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It is that time of the year when people from around the country are looking forward to embark on the most exciting journey of their lives; Marriage! With Facebook statuses changing to ‘Engaged’ or invitations galore in the inbox, the wedding fever is officially here. Information ranging from the engagement halls in Mumbai to the trendiest wedding wear is being discussed with much enthusiasm. But before the actual event, what about some alone and fun time with your gang somewhere far off?

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There are few precious days left of your bachelorhood and make sure these are indeed the best days. A bachelor party makes for one of the fabulous beginnings in your wedding.

If you are a buddy looking for a destination that can take on the ingeniously mischievous plans you have for your friend’s Bachelor Party, here’s a list of the best bachelor party destinations in India you can choose from.

  • Jaisalmer

For a luxury/chilled out party with a special close group of friends, Jaisalmer is definitely a must choice! Well, Jaisalmer hits just the right spot with its camel rides, desolate dunes and luxury camps under star littered skies offering the perfect blend of isolation and luxury. It gets so beautiful in the evenings that you may just want to explore the dunes doing some camel rides with your pals and relaxing by the bonfire amidst some windy nights here. If there’s a place where you can’t wait to share the last romantic tales of your love story, then it has to be this desert land in India. Be good to yourself now.

  • Leh Ladakh

Now, this one’s probably on a lot of people’s bucket lists. And, you getting hitched is probably going to strangle any chances you might have of doing this again if you haven’t already. Biking with your boy’s gang is such a fun idea, don’t you agree? So, get your friends, get a couple of bikes and head out on this one-of-a-kind road trip that we consider one of the best the country has to offer. Camp in the Ladakh Mountains, watch the sunrise or meditate. Rejoice in the glory of this place which is heaven in itself!

  • Ziro Valley

Far away in Arunachal Pradesh lies a valley called Ziro Valley and all those who have been there, describe it as heavenly. And this is exactly the place, where you and your friends can go on a bachelor trip and implement those mind-blowing ideas of bachelorette party in India. The Ziro Festival of Music (September) will give you one of a kind experience if you are visiting the place before December. For a cool and fun trip, Ziro is the first option one should ideally consider. Apart from the monsoon, Ziro can be visited throughout the year. Carry at least one pair of woollens in the summer and a lot more during winters.

  • Pondicherry

If you thought bachelorette parties are all about having loud music, crazy drinking, and dancing, well then you are wrong. Enjoying the little things in life like nature, beaches, and living every moment of singlehood in peace is also a bright idea. So, if you and your buddies are looking for a place to unwind and still have the best bachelor moments – you have to come to Pondicherry. And just in case, you’re wondering, the nightlife in Pondicherry is as lit as its daytime vibe. This is the ideal spot for chilling in the last days of singlehood, drinking Pina Coladas, and having the time of your life with your close buddies. What about a little of peace of mind and perspective with your close friends, don’t you agree?

  • Andaman and Nicobar

Andaman and Nicobar is simply the most stunning island you will ever come across. There is such tranquillity and peace in this place. The stunning destination is yet to be exploited by tourist crowds; this means you have pristine beaches and azure blue waters all to yourself! Sunbathe, play, rest and have yummy food at one of the many resorts here. It is among the best bachelorette party destinations and honeymoon destinations in India to detox yourself while still getting pampered. You can also opt for unique experiences such as scuba diving with your gang.

  • Gokarna

How about going to the nearby Gokarna, located in Karnataka, if you think Goa is just too stereotypical? You can enjoy stunning beaches, take exciting treks through the backdrop of lush green hillocks, rent out boats and canoes, swim, sunbathe, eat and be merry! It is sure to be a trip of blissful relaxation; in fact, it is a destination you can afford to be as lazy as you want. By the way, Goa is just a hop of 143 km away if you get bored! For a person who loves the sea and the beaches and wants to have last few days unwinding to some rocking nights, packs your bags and head off to Gokarna!

  • Goa

A definitive party spot in India, the appeal of this shoreline heaven doubles when you realize that whenever you hit this spot next, it will presumably be with the wife in tow. So, capitalize on it while you are there with your best mates – splashing up the sun, skipping in the blue waters, partying your nights away, enjoying some water sports, etc. and just being yourself at this favourite hotspot of most Indians. Goa is just apt for everything, where you just want to relax and have a great time or you want to get out of your comfort zone and be as wild as you can in your last days of bachelorhood.

  • Bir Billing

If your buddy is an all-time-fan of adventure ventures and his bucket list is still not all checked, get lucky by completing the same as you visit Bir Billing which is a place just out of a travel book. Bir Billing is the paragliding capital of India and is one of the least travelled bachelor party destinations in India. Give your adrenaline secretion a pump of thrill and spend some of your time having feet in the air, because trust us, nothing is going to be better than gratifying your desire. Nature walks and spirituality at Bir is at the par, hence pacifying yourself and making peace with your past to have a fortunate and blessed new start does not sound a bad idea at all.  Just don’t miss the hand gliding, Paragliding and nature walk at this picturesque place at all!

  • Manipur

The beauty of the north-eastern state is at par. Another level of discussion can be made out from the nicknames given to it: Jewel of India, Shangri-La, and Switzerland of the East. The localities have interesting folklore, myths, and legends, dances, martial arts, exquisite handicrafts to start with. The state has a rich bounty which includes exotic destinations and getaways. Believe us, the experience is unbeatable and one of its kind. So are you ready to get lost and coming to your senses only once you are back?

  • Kasol

Kasol is a perfect getaway to get out of your mundane routine and take a chill pill in the serenity of the Himalayas. Kasol is also known as mini Israel because it is flocked by young Israelis and hence it calls for good fancy food. The Himalayan village at Kasol is a tree house resort which just makes you feel like living in heaven and it is one of the most popular resorts here. The abundant treks and mini hikes content the venture’s urge to explore more. There is no dearth of scenic spots which makes sure that you return with lots of pictures to flaunt!

  • Rishikesh

Rishikesh is a great choice for an exciting bachelorette party as its the adventure capital of our country. You and your group of friends can look forward to some fun activities such as white water rafting, camping by the Ganges, bungee jumping, etc. If you and your friends are adventure junkies, this may be a trip that could possibly outdo your honeymoon! Oh and try not to make your soon-to-be-wife too jealous, she might decide to have her bachelorette party at Rishikesh as well! For people living up in the north, this is the ideal place to visit.

  • Kochi

The lovely city of Cochin or Kochi is the perfect amalgamation of something new and a little something old for the groom-to-be and all his friends. It is one of the most visited bachelor party destinations in India. Take yourself to Kochi for a fun time exploring the harbour, waterfronts, backwaters, and islands. Make a journey to Fort Kochi and explore the treasures of Jew Street with your gang of boys. They are sure to enjoy the colourful sights and shopping opportunities. Explore the Mattancherry Palace and the numerous art cafes as you enjoy the peaceful evenings here. Cochin does not disappoint at all and is the best option if you want to head over to the south.

It’s a crime not to let your hair down and go insane one final time between your pledge and your wedding. What better approach can it be to make for a last paramount party as a single fellow than to run away with your best pals? Have the time of your life and dance away to the new beginnings as you begin your life sharing moment to moment with your soul mate!

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