January 27th, 2019 by Arunima

Your adorable baby is turning 1 and this reason is enough to celebrate the special day. Well, it’s not just that your baby is going to be a year old. But, you too have completed your first year of parenthood with all its ups and downs. Though apparently on a day like this, you are sure to forget the diaper days and crying moments, it’s a joyful day for your family and your baby’s life.

So, celebrate this beautiful day vivaciously but with care. Because the pressure of choosing a perfect birthday party venue, the preparations of the guest list consumes most of your time and you are bound to skip some of the minutes but important details in the process. So, go through the guide and keep in mind about how you should proceed with your planning. Get the Do’s and Don’ts so that you can protect your child with all the harms and make this day memorable.

Do’s for the party!

  • Plan a Budget

The first task for any occasion is checking out the budget. Though it might seem a bit difficult at first because you want to do everything best for your baby. But, having a budget at hand would help you in splitting up the segments. If you have picked up some 1st birthday party venue, you can easily discuss the budget requirements of the venue and the services within it.

  • Create a Special Guest List

After getting on with the selection of your first birthday venuesit’s time to come up with a guest list. Though you want to make it grand, a first birthday is celebrated best when celebrated with close relatives, neighbours, grandparents and friends. Release the invitations prior to 1 or 2 weeks in advance so that they can prepare their arrival.

  • Watch the Party Timing

Planning the party around the baby’s nap time is essential because a fussing and crying toddler would demand your complete attention and won’t let you socialize with the guests. So, let him have his afternoon sleep and schedule the timing afterwards. Moreover, in this lively atmosphere, the baby is likely to get tired. Thus, let him take some rest to be prepared for the evening.

  • Keep your menu “guest-neutral”

Remember, this is not some adult birthday party that you are used to. Kids and elders are going to be a part of it. Try to chalk out some ideas for birthday catering with the help of event planners that is acceptable to all the parties, like too much of sugary delights might not agree with your father. So, go with a combination of kids and adult food for both of them to enjoy the feast. Avoid some sticky or jelly-like food items. These might create a mess if not seen properly.

  • Try to have a Weekend Party

It might not be possible for each of your guests to be there for your Monday party. So, try to shift it for some weekend. This would be great for both you and your guests’ comfort. You get some extra time to prepare and also create the guest list with ease where people are not denying their invitations. Maybe shifting the party to some later date would be better if that gets to be a holiday.

  • Choose some Random Theme

The one-year-olds have a fickle mind. They might like Mickey Mouse at one while Spongebob at another second. The first birthday party places are adept at such decorations. They understand what a child demands and how he or she can enjoy without even understanding what’s going on around them.

Choose some random theme

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Thus, plan the decorations when you are throwing the first birthday party. They might discuss some themes and ideas that you are not aware of.

  • Arrange for some Fun Activities

The spirit of any occasion lies with the fun activities that goes around inside the party compound. So arrange a set up that could be enjoyed by all guests. But, try to keep the activities focussed on your baby. It’s his day.

Arrange for some fun activities

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So planning some games just for him or her would be pleasurable to watch. Arrange for some magic shows, tattoo making and the teenagers would be ecstatic enough with your arrangements.

  • Make appropriate Seating Arrangements

When you are calling parents who have babies of their own, then you need to make appropriate arrangements for them as well.

Make appropriate seating arrangements

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Put up the high baby chairs or make a baby corner where they can enjoy their own meet and greet. This would give you some time to socialize among yourselves and keep the flow of the party.

  • Hire a Cleaning Agency

Most of the time these first birthday venues have a cleaning crew of their own. But, if yours is a house or garden party, then it would be better to hire a cleaning agency. The after party mess needs to be cleared up and to discard this headache, a cleaning crew is in order. You may gather up your leftover food and distribute them among the needy.

  • Photographic Moment

The first birthday has thousands of moment to capture right from the moment your baby girl or boy is getting ready. Thus, hire a birthday photographer or settle your own camera and start clicking pictures. In the end, it would be a nice collection to be cherished for a lifetime.

  • Birthday cake

The limelight of any birthday party is, of course, the cake. You need to give it some customization so that your baby likes it the most.

Birthday cake

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If you have planned some squashing fun moments with him/her, then arrange for another smaller cake and preserve the original one for your guests to enjoy.

Don’ts for the party!

  • Do not use any expensive cutlery or dinner set

The house or your venue is going to be chaos. So try to lessen your worry by using recyclable paper or plastic plates and you need not worry about broken dishes. Use plates, napkins that are easy enough to be handled in your party.

  • Do not use any flammable thing!

Never keep any flammable stuff at your party. All children are playful and naughty so anything can happen. So be sure to be careful enough, so that it could not lead to an accident. Always choose your product after reading the description and certain important things.

  • Do not overload!

This is really important as this is the party of your kid and if you will overload with the office work and at the same time plan the party, this will really not go well. So it’s better either finish your work and then plan the party or cancel your work for the time been and enjoy your kid’s party.

  • Do not forget the other parents!

Inviting the kid’s parents will give you company but make sure you have kept something for them too because it should not be boring for them. They can also enjoy the party with the kids. It’s great to enjoy the game with the kids and spend time with them.

Planning a kid’s birthday party involves a lot of thought process. Follow the above tips and tricks and you are sure to avoid any lingering birthday disaster that might spring upon you. And lastly, enjoy your day to your baby’s heart’s content.