July 18th, 2017 by OYO Team


  • Steering through the toughest terrain ✓
  • Zero compromise on comfortable accommodation ✓
  • Capturing breathtaking views ✓
  • Savouring local delicacies ✓
  • Making memorable travel stories ✓
  • Becoming #OYOnauts ✓

You name it and these bloggers have been there and done it all to make it to the #HighestBloggerMeet

#OYOnauts 1

With engines revved, hands steady on the wheel, eyes glued to the expansive scenery ahead, and around them – their hearts may have been wandering, but their minds were still pondering over what was to be revealed at Khardung La?

#OYOnauts 2

#OYOnauts 3

#OYOnauts 4

Milestone reached and achieved! At 18,000 feet, and 140 kms from the worlds highest battlefield, the bloggers reached Khardung La. What better place to host the #HighestBloggerMeet? They were literally on top of the world.

#OYOnauts 5

#OYOnauts 6

And if you thought that was all, you’re mistaken! At Khardung La we announced big, big news for the travel community: OYO launched #OYOnauts! The bloggers were ecstatic to be part of this event.

Wondering what’s #OYOnauts? Here’s the dope for you:

What’s #OYOnauts?
A community of travellers and bloggers who have been bitten by the travel bug!

It is a group of people who love to travel & love to share their experiences with friends & followers.

What do I get becoming an #OYOnaut?

OYO will provide a platform to travellers like you, giving you the chance to explore some of our best properties and to share this awesome experience with everyone.

An all expense paid trip to an OYO destination of your choice within India, Nepal or Malaysia. Did we mention the awesome goodie bag you get when you’re selected?

How do I become an #OYOnaut?

  1. Tell us why we should shortlist you.
  2. Choose your top 3 destinations from India, Nepal & Malaysia.
  3. Share your work in the form of an image, a video or a blog

Become an #OYOnaut

What are you waiting for? Channel your inner story-teller and let your travel history earn you a new travel mystery.


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