February 14th, 2019 by OYO Team admin

When Ritesh Agarwal decided to do something about the lack of clean, affordable hotels in India, he thought he’d probably end up with a few decent rooms available for people to book.

He couldn’t have known that just 4 years later he would have 450,000 rooms, hotels, managed workspaces and resorts on his roster and growing throughout the World.

In the early days, Ritesh was delighted to be providing something that people clearly wanted, but he was quick to learn that all people did not fit into the same box.  And their needs were more nuanced than the basic star grade hotel system.

So he spent some time getting to know his customers.  He learned, for example, that OYO Rooms positioned near hospitals were popular with people who wanted to be close to family undergoing treatment.  These folks wanted convenience over experience and were satisfied with the basic OYO promise of fresh linen, free wifi, clean bathroom, TV and breakfast.

In town centres, people who travelled for work felt cooped up spending multiple nights in a single room and felt more comfortable with a bit of atmosphere.  Enjoying running into the occasional family and couples over breakfast which happens all the time in the OYO Townhouses.

On the other hand, some business travellers didn’t want the social experience of the OYO Townhouse and instead wanted a more self-contained place they could settle into.  This is why OYO’s SilverKey chain offers kitchen access and lounge, where guests can fix themselves a drink or supper.

Ritesh still keeps his ear to the ground, there’s always room to grow.

But these days there’s an OYO for everyone, the question is which OYO are you?

OYO Rooms: I’m on a budget so I like to keep things simple.

OYO Townhouse: I like meeting fellow travellers and being in the heart of the action.

OYO SilverKey: Please do not disturb, I’m very busy being not at work.

CAPITAL O: I’m doing yoga in my extra large space and planning my next trip.

Collection O: I’ve got a big meeting in the morning but luckily it’s right around the corner.

OYO Living: Aaaahh home sweet home.  Your turn to cook honey.


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