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Kerala, the name itself fills one’s vision with a scenic beauty of nature. A laid back holiday, a cocktail by the beach while the sun brushes up to your face, sitting in a secluded cafe by the lush green valleys, and cruising through backwaters that stretch as far as you can see. Kerala has it all. If you’re planning to opt for any of the Kerala tour packages, now is the time to put your plan into action. We have all the answers and the best tour planning for you.


You will not run out of places to visit in Kerala even if this is your third long trip to the state. Munnar is a common destination for couples. It is romantic and serene. The name ‘Munnar’ came from a natural phenomenon when three water streams met each other to form a river. So, you can imagine the beauty of the water bodies around and the lush green trees that result from that.

Munnar, Kerala

Munnar is uniquely gorgeous. The green valleys look like they were carved by the God himself, which of course you can say because the beauty of this whole place is so natural. You will find the boats and boathouse for accommodation. There are various festivals in Kerala. Lakhs of tourists visit every year, but the natural beauty has been preserved to perfection.

A varied range of flora and fauna can be seen in Munnar, bestowing a breath-taking experience. Cruising through the twist and turns of the beautiful road to the hilltop give you the chance to peek at the view and embrace it.

Find a Munnar honeymoon package if you want to visit only Munnar on this trip, or go for various Kerala tour packages for an inclusive trip. Munnar and Alleppey is an excellent choice as these are the perfect destinations for spending some romantic time. Having a cup of tea on the porch of a bungalow while looking over the beautiful view and sharing a conversation with each other is a serene yet, an exciting experience. There are a lot of other things to do in Munnar as well.

Get up in the morning to a delicious breakfast and the aromatic Munnar tea. Stroll to explore the local sightseeing spots like Mattupetty Dam and Tea Plantation. Here, you’ll get to see the farmers at work and can even try samples. You can also visit Rajamalai to see the Nilgiri Tahrs. The Echo-point Kundale is also an ideal spot for boating.

These activities and the perfect aura of the place makes Munnar the ideal destination for the newlyweds but it is also an equally exciting place for the solo explorers and youngsters.

Munnar isn’t just a cluster of small hills. Anamudi in Munnar is a gigantic peak which is 2,700 metres above sea level. The Eravikulam National Park manifests the diverse order of nature. Different species of flora and fauna are spotted here. If you are lucky, you can find the flower Neelakurunji that blooms once every twelve years. Chithirapuram, Mattupetty Dam, Kundala Lake, Pallivasal, Chinnakanal, Lakkam, Attukkal Nyayamakkad, and Anayirangal are also some of the spots one can visit. The expansive waterfalls and reservoirs spread across the land give a splendid opportunity for the young ones to explore.


The backwater heaven embroidered with beautiful houseboats surfing across the water is too beautiful to be summed up in words.

Alleppey, Kerala

Travel from Munnar to Alleppey and get all settled up in a houseboat, which will be your mode of transportation. You’ll be cruising through the narrow canals of the backwater. Palm trees will be visible from a distance to form an enigmatic view. The paddy fields spread all around will give a beautiful feel. Don’t miss out on the floating cafes and restaurants that will be along the shore when your houseboat is on the move.


If there is a beautiful, clean beach with just the right amount of beauty and nature, it’s Kovalam. The golden white sand beaches, the clear blue water, the corner cafe’s and bars bordering the beach are just too good to miss in a lifetime.

Travel to Kovalam from Alleppey. Sit idly by the beach with a drink and a book nearby and gaze at the horizon for hours. You will not get bored. The clear blue water brushing your feet and the pensiveness of the feel all around the beach is a beautiful experience. Kerala tour packages make sure you get the best lodges with sea facing rooms to have the full pleasure of the view. Visit the nearby restaurants to try the delicious seafood which you won’t find anywhere else. You’ll get delectable lobsters, monster crabs, shrimps, golden prawns and oysters.

Kovalam, Kerala

Kovalam is a haven for honeymooners. The moonlight falling on the clear water while you sit on the balcony is the experience to live for.

Overall Experience

There are some valleys that were carved and designed by farmers. Munnar is famous for the beautiful slender-necked hills and also for the thriving tea plantations. The people are hardworking and hospitable. You can take a walk by the tea gardens and appreciate the hard work of the cultivators.

You will have to love the way they serve green coconut water. You can try out the various amazing dishes made to perfection. People have this weird idea that South Indian food has extremes of sour and hot flavours. Though it is true to an extent, but people there know how to cook for people with different taste palate. They will cook a perfect South Indian meal for you, which will have perfectly balanced flavours. You will just love the decision of going for a Munnar honeymoon package.

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