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Bachelorette parties are a must nowadays and are an Innovative Idea for an Indian wedding. In an Indian marriage, the life of the wife still has to make more room for the life of the husband than the other way around. Irrespective of all the Hitler wife jokes, the woman gives up more and works harder after a marriage.

So a bachelorette party is absolutely crucial to remind the bride to be, that she is her own person. Even if the bride is a pretty self-assured person, who wants to miss out on fun bachelorette ideas?

Focus on the fun

The good thing about a bachelorette party is that there is no competition with the bachelor party because both are supposed to be private. You need not to tell each other what bachelor or bachelorette party activities are about to go down. So, just focus on making it a fun evening for your girls. Make it all about the bride. Everything she wants.

Merge it up

Here’s an idea. How about a combined bachelor and bachelorette party? If you want to keep an eye on each other, or if you want to have the last wild night together as an unmarried couple, that is. Yes, the entire idea of a bachelorette party is to spend the last days of fun without the husband popping in everywhere. But a couple, who can give each other enough space after marriage, might as well have a combined party, which you can break up later to have the conventional individual parties. Just a thought. All options are open. You might love spending a crazy night partying with your boyfriend for the last time and he might want it too. The fun is, you don’t go home together. He goes with his boys; you go with your girls. That way, both tradition, and the attraction of missing your beau are intact.

Bachelorette party ideas

Whether you have a merged party or not, there has to be a true bachelorette party where it is just you and the girls and if it’s a destination wedding then it will be a topping on the cake. You can have so many fun bachelorette party activities. You can keep it as clean or as dirty as you want. All that matters is you should have fun. You can also take inspiration from Celebrity wedding destinations to plan out the same. So, here are some bachelorette party ideas for you.

  • Do Fifty Shades of Grey-style Scavenger hunt!

It is sounding a little loud for Indian party but still nowadays girl’s love Fifty Shades of Grey plot, so you can think of this idea as it will be really fun hiding all the ‘sex toys’ like handcuffs and many more and you can split the team into groups. After this, you can instruct them to hunt it and the team who finds the maximum stuff they will be the winner.

  • Sexy invites

You can go bonkers. It is just among your friends. You can make the invitation cards shaped like whatever you want. It will be hilarious. But the connotation will be kinky. However, the message within should be warm. Every word right now will sound like a dirty pun but none intended. Keep it sexy. Keep it fun.

  • Hire a Photographer

You can hire a photographer so that your perfect photos of your party or photos after games will be clicked with a great camera. Flaunt your dress and make the most beautiful and amazing memories for the future. This day will never be back again and you should enjoy it with all your heart and be happy.

  • Lovely cake

The bachelorette cake should be all about the bride. What flavours she likes what colours she likes. Make it her favourite theme. And make sure the cake is delicious. No party is complete without cake.

Also, make sure you arrange enough refreshments for the entire wild hungry girl gang so that nobody is cranky.

  • Booze

Goes without saying, booze is so important. This could be one day when the girl who never drinks will drink in honour of her friend. Don’t try to play safe here, just for this day. You have booked the perfect place and everybody there is a friend. Just go nuts. Have all the shots you want. Wear your hair in a bun maybe. You could be the one with your head in the toilet or the one holding someone’s hair. But you cannot avoid the mess on this one day so just embrace it. If you are not a hard party girl, keep it low but do take a few shots and have fun.

  • Never have I ever

This classic drinking game never goes out of style. Just to keep it running smooth, ask your girls to come with a list of activities to mention that they never did before, or at least claim to. The lesser time wasted in thinking of things to say, the better. Make everybody drink more. And know everybody’s little secrets.

  • Know the bride

Get to know the bride better if you aren’t already closed. More so, if you are the closest. No person remains the same right before their wedding. Their life is about to change and so do they.

It is a good time to get to know what is bothering the bride. What she is excited about and what she fears. But as far as the game is concerned, keep it to less personal things and find out who knows her the best so far.

  • Bonfires

This will not be your regular bonfire. This will be a purging. A bachelorette party is the best place for a boyfriend bonfire. Of course, host it in the garden or on the terrace. Don’t get too drunk before you are done with this event. This is the gang version of “jalaa de saali ko”. Remember the peace one gets from burning away souvenirs and leftovers from past relationships, courtesy, Geet? Do it. At the party of the bride, all her friends should get to shed their past pains away not with tears, but with fun!

  • Dance

This is a must. With the booze, comes the dance. Don’t let a single person not dance. And don’t forget to record the funny and the sexy moves. You can focus on the bride and let her tease her newlywed husband with moves he missed out. What he wouldn’t do to see those moves again, just for himself.

  • Party Crashing

Now, this one can get a little tricky. But if you can pull it off right, the bride and groom will be a  favourite couple of the decade! This is about having a bachelor and bachelorette party on the same day and has the girls crash the boys’ party. The important thing here is, it should come with a notice.

You don’t want to be the nagging girls. You are the fun people on a fun night. Crash their party, make it hotter, and leave. Maybe they’ll return the favour. Of course, they will. It was already planned. Just make sure, this plan is executed only if the bride and groom are both cool enough and comfortable in their relationship. Otherwise, it could just be party pooping, the last thing you want.

  • Hangover Care

It is surprising how many people still do not think about this beforehand. Hangovers are inevitable and the big night is yet to come. So take care of yourselves and your darling bride to be. Have aspirin, lemonades, breakfast, and headache balms ready for the morning after. Nobody should have to pay a heavy price for a night of fun. So, don’t think too much while chugging the drinks. But do think beforehand.

  • All the love

Don’t forget to take enough pictures which are both, Instagram worthy, and frame worthy. This night will be missed. Make sure you have all the visual memory of it you could want when you are old.

All about the bride

Make the bachelorette party all about the bride. What bachelorette party ideas she would like, that is what you will arrange. The bachelorette party activities she always seemed to be interested in, will be the activities that take place. The guest lists, the food list, run everything by her. It is supposed to be a surprise if she wishes.

But at the same time, the bride should be able to trust her friends enough to know that they will get her what she wants. This one day is hers. She shouldn’t have to miss anybody she really wanted to share the evening with. She shouldn’t have to put up with anybody she doesn’t like or trust. So make the best party ever.

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