12 Unique Gifts Ideas for Indian Bride 2018

It is difficult choosing wedding gifts for bride in India. You might not know her much. If it is an arranged marriage, all you know is her name and a few details about her family. Even if it is a love marriage, if you ask too much about the girl, you may come across as nosy. But you cannot visit wedding location empty-handed. So you start browsing the internet looking for appropriate wedding gifts for couple or the Indian bride only.

You have arrived at the right place. Here you will find ideas for gifts for Indian bride of this generation. Some of the items on the list will include things you have already thought of. But you could use some help making it more special, personalised, and unique.

Make it Special

While selecting gifts for newly married girl, make sure you focus on things she likes and would enjoy, more than things she’ll need as a wife. She might already have what she needs to run a home and she will be getting enough of those gifts as Indians still focus on the conventional gift ideas. You, try to make this about her. Make the bride feel special.

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Make it for the Couple

Gifts focusing on the bride are good. But if you can find a gift that suits both, the bride and the groom, you are gold! Things that the couple can use or like to keep for a good time, will be treasured. While selecting a wedding gift, the primary thing to keep in mind is, the couple should be happy on unwrapping the gift.


It will be easy to choose a gift if you have known the couple for some time now. If you haven’t, don’t shy away from asking them or their parents and friends what they would like. There is nothing weird about it. It is better to give cash along with a best wishes note, or gift cards to someplace you don’t even know whether the bride is interested in.

Very Important Tip

Buy the gift well in time. If you have to personalise it, make sure you have enough time for that as well. Also, keep it neatly wrapped with a sweet note of blessings and put it away a day before the wedding. Don’t be lazy and put it off till the time when you are supposed to get ready and then just wrap it anyhow with no time to make it presentable.

Wedding Gift Ideas

So, here is the list of wedding gifts that will make both, the bride and the groom happy. Some items on the list will make them happy, while some will make their lives easier. Try to go for a gift that you think will do both for the given couple.

  1. Personalised Cushions and Coasters (Bride and Groom names written)

Everybody needs cushions and coasters. There is no such thing as too many cushions and people do want to change their coasters periodically. So, you don’t need to worry about gifting something the couple already has. Personalise the cushions and coasters by printing quotes from the bride’s and groom’s favourite poems, or the nicknames they call each other (ask their friends). Choose sober colours and designs that go with everything.

  1. Personalised Photo Album

Gift a photo album that has the bride’s take on the marriage on the cover, and that of the groom on the back cover. If you don’t know the couple closely, get hold of their pictures together and print it on the cover with their names engraved in the centre. Find a photo album with a space for ‘date’ at the bottom of every photo so that the couple remembers the important dates. Let’s get real, even women forget them but we all want to remember. So help them out.


  1. Cosmetics Set

Gift a complete cosmetic set for the bride. It should have sunscreens, hair care products, toiletries (throw some in for the groom as well), some good brands of generic skin care products, some pedicure and manicure accessories and nail paint. A girl may or may not like makeup. But every new bride would like to groom herself to feel like the picture perfect new bride for a few months after the wedding. Women who are already into these will be happy to get these sponsored for some weeks.


  1. Shoes

Girls love shoes. It is not difficult to find out the shoe size of the bride. Just ask and get her some lovely shoes for a nice warm day, a pair of sports shoes to remind her to take out time for herself, a pair of comfy slippers for home, a pair of beach slippers, and some heels for parties. You can give all these or just the first three.

  1. Jewellery (Gold or Diamond or Custom, Anything but Beautiful)

People love jewellery. You can gift a trendy gold necklace, or a diamond pendant, or pearl earrings, or custom jewellery. Go for whatever you think is beautiful but keep in mind the bride’s style.


Many women like traditional styles while many prefer trendy designs. If you are not sure what this bride likes, go for some trendy but uncommon designs. This will never fail you.

  1. Books

If you have heard the girl loves books, this is the best gift you can give. Gifting books need to come back in fashion right away! Ask about the girl’s reading habits and get her some hardcover books of her favourite author. Write a sweet note inside. She might already have many books so ask about what she would like to add to her collection. It is okay if it is not so discreet. She’d know a wedding gift is coming anyway, so it better be something she would love to have.

  1. Cook Books

This one is quite different from just books. Cook books will help the new bride run the kitchen easier. If she already knows how to cook, or her husband is the designated or cook or equal cooking partner (it’s about time this started happening), give her some cook books with exquisite recipes for them to venture into new territory. If the couple is the type to struggle with life away from home, give them the basic cookbooks and put in some of your own recipes nicely written in a pretty book, to add a personal touch.

  1. Spa Sessions

This one does not even need an explanation why it is a great gift. The bride will be grateful to receive a few spa sessions at a reputed spa after days of bending down to touch people’s feet 100 times a day, and standing or sitting up straight in 10 kg lehenga. She must be tired from her daily life already. Wedding ceremony is an exhausting affair. A few spa sessions will be great.

  1. Aromatherapy baskets

This one is something you can gift a bride and let her enjoy it for months unlike a spa session or a few. Some scented candles, bath salts, some lavender perfume for the linens. This will please the bride so much, you will become her favourite relative or friend of friend.

  1. Perfumes

Perfumes are tricky because you never know what scent a person would like. So, go for this one only if you know the bride closely enough to know what her regular perfume is or what is on her wish list.

  1. Sports Wear

You could gift sports shoes and sports vests and tracks to the bride to remind her she needs to take care of herself more than anything else. Many are of the opinion that this kind of gift is rude because it suggests the person should lose weight. But a modern young person will know the importance of exercise no matter how good shape you are in.

  1. Bar accessories

Gift some bar accessories like a champagne holder, or wine cooler, ice buckets and tong set, or a set of glasses for wine, champagne, whiskey, and all sorts of alcoholic drinks. Throw in a personalised bottle opener with her name or the couple’s initials on it. Throw in a bottle of good wine or champagne with it for the couple to unwind after a hectic day.

These were some ideas for wedding gifts for Indian bride. Yes, there weren’t any kitchen appliance or home appliance options on it but if you know the couple and know they would need anything in those categories, you could totally gift that. Otherwise, steer clear of the clichés and gift something that will be a nice gesture.

These ideas for wedding gifts for Indian bride are some very safe options because everybody will appreciate these gifts. They are things everybody needs or would like to have even if they did not have them before. So, be smart about the choice you make. Pick a gift that you know the bride or the bride and groom will like.


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