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The best thing about a wedding is all the decking up you get to do. Every woman thinks about their time as a bride when they dress up to attend someone else’s wedding. You might want to deny it or you might really be one of those people who does not think about marriage much, but thousands of couple browse for best wedding venues in Mumbai, Chennai, etc. and plan each and everything on their own.

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If you aren’t the type who gets excited about marriage, you cannot avoid feeling worried about it when people start pestering you with questions. Like it, or dread it, you cannot ignore it. If you are already on the line to get hitched, then Here is something useful for you.

The Most Important Thing

What could be the most important thing on your wedding day? The wedding venue decorations? The food menu? Oh, did the bartender arrive? What about the DJ? Is any guest having trouble finding their way? Yes, things like these are the essentials. But on your wedding day, none of this is supposed to be your concern. You have done your job. Maybe you were the main person arranging all this, weeks or months back. But the wedding day must be all stress-free for the bride or groom. The most important thing for you to do on the D day is to be relaxed, feel good, be well rested, and look gorgeous.

All eyes will be on you on the wedding day. From the moment you step down the stairs with a delicate flower Chaadar shading your head, till the time you go back inside after the events and dinner. This is why your hair, makeup, outfit, and every little accessory, everything has to be on fleek.

Too Many Things

There are too many things to worry about like your appearance on your wedding day. You need to start well ahead of time. Do not go bridal shopping just a month before the wedding. Start with at least six months in hand. There are outfits to buy for the wedding Reception, Haldi, Mehendi, Sangeet, and Wedding day. Even if someone is gifting you the dress like it is traditionally done, you need to be there to choose it. With that comes the accessory shopping. Jewellery like bridal earrings, shoes, handbags, everything has to be on point. Give yourself enough time for all that.


Many youngsters get totally annoyed when their parents take them for jewellery shopping. Say, when your parents asked you to accompany them somewhere and you end up at a jewellery store. There are other sneak modes like they said, they’d buy you one little diamond nose pin for your birthday, but they start looking at chunky wedding jewellery the moment you enter. But you need to understand, gold and diamond jewellery for wedding needs to be well planned and arranged beforehand.

Even if you are rich enough for all that jewellery, you need to shop early. Sometimes maybe, when you are not even planning to get married. You might feel that they are pushing you to get married, but they are actually pre-planning. Once you understand this, even you will take interest in the earrings designs in gold for marriage, or the bridal Maangtika on display.

Spoilt for Choice

Once you start thinking about your trendy bridal jewellery, you will discover a treasure you have never seen before. Brides get more types of jewellery to choose from, but grooms too get their fair share in the form of cufflinks, wristbands, princely necklaces, and Sarpech. As of now, we are going to help the bride with some bridal earrings design choices.

Bridal Earring Options

The earrings are pivotal in bridal jewellery because it is closest to your face. The Maangtika and the nose pin or nose ring go right on your face. But the earrings define the shape of the face. The necklace design depends on the earrings. The hairstyle depends on the earrings. So, it is pretty tricky to get it right. This is why; we will help you out selecting the best earrings for your wedding look.

  • Design Matched to Outfit

The common mistake people still make while choosing accessories for their outfit is to find an exact match for the colour. If you are wearing custom jewellery where the earrings are colourful, go for a contrast or a lighter but brighter shade of the same colour that is predominant on the outfit.

  • Design Matched to Hairstyle

If you will wear your hair up on the wedding day, buy a chunky but not too round pair of earrings. If you are going to wear your hair down, go for huge studs that will look gorgeous but that keeps getting tangled in your hair or bridal hair accessories.

  • Design to Complement Facial Structure

The thumb rule is long slender designs for round faces and hoop designs for long narrow faces. While this rule applies in most cases, your facial structure and hairstyle together will decide what kind of earrings you need. When you go for earrings shopping, take a tasteful friend with you to give their honest opinion.

  • Choose the Material

Gold is the traditional bridal jewellery base. It is very common to look for earrings designs in gold for marriage purposes. Diamond is the next most popular thing. You can go for custom made jewellery to control exactly what amount of gold, diamond, silver, or other stone you want in your jewellery.

  • Long Teardrop Design

The teardrop design is very popular because it is so sleek and trendy. But you cannot wear a single longish thread for your wedding. If you want to go for the teardrop anyway, go for three chains or five chain designs with a teardrop at the end of each chain.

  • Broad Mesh Design

 A mesh design adds a very delicate elegance to any jewellery. It is very practical too as it makes the earrings look big, but it is still very light and comfortable on the ear.

  • Intricate Floral Design

Floral designs never go out of fashion. Bridal earrings with floral designs can be worn on other occasions too. You can wear it at someone else’s wedding, or at your child’s first birthday party. If you are worried about the earrings looking too common, your concern is valid. Floral designs are indeed very common. But when you mix meshwork with the floral design, your earrings will be the most unique of all.

  • Solid Hoop Design

This is best for long faces with a big forehead. People don’t wear round hoops for weddings usually. Your hoops shouldn’t be plain. The hoops need to be twisted, or studded with stones. If you have a long neck, this is a very good option for you. Diamond studded gold hoops are amazing.

  • Traditional Designs

Traditional designs include peacock, elephant, flowers, leaves, mandala, and so on. You can wear Kundan, Jadau earrings with meenakari work. These traditional designs look wonderful in the yellow, blue, green, red meenakari designs.

  • Modern Patterns

Modern patterns include abstract designs. When you see a child curiously looking at your earrings, wondering what it depicts, you know your earring is beautiful. But modern patterns will have adults behave the same way. Go for a unique design with some modern patterns. But make sure your earrings are rocking!

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