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Your D-day is getting nearer! Then you must be excited about your upcoming nuptials and the post-marital bliss. But, before that, you must be enormously busy in planning out the same. From searching for a perfect marriage hall in Kolkata, Delhi, Mumbai, or any other location to booking your ideal caterer, DJ and Stylist, you have no time to spare at all. But, within this comes your decoration which you definitely aspire to be as grand as your dreams are.

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Decoration for a wedding is pivotal enough. And when it comes to centre stage, you need to consider a lot. A beautiful centre stage decoration shows off the essence of your wedding to the best. From the flowers to sparkles, you have lot many options to decorate your centre stage with. Here are few of the Indian wedding stage decoration ideas that you may adopt for your centre stage.

  • Combination of Gold & White

This ethereal style of decoration is soothing to eyes and oozes a kind of delicacy that you won’t find with any other colour. Adorn your seating bench in gold and decorate the background with white flowers and golden satin drapes. A white seating with golden decorated pillar would also make for a picturesque décor.

  • A Flower Decoration

Flowers are an intricate part of the Indian wedding decorations. We cannot even think of any wedding decoration without the use of flowers. Several types of flowers like roses, tulips, marigold or wildflowers are used in a centre stage décor. It lends a cosy atmosphere and brings out a romantic essence to it. Try to complement the colour of the flowers without draping and seat to exhibit a majestic view for your guests.

  • Team up Lights & Flowers

Another way to decorate a centre stage is by using the right amount of flowers with light. Use a bouquet of flowers in combination with fairy light strings. This would be apt for a fairy-tale theme that you might be looking for. In addition to this, you might decorate the stage with drapes and curtains in some darker colour if you are using light coloured flowers.

  • Royal Themed

Most brides dream of having a royal stage decoration for wedding. The golden hues paired up with burgundy, bottle green, or silver hues paired up with royal blue, all these make for a perfect royal-themed wedding centre stage décor. Set up a royal look with pillars and arches and these would definitely bring out the royalty from within.

  • Satin Drapes Décor

Drapes are known to create a mythical aura. With the large flowy drapes in the background and a contrasting colour seat on the stage, all these make for a picture perfect moment. Drapes are an elegant choice and if you make an intelligent one in colours say pastels, then your style of décor will be the talk of the town. So, choose a glamorous look and make a perfect choice in drape colour.

  • Pink Themed Centre Stage

Seems a bit girly? Not at all. While you are looking for subtle colours, pink is a nice one to go with. Pair up your drapes with white flowers and ferns to bring a rustic view within your centre stage. A combination of pink, white and mauve could also be considered. Just have a look at the colour of your seat and then start decorating the style of your background. Make an archway with the flowers or you may make a floral drape along with a satin one.

  • Drapes & Hangings Duo

Go with some bright hangings made up of crystal or lights. These will look fabulous in your centre stage decoration. Hang a stain drape of lighter colour in the background so that the light from crystal hangings can reflect the colour at its best. You may use the crystal hanging by making an archway above your seat or let them hang in the background.

  • Ethnic Style

An ethnic style comes equipped with lots of colours. Red, pink, orange, yellow and green comes in the colour palette that makes for an ethnic theme. What more? Add a swing for the couple in place of the seat and decorate the entire stage area with marigold or hibiscus. These would surely make for an ethnic-themed centre stage.  Go for this décor. It will bring out the warmth in the stage while keeping the exotic-ness intact. You may even add some traditional props to synchronize with your decoration.

  • Umbrella Style

Umbrellas are the props of this era. You can show your creativity with the umbrella for wedding decorations. Umbrellas have taken the foremost position in the list of décor ideas. Use embroidered colourful umbrellas and dangle them in the background. Or you may use some regal colour like white and fill them up with flowers and climbers for a gorgeous look. You may make an archway with umbrellas tucked upon its bodice. You may also use some contrasting colour umbrellas for a more profound look.

  • Pearly White

White is classic in every way. And when given to your backdrop it will elevate the sophistication level. And what more? The colourful attires of bride and groom would be well displayed with a pristine white background. Use transparent crystals, white roses, ivory satin drapes, and a pearly sheet with few bronze colour props to keep the look a little livelier.

  • Red & Gold

Another of the magnetic combo, Red and Gold makes for a perfect colour scheme. Pick the drapes, flowers and lights and arrange them in a creative manner. Choose this colour combination and give your centre stage a stunning look.

With these many designs and load full of creativity, you are surely going to arrange a beautiful stage decoration for wedding. Opt for a style that you are excited about and if you are still confused then hire a pro to help you out with the decorations. Now get along this planning session and settle upon a particular style

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