April 3rd, 2019 by OYO Team

In a world of right and left swipes, getting to know someone these days, often comes down to looking at their six best pictures and reading a well-crafted bio. Only once dating can the tests begin. Meet the friends, check. Meet the parents, check. And eventually the ultimate test, the check-in. Because only a holiday can help you decide if this special someone might be the someone you can go the distance with.

You may know his best angles, but his idea of a perfect morning might be a lazy breakfast in bed followed by the match, while yours is a hike up the side of a mountain at dawn. Or you may know she prefers Netflix to nightclubs, but how will your dream experience of stargazing under canvas sit, with her cosy OYO in a bustling city full of lights?

And as always in life, it’s the little things that matter too.

How will the other react if things go wrong? What happens if you miss the perfect beach sunset because you’re in the hotel arguing about how long it will take to get there? Will they treat the servers at the restaurant with respect, as you do? Who had the TV remote last?

The way you’ll start to really see your partner’s nature is by spending some time together, alone and seeing how the two of you operate together out in the world. It’s the perfect litmus test for any relationship, revealing the characteristics, both your well-crafted bios might just have neglected to mention.

And on the other side of the trip, you can use your new insight to take stock. Did you manage to relax and have fun? When things went a bit wrong, were you able to talk about it together, constructively?  Did she really forgive you for forgetting to take the water when you went on that hike?

Travelling in a couple is like a dress rehearsal for the life that you hope to share together.

It’s also massive amounts of fun. And if you are married it can be a way to re-connect and tune in to what you enjoy and admire about each other, away from the frame of everyday life.

There’s only one way to know if the relationship will go the distance and that is…to go the distance.

So, will it be a cosy OYO in the city? A hike up a mountain (with water)? A night at the beach? A weekend clubbing?

Lead the way.

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