February 18th, 2019 by OYO Team

Goa is a city of colours. You can turn in to the most obscure corners and a sudden burst of colour on a wall will welcome you. The houses are vibrant and cheerful, and they really put the fun in architectural history. So, when you design a home in Goa, it needs to do justice to this unique place.

This brand new OYO home in Vasco does just that, and more.

Combining two unlikely partners, the blue and yellow decor of this house brings the laidback beach vibes of Goa indoors. As you enter, you will notice the stunning ceiling, designed with a blue Moroccan motif. At OYOxDesign, we believe in going a step beyond the others. Ceilings are generally not the main focus of design in a home. But here, the Moroccan patterns catch your eye instantly, preparing you for the rest of the house.

Where there is brightness, there is also a cosy charm. The living room, with a TV and a couch, is the ideal spot for a movie night or even a solo TV binge. The decor separates the living and dining area without the use of physical divisions, making it a wholesome space.

The colours in this home may be vibrant, but they also have a sober and soothing effect. The walls have been strategically painted to maintain the precarious balance between bright and calm. The beachy decor continues into the bedroom, but since this is a space to relax, the colours take on a subtle, soothing tone.

The ornamental furniture, painted in white, gives a classic look to the bedroom decor. Yet, space has a contemporary feel. The minimalist decor, set against the white background, appeals to modern sensibilities and to those who don’t like clutter. The black and white contribute to this design by complementing the colours outside the frame.

This OYO home is located in Vasco, near Goa airport. So if you want a quiet, peaceful vacation, near secluded beaches, this is the perfect holiday home for you. One of the most popular beaches in this area is Bogmalo beach, with Hollant beach coming a close second. Go to Monkey beach if you want to go snorkelling, or to Dona Paula for a glimpse into Goa’s history.

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