January 26th, 2018 by Arunima

A wedding is a grand affair in itself. Being extravagant, wedding preparations undergo a lot of planning and plotting. From choosing a perfect location to deciding on a menu, it requires racking brains if you wish for a flawless and memorable wedding that will be remembered by your friends and family for a lifetime.

Though weddings are arranged in every season, spring is the most beautiful time of the year to have your wedding. With a balmy atmosphere, blooms and sunshine all around in the air, most of the couples express their desire to tie the knot in this season. Since flowers and colours are the fundamentals of this season, banquet halls in Chandigarh adopt a variety of designs and arrangements that will be in harmony with the season and mood of the guests. The cheery colours and mystic styling of the wedding venue accelerate the prestige and bewitch the eye of the beholder.

If you are a bride or groom to be and are looking for some really fantastic Spring Wedding Ideas, then have a look at some of the floral composition that you may add to your wedding preparations.

  1. A Floral-Inspired Wedding Dress

Since this is the season of new blooms, add more charm to your dress with a uniquely styled floral pattern. Well, this would surely earn you the name of “Spring Bride”. This is a worthy choice for those who want to immerse fully in the spirit of spring.

And for a wedding reception, your groom may choose to opt for a lighter colour tuxedo or suits to complement the ambience.

  1. Floral Invitations

Since you have decided over a spring wedding, why not add that glitter to your invitation cards as well. Sprinkle a little flowery design on your invitation cards to showcase a vision of your image on the mind of your guests.

You can create your wedding invitation cards with the help of some online designing tool or can consult a card designer for this.

  1. An Outdoor Wedding

When this is a season to roam outdoors, why restrict yourself inside a room. Spring is the perfect time to celebrate your wedding outside or at the lawn area of a banquet hall which could be enhanced with the seasonal flowers, ferns, and colours.

The outdoor seating arrangement could be cleverly arranged for the guests to feel the touch of the season.

  1. The Enchanting Spring Menu

Embed the spirit into your food as well. As we know, food is the most important part of any wedding or any party, drafting a perfect menu is the imperative task of the hour. And keeping a spring theme can entice your guests to think that you are definitely bringing something special to your menu.

Get a brief glimpse of what all you can add in your “Spring-based” menu.

  • Adding a superb cocktail to your menu can definitely reinforce your theme. Besides this, drinks that are cool and refreshing are ofcourse favourites to beat the heat during day. Glasses of lemonade, fruit juices, mocktail are all a popular choice for spring wedding.
  • You may also include variety of salads as these synchronize well with the theme. Go with a fruit, cream or veggie salad in combination with some exotic variety to add more grace.
  • For the main course, you may add some cuisines prepared with herbs or something with a fruity essence.
  • Desserts are the most lovable snack for any event. The sugary delights calls to each and every guest with earnest. For bringing a spring twist to your sweet dishes, you may add some pastries with fruit toppings or a Belgian waffle bar.
  1. Stylised Reception Tables

For a spring style wedding, having a sitting arrangement that can match your wedding theme is the most essential aspect.

  • For choosing the perfect setting, you may choose classic colours like white or some pastel shades like pink, baby blue, yellow, or green. The table top could be poised with candles and flowers in some beautiful manner. The linens could have ribbon arrangements along with the fancy setting of chairs. The centrepieces over a table should also be of some matching set.
  • A wood based styling could also be adopted for your sitting arrangements. The linens could be brown in shade with a contrasting canary yellow centrepiece to bring out the style of the tables.
  • The flowers that could be used for the purpose of centrepiece could be anything from the signature roses, to divine daisies or with a bunch of classic wildflowers.
  1. Garden Based Sitting Arrangements

When this is a spring wedding, having a garden based theme would be a hit for your wedding. Try to arrange for some intricately designed tables and chairs with vines and flowers adorning the entire arrangement.

Make some nature-based chandeliers to go with the tables.

  1. A Floral Podium or Mandap

Going with the theme, decorate your podium and the canopy overhead with flowers and ferns. This is the central attraction of the entire wedding and will be looked upon by every guest. Stick to your theme and make your arrangements accordingly. Using roses, marigold, tulips or any other floral accessory can display a beautiful setup.

  1. Ceiling Decoration

A little fabric is all it takes to make a wedding decoration more amazing. Keep it formal with pastel shaded drapes and lightning that brings out the required vibe of the ceremony. Use some paper lantern to make it all more enchanting. Try some hanging potted plant decorations above your tables to beautify the look.

  1. Wedding Accessories

When your outfit is a floral one, why not have some matching floral accessories to go with. The brides can definitely add some floral Bouffant Bun to go with her attire. It will appeal to your style and to the spring theme. For your wedding reception, pick a floral style purse, ring, necklace and clips to complete your spring look effectively.

  1. Cutleries & Plates

Decorate your plates and cutleries with a flower to add the message of spring to them. Just wrap up your forks and spoons with a flower along with floral setup on your buffet table. Your serving table can also have the identification card of appetizers and meals decorated with flowers on them signifying your theme of spring.

  1. Wedding Cakes

These are special because this is about as much of looks as of taste. Floral wedding cakes are hot-sellers for a spring wedding. All these custom-made cakes are inspired by nature and decorated with flowers or fruits and pastel shades. Even the cake is sometimes prepared with citrus flavours like lemon, oranges to lend a refreshing tang to the cake. The colour and decoration all give a lighter and fresher look to the cake.

  1. A Floral Passage

Showcase your floral theme from the entry or passage that will leave your guests in awe. With floral arch at the entry, it will harmonize the entire decoration done inside the banquet hall and will add more finesse to your venue.

All this seems good but are you still confused whether to have a spring, summer or winter wedding? Let’s see what all a spring wedding has in store for you.

  • Everything is Colourful and Cheery: Spring is the indication of new beginning with the blooms and flowers growing in abundance, you get a lot of choice in your decorations which are too many when compared to a winter or summer wedding. With all things looking sunny and bright, a spring wedding creates a breath-taking view.
  • Time flexibility: Springtime has a neutral temperature which is not hot or too cold to bear. You get the advantage of setting your wedding or reception event at any time of the day as the weather remains soothing throughout the day. Given the time flexibility, you are at a great advantage to select the time you wish to have at your wedding.
  • Comfortable weather: As discussed above, spring is a time of mild temperature, thus you no need to sweat around or shiver with cold at your wedding. But, still, the decision lies in your sentimental values and choice.
  • Varieties of Clothing: Under this weather condition you may wear whatever fabric you wish to wear. Be it silk, rayon or crepe, every fabric works well under spring weather. Moreover, you don’t have to worry about your dress getting clingy due to sweat.
  • Delicious Menu: Everything is so fresh and lively looking, that the cuisines prepared are also equally tastier. The taste of the food remains intact and does not get spoiled easily like in summers or frozen up like in winters.
  • You may have an Outdoor Wedding: No need to arrange for air –conditioners or lit up the fireplaces. Spring weddings give you a nice excuse and save you from arranging for such amenities. The calming weather with no hint of heat and cold is perfect for holding your wedding outside if you are looking for one.

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