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Living in Delhi, one doesn’t expect to find large green areas surrounded by hills. But that’s what this farmhouse in Mangar is all about. A massive garden which can host sports tournaments, a swimming pool with a gorgeous view, and an outdoor barbecue area make this 3BHK farmhouse the perfect place to escape when city life gets too much to handle.

You’ll be far, far away from any traffic and pesky neighbours but close enough to Delhi that you can just pick up your bags and reach here within 1-2 hours.

“The location of this place is one of the most appealing factors of this home,” Saumya, the designer of this farmhouse, says. “It’s close to the city but far enough to leave it all behind. The effort of getting there is so little and the reward is so big, given how beautiful the place is.”

This is the perfect place to plan a weekend away with your friends or with your family and have everyone under the same roof. The outdoor area is perfect for crazy parties, and the swimming pool offers the ideal lounging space to soothe your senses after a wild night.

“This place is perfect for all sorts of occasions and getaways,” Saumya says, describing the diversity of the farmhouse. “Load up your loved ones in a car, get some food and drinks, and head there to celebrate a birthday or anniversary.”

If you’re feeling adventurous and famished enough to eat a lot, set up a barbecue in the barbecue area outside. Grab your beverage of choice and enjoy a wonderful meal with your friends or family.

Even if you’re the quiet kind, and parties really aren’t your thing, this house will instantly appeal to you. Go upstairs, and you’ll find yourself on possibly the most picturesque terrace in Delhi NCR. Find a corner in the garden and settle down in one of the most scenic spots you can find, or park yourself by the pool and feel the rush of creativity flow over you with the soothing sounds of the water.

“Personally, I would use this space to get some quiet time alone,” Saumya says. “It’s perfect for a creative person like me. Think, write, read, walk around, and find your inspiration. If you’re a musician, the rooftop is the perfect place for a jamming session and a party after.”

Like a typical farmhouse, this house has several entrances which make it feel open and spacious at all times. Open up all the doors, enjoy the green view outside, and feel the fresh air breezing through the house all day.

Apart from the spaciousness, you’ll notice sudden bursts of colour in the most unexpected places. The hand-painted floral patterns on the walls outside and colourful decor inside the house stands out against the largely green and white background.

“The whole area here is green, no matter where you turn,” Saumya, the designer of this farmhouse, says. “While being surrounded by greenery is great, that also meant that there was no other colour, which made the home’s walls the perfect canvas to incorporate colour and the second layer to it was florals. The furnishing I chose is pastel and colourful to keep the theme going and give a contrast inside the home.”

“I chose the rustic floral patterns keeping the surroundings in mind,” Saumya explains. “The artist who painted it went free hand and complete it in 5 days. The fact that it was painted by hand meant that it would have imperfections, which is exactly how we wanted it to be. It made the walls look so much more charming.”

The artwork extends to the terrace and outdoor barbecue area as well, but here, artistry from the village was employed. Instead of taking the farmhouse away from its roots, we decided to integrate local traditions into the art here. We asked women from the village to lend us a helping hand and show us their art skills on the terrace walls.

“When you travel through the village, one of the first things you see is the artwork around the area. Every year, the women here do this activity in the village and areas around, and we thought of inviting them here,” Saumya says. “It was wonderful to see them at work. We didn’t give them any direction and told them to do what they like to see. I wanted to carry the feeling from the journey to the destination in a seamless manner, and the result was just beautiful.”

Apart from the open spaces, this house also has cozy nooks and corners for you to escape from the rest of the world and just be on your own.

“One of my favourite parts of the terrace is the nook under the stairs,” Saumya says. “It’s like a little world on its own. Warm, cozy, and the perfect place to be on your own. Another favourite spot of mine is the terrace for the gorgeous view during the day and to lie under the stars at night.”

This farmhouse is a 3BHK so there’s enough room for a large family or a group of friends. Carry your supplies, cook your own delicious meals in the kitchen, and enjoy them in the pristine white dining area or any other part of this scenic house. The rooms in this house too are cozy, cheerful, and welcoming. Each room has its own colour theme which may trigger a competition, so hurry and claim your room as soon as you reach.

One of the interesting facts about this house is that none of the furniture was made, it was all refurbished on site to suit the theme of the house.

“At OYO Home, we strongly believe in upcycling. Why create or make if you don’t need to?” Saumya explains. “The furniture was in perfectly good shape but the colour and upholstery did not work for us, so we changed that. But that’s it. We managed to economise and what came out looked great.”

Another feature of this unique house that you will notice is the artistic ceiling in the living room. While it looks easy and gives off a calming vibe, the work around it was anything but easy.

“It took the artist two days to finish the living room ceiling, and we had to simplify the artwork,” Saumya says. “But it came out looking really cool”

Mangar is located in Faridabad which is not too far from anywhere in Delhi NCR, especially if you’re looking for a quick getaway for a couple of days. It’s best to carry your own food and drinks supplies. While it may seem far away from the city, indulgence isn’t far. The Lalit Mangar is on the outskirts of the village, so you can drop in for a luxurious meal and head back to your mansion within 5 minutes.

Gurgaon, with some of the best bars and restaurants in the country, is about 1 hour away. One such concentration of eateries is Cyber Hub, about 15 kilometres away from here. You can spend an entire day hopping from one bar to another restaurant and back. There are several malls too in Gurgaon if you want to go shopping or just gallivanting.

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