal point of entrance for your guests. Likewise, a garden wedding will also create an enchantment like no other fairy tale wedding could showcase.

  1. Make it a Floral Wedding

No celebrity styled wedding could be accomplished without flowers and that too, lots of it.  Flowers are the key ingredients in making an event successful as well as appealing. Hydrangeas, blue thistle, water lily, hyacinths, roses, tulips or snapdragons, the list is endless. Moreover, decorating your venue with seasonal flowers is also an intelligent option as these are easily available.

You may create a secret garden inside a grass covered wall, or create a flowery aisle for your entrance. Have garland draped ceiling or set up a floral mountain, the ideas are endless and adding the flowery elements will enumerate a romantic hue in the ceremony. No need to restrict the flowers to centrepieces. Let them add the charm to your entire ceremony with flourish.

  1. Woodland Wedding

For the nature lovers, having a woodland wedding is a nice opportunity to have a stunning yet rustic style weddings that they have been looking for. Embrace the nature’s beauty into your ceremony and see how the magic gets created in your ambience and among your guests.


Woodland styled weddings are best organized at a hill station or some remote farmhouses where you would be away from the censure of city’s hustle–bustle. For a small and intimate wedding of yours, you may add the directions intricately over trees. Fancy centrepieces made of wood carving are much alluring with such kind of themes.

  1. King Style Weddings

If it’s a royal endeavour that you have chosen to wed in, then make it happen in flamboyance. While talking of king style weddings, the grandiose is what comes to your mind. A grand scale of wedding requires a lavish dining arrangement with refined tabletop arrangements that are synchronised with a medieval setting.

When having a royal themed wedding, do not forget about the sweetheart seating arrangements for the newlyweds to mark their presence distinctly.

Be it the gold coloured armchairs or some vintage style chairs that are just reserved for the couple.

  1. A Professional Lighting System

What a wedding without those twinkling lights? Though we covered up the base of having the lights dripping down from a tree at your fairytale wedding, it’s not a restricted decorative idea. Add the Wow factor to your wedding with the coloured lighting on the wall, dance floor, underneath your centrepieces, or some monogram projection of the bride and groom on the ceiling.


This will surely bring stardom to your wedding ceremony. Moreover, if you are on a budget, then proper lightings can amp up the ambience of your celebration that gives a sensational outlook in its wake.

  1. A Poolside Reception Party

When your wedding ceremony got concluded indoors, then it would be best to have a poolside wedding reception ceremony for your guests. This will surely be a remarkable party in a celebrity style. The cocktails, mocktails, lemonades, and all the beach stuff are a great way to enhance the party.


How could you decorate your pool? Setting up pool floats would be a great add-on when it is a larger pool body. Most of the celebrity weddings or parties favour poolside ceremonies.

You may create the floating arrangements with candles for a better effect. If not the floats, then petal arrangements could be used to decorate your pool. The use of contrasting coloured petals will be a mesmerising sight in the eyes of the beholder. Not only flowers, you may have the balloons decorated with tassels over the pool. You may also create an enlightened atmosphere with poolside lanterns for a romantic touch.

  1. Blow a Flower Canon

You don’t have to wait to login into your social accounts that declare your marital status. When your nuptials or rituals have been finished, why not give a smashing end for the world to see that you are finally married. Blow a flower canon and give your guests the grand picturesque that they have been eagerly waiting for.

  1. Make an Enchanted Entry

What could be more interesting than indicating your entrance with flower or bubble shower? The brides’ and grooms’ entrance have become somewhat of a style statement in themselves. People are eagerly waiting for their arrivals and when it is done with a swag, then you are sure to be marked as the popular couple. Indicate your entry with flower or bubble shower or have some background music played for that Bollywood style that you were craving for. Moreover, this is your fantasy wedding, thus having a little drama would be good for your entertainment.

  1. Music & Entertainment

Music is must for a lavish wedding. And with DJs, live bands, solo singers, or a little orchestra, you have myriad of choices for your wedding entertainment. If an entire band seems too costly, then hire a DJ or whatever option seems suitable for your budget and style. Your ceremony would seem empty without some entertainment. And music sets a liveliness among the guests that is a requirement for your ceremony.

  1. Hang the Chandeliers with Elegance

The overhead décor is one of the most surprising as well as a dignified decorative element in your weddings. Let the chandeliers be hung from the ceiling along with drapes or orchids to make the reception table settled below to get a regal look.

Things to Take Care of Before Organizing your Wedding

  • An Interactive Atmosphere

The sitting arrangements make a great impression on your guests. Prepare a seating plan that is suitable for your venue as well as the number of guests. Those parties are warm and fun-filled where the guests are the happiest as they get to interact with one another. A lounge space, banquet style setting or a family style setting are a good idea.

  • Take Care of your Budget

Nothing could be achieved without a budget and spending excess of it would be a trouble for post- marriage period. Allocate your budget to each and every element intelligently. This will help you out in saving some for your honeymoon or other post marriage obligations.

  • Hire a Wedding Planner

If you are facing a null and void situation with your wedding décor, then don’t fret over the petty issue. There are lots of wedding planners in the market who can make out the best out of your dream wedding ideas and budget. Just choose the one who comes highly recommended and provide the most suitable and pocket-friendly wedding planning ideas.

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