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Valentine Special

“Remember that amazing Valentine’s Day when you gave me heart-shaped chocolates?” Said no one.

Hearts are cute but in a time of quick tap emojis, maybe the heart doesn’t have much to do with ….the heart anymore. And perhaps one of the most heartfelt gifts you can give, to celebrate your relationship on Valentine’s Day, is something more simple. Time.

It doesn’t exactly arrive in a pretty box, but time together promises discovery and a deeper understanding…. and this is sounding more romantic by the minute.

So given the time, what would you like to know about your loved one?

For example, if you walked into a room with your partner how would you feel?
Where would you choose to sit in the room? Would you sit? Would you both switch off your phones? If you had time together with no interruptions and you could talk about absolutely anything, what do you think you’d find yourselves talking about? How would you handle disagreeing with each other?
If you curled up with a movie – who would be in charge of the remote? Who feels the strongest about crumbs on the bed?

This is important stuff – ephemera furnishes a relationship, leading to mutual compatibility and that lovely feeling of all the gaps between you closing. Basically, if you think you really like someone, it’s good to know how you operate in a space when you’re alone. Together.

Maybe it’s time Valentine’s day got more meaningful.
This year show them you want to get to know them – it’s never too late.
Give the gift of space and time.
We know you’ll think of a great way to wrap it up.

Whatever you’re doing, Happy Valentine’s Day from OYO.

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