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Indian Weddings are a big deal. The preparations start months, sometimes even a year before the D day. The wedding itself is not just a matter of a single day, but at least three. There is sangeet, mehendi, haldi, aashirvaad, or even more ceremonies depending on the cultural norms of the bride and groom. The wedding and reception are typically two different occasions.

Now, two families work so hard arranging all these events and perfecting them. They deserve a gesture of appreciation. This has to be in the form of a wedding gift. Since a gift is must, you should try keeping the bride and groom in mind while choosing one. There are many options that are suitable for wedding gifts for couples. You just need to invest enough time in choosing the right one for the couple in mind.

Things to Keep in Mind Before Selecting a Gift

You need to keep a few things in mind before buying wedding gifts for friends. This is different from birthday gifts as it’s not a once in a year affair but a once in a lifetime deal. Your gift has to be special might be wedding dress for the groom or the bride. Also, you might not know one of the recipients so well. You’ll need time figuring out what the two of them would like or need. There are some very cliché wedding gifts that you might want to avoid because many people will already be gifting that. Also, you need to make sure that the gift is aesthetically pleasing, yet useful.

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These are the things you need to keep in mind and the rest is up to your choice. Of course, another matter that partly depends on your choice and partly on the above points of concern is the budget. You need to have a decent budget for the gift but you need to stick to it. So, all the important factors having been mentioned, let’s get you some help finding the best wedding gifts India gift shops or online shops offer.

Best Wedding Gift Options in Trend

From some of the unique wedding gift options to some classics which will never go out of style, here is a list of wedding gift ideas that will suit brides and grooms who want the best.

  1. Cocktail Pitcher

Cocktail pitchers or any bar accessories for two will be perfect for the honeymoon phase of the couple. You can give a larger set for special occasions as well.


Fine glass or sturdy metal, either is a good choice. You can also get some personalised tumblers with their nicknames embossed or engraved.

  1. Copper Ladle Set

A copper ladle set isn’t part of a regular kitchenware but it’s good luck.


For a newly wedded couple, this is a very thoughtful gift. If you don’t care about the omen anyway, a copper ladle set is an aesthetic thing for the kitchen.

  1. Wood and Marble Wine Cooler

Nothing speaks class better than a wood and marble layered wine cooler.


This one again, isn’t a part of your regular bar set. It is a symbol of class and pride. Of course, gift it to couples who have a taste for wine. Let it not be irrelevant.

  1. Scented Candles and Bath Salts

This will be a perfectly thoughtful gift after a series of hectic ceremonies like sangeet and wedding ceremony. This one is probably the most romantic gift a couple can receive. Not many people will think about it. So rest assured your gift will be unique. Also, if you are feeling generous, give this in abundance so the bride and groom can share with their families.

  1. Candle Stand

A designer candle stand or set of candle stands is perfect for a romantic bedroom.


It will be best if you gift gold plated stands. It won’t cost much but the gift will be beautiful.

  1. Paintings

This gift is not much about utility but it is beautiful anyway. It will be a perfect gift for art lovers. If either the bride or groom has a favourite artist, it will be great if you go out of your way and gift a painting that they wanted to add to their collection. If you don’t know the couple much, just gift them any artistic painting for their living room.

  1. Metal Ice Bucket

This is useful and cool. Gift it to anybody you know or don’t know. It’ll be a safe bet.


  1. Travel Bag

Yes, this one is a little cliché. But every newly wed couple can use a brand new travel bag. To add your touch of unique creativity, get two travel bags and emboss the names of the bride and groom. Add personalised Mr. and Mrs. tags as accessories.

  1. Trendy curtains

Once again, nobody can have enough curtains. Gift curtains that complement the walls of the bedroom if you’ve seen it. Or simply ask for the common favourite colour of the couple.

  1. Embroidered Quilts

This one will be one unique and beautiful gift. Also, the couple will find it useful during winters. So, this one is a perfect combination of aesthetics and utility.

Bonus tip: Gifting photo frames along with photo albums never goes out of style. Just personalise the album by adding your favourite photo of the couple on the first page with a sweet note. Make it removable though, in case they want to move it.

These are just some of many wedding gifts you can gift to a newly wedded couple you’d love to give your best wishes to. Wrap the gifts well and add a best wishes note to it. Make sure the presentation is neat. Get things ready well in time and not at the last moment. Leave the wedding day for dressing up time. Keep the gift ready two days before the ceremony so that it doesn’t look all shabby.


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