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Travel Checklist for Ladakh

So, finally your long due trip to Ladakh is all planned and the tickets are booked? Now, the next task on the list to pack your bags. You have heard that Ladakh has freezing temperatures and you are thinking how to squeeze in everything you’ll need in that one bag!

Read this list for rescue. Ladakh is an extremely cold place with a terrain which is very different from the Indian plains. Charging ports are limited and toiletries might not be available readily. This packing checklist for Ladakh will help you strike a fine balance between carrying too much and too little. It has all that you’ll need to equip yourself for the extreme climate.

Equipment Checklist

  • Sun Hat or scarf
  • Light balaclava or warm fleece hat
  • Sunglasses with UV protection

Clothing Checklist

Upper Body:

  • 2 T-shirts (preferably cotton)
  • Light and expedition weight thermals
  • Fleece jacket or pullover
  • Fleece windstopper jacket (optional)
  • Waterproof (preferably breathable fabric) jacket


  • Lightweight Gloves
  • Heavyweight gloves or mittens with a waterproof outer shell

Lower Body:

  • 2 Shorts
  • Lightweight cotton long pants
  • Lightweight thermal bottoms
  • Fleece or wool pants
  • Waterproof (preferably breathable fabric) shell pants


  • 3 Thin, lightweight inner socks
  • 3 Thick, warm wool socks
  • Boots with spare laces
  • Camp shoes (sneakers/sandals)


  • Large plastic bags – for keeping items dry inside the trek bag
  • Daypack
  • 2 Water bottles
  • Toiletries
  • Small wash towel
  • Multitool knife

Personal First-Aid Kit

It is advisable to take along a sufficient supply of first-aid items for your own personal use based on the following list, plus any specific medications you may require:

  1. Insect repellent
  2. Antiseptic cream
  3. Sunscreen
  4. Throat lozenges or hard candies
  5. Antibiotics
  6. Analgesics – Aspirin, Advil or Tylenol for headaches, etc. (Not Codeine based painkillers)
  7. Plasters, moleskin or second skin
  8. Diamox
  9. Rehydration Salts (oral) E.g. Dioralyte. It is recommended to carry a small supply of 8 packets. A Gatorade- type electrolyte powder is a good idea.
  10. Dextrose glucose tablets.
  11. Multivitamin tablets.
  12. Iodine-based water purification tablets or a small bottle of tincture of iodine with a dropper.

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