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Shimla is called the Queen of the Hills for a reason. The lush green valleys, gigantic peaks, gentle sound of the river make this place looks like a beautiful scene from a surrealistic movie. Shimla has always been a place for all kinds of people. Whether you want to sit idly by the hills with a coffee mug and a romantic novel by your side or you seek an adrenaline rush to make you feel more alive, Shimla is incubation for all such activities. For the romantic ones, Shimla is considered one of the best places for honeymoon. So, check out some of Himachal tour packages and plan your romantic getaway. Now stroll around hand in hand and relish the charm around.

Enjoy your visit by

  • Walking around the broad Mall Road.
  • Checking out the bookstores in the corners jutting out from the sides of the hill.
  • Dining out in the serene and frivolous restaurants with calm ambience while enjoying slow music at a distance, allowing you two share a cosy conversation.
  • You will definitely love doing all these little nothings with your partner.

Sightseeing in Shimla

Admire the beauty of nature and share comfortable silences with each other in front of beautiful sceneries. A spectacular place called Kufri, located just 13km from Shimla is also a good option. It is a place that has been untouched by the tourist rush. The flattering landscapes will put you in awe. It is also a hub for paragliding and skiing where you can be at the top of the world and glide through the hills.


  • Visit the Jakhoo Temple, where the world’s largest Hanuman statue is standing tall and broad, protecting the hills with its mighty power and magnificence.
  • Visit the scandal point if you’re as intrigued by the name as everybody gets, it owes its interesting name to the fact that the King of Patiala abducted the daughter of the Viceroy from here because he fell in love with her.
  • Mahobra, Chail and the Christ Church are also some of the other places you can enjoy at Shimla.


For the adventure seekers, Shimla and nearby areas are filled with innumerable activities to indulge in.

        Go for

  • River rafting on the Sutlej River
  • Hot pool bath at Tattapani


  • Enjoy the thrill of paragliding in the Kangra Valley and Shivapuri.
  • If you have enough money, you can always go to Narkanda and Kufri from Shimla to try Heli-skiing along the snow-capped hills.
  • There is a lot to do and lot to explore when you are on an enchanting trip to Shimla.

All Good Things in Store

OYO Total holidays offer you cheapest package for Shimla with an amazing experience where you get to witness the hidden natural treasures along the road as you cruise through the hills. Whether it’s a sunny or a rainy day, you can see small rivulets, rivers in deep gorges, and the enchanting mountain lakes. Shimla is a hub for all kind of backpackers, the lazy ones, the romantics, and the thrillers. You will find everyone under the open skies wandering through the hills.

Things to be Careful About

If you’re planning to go during winters, it is better to:

  • Book hotels with installed heaters.
  • Carry enough woollen clothes and windcheaters.
  • Carry moisturisers.
  • Some medicines for stomach infections and cold.

Bonus destination, Kasol

A perfect abode for a vagabond to seek beauty and peace cocooned between the mountains. That is Kasol. This place is straight out of a Jack Kerouac novel. The cool sound of the river and the gentle breeze brushing up to your face as you stroll around Kasol is an astounding experience.


As you cruise through the place you’ll find an uncanny resemblance to the hippie culture filling you up with nostalgia about the 1960’s Woodstock theme. Along the way you’ll find:

  • Israeli cafes with foreigners sitting on the porch and playing the ukulele.
  • On the sideways, there are small stalls making pancakes and waffles.
  • Several hippie cafes and bars located beside the river which looks spectacular during a moonlit night.

Things to do

Kasol is also a gateway for trekkers. Go to Tosh, which is a few kilometres uphill.  Here you’ll find the nomadic village life. The locals are warm and welcoming. You can do a lot in Kasol:

  • Walk along the crooked steps uphill and be surprised by the hidden cafes along the way.
  • Witness the hard working locals going about their days, working on the hilltop fields and grasslands.

As you reach the top, a spectacular view of peaks will be shimmering from the distance.

Other Places to Go

From Kasol, one can also go to Kheerganga. The name ‘Kheerganga’ came into existence because the waterfalls there are so pure and vivid that the phenomenon looks like the water is made of milk. The valley of flowers and vast grasslands aren’t the only things of attraction.

There are small Swedish tents in the open fields. It is a dream come true for stargazers at night. The lack of light and pollution makes it possible to sit under gazillions of stars and stare at them for hours.

Go to the much controversial Malana Village from Kheerganga to see the cannabis fields and the farmers who have been protecting and preserving the practice for centuries.


Kasol is a place where one goes to connect with nature. But to connect with God one can go to Manikaran, which is just a kilometre away from Kasol. A Gurudwara which will fill you with immense joy is situated humbly between the hills. Don’t forget to take a hot steam bath in the shrine, which is an experience beyond explanation.

Overall, your Himachal honeymoon packages will offer an experience you will never forget for a lifetime.