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Weddings are not just about the bride and bridal wear. The groom is also an equal recipient of the fashion censure. Indian wedding wear for men is all about sporting an ethnic look. With bold colours, golden hues and the accompanying juttis, all Indian grooms aspire to have a sophisticated look at the wedding banquet by donning conventional and regal attire on their wedding. And what could be a better style statement than the traditional Sherwani Designs that hikes up the impression on your guests to another notch with its detailed and elaborate thread work over a striking colour in contrast.

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Check out the list of some of the most impeccable types of Sherwani available in the showrooms.

  1. Classic Sherwani

This is the simplest of styles that comprises of a straight front open cut with a slight flare that goes to one’s knees or a little below it.

This is usually worn with a churidar pajami in a contrasting colour to accentuate the design within.

  1. Chipkan Style Sherwani

The style and pattern of such types of Sherwani are a descendant of medieval era that marks the Mughal period or Rajaputanas.

Thus, basically oozes royalty for the wearer. Several popular brands create such types of Sherwani in various colours along with embedded groom’s jewellery if the groom is keen on wearing one.

  1. Asymmetric Sherwani

Sherwani Designs are a plenty when you are fully immersed in shopping for them, the latest of them is Asymmetric Sherwani where one of the side has a longer hemline than the other. Designers these days are coming up with various exciting designs and colours to intensify its regal look and give the groom an identity of his own. You may pair them with churidars or loose pants as per your comfort.

  1. Achkan Style Sherwani

These are the types of Sherwanis that have buttoned up jacket in the front which displays a classic look in every sense. The design on the sherwani could be an embroidered or of brocade that could be worn with dhoti, churidar or loose pants.

  1. Jodhpuri style

While going for a royal look, Jodhpuri sherwani could not be left behind. A groom who is well aware about his height and physique can opt for this style if he is after a regal look.

  1. Angrakha Sherwani

As the name suggests, the style of this sherwani showcases the breadth of shoulders as one of the ends is tied to another one on the shoulder. You can accessorize a lot with such type of Sherwani because the neckline, collars, cuffs are all a major piece of work that highlights the physique in full form.

Though the bottom could be anything from dhoti to churidar, a Jutti is a must when you are going for the Angrakha.

  1. Indo-western Sherwani

These sherwanis have a touch of both modernity and royalty of bygone era in its style. The name is basically bestowed because of the use of some distinct designs with different Pagri styles for the groom, with heavy stones, gems, that gives a regal justice to the wedding.

  1. Jacket Sherwani

Sherwani with a jacket is also a popular choice among today’s men. The jacket could be a long or a short one and may or may not have buttons. These jackets form a different part in a sherwani that might have a same colour to that of dhoti, pant or churidar to give a classic look of its own. These jackets are full sleeved, half sleeved or sleeveless that could be worn in a fusion style with any other design.

  1. Mughal Style Sherwani

Derived from the Mughal period, the Mughal style Sherwani for men is definitely a royal choice, if you are looking for one. With a flare of Anarkali, it has Kamarband or cummerbund made with pearls or any other jewel to bring out the physique. The groom can wear a neckpiece as well to adorn his look.

  1. Sherwani with Patiala

A truly voguish look, this Sherwani with Patiala Salwar is one of a kind. One of the trendiest in today’s wedding dresses, grooms find it to be quite comfortable than other types because of the loose bottom fitting.

  1. Anarkali Sherwani

Quite an uncommon type, the Anarkali Sherwani has a frock style beneath the jacket. The jacket and the Anarkali fabric are of distinct variety where one is complementary to the other.

This is generally seen to be worn with a churidar or loose pant as it has a flare in the upper portion.

  1. Printed Sherwani

Not everything is about embroidery, silks and brocade. While looking for some unique piece, a printed sherwani is also a favourite because of its rich colours and a mixed style. Moreover, a high-quality fabric is used in making printed sherwanis to bring out the design in them.

Though there are different styles to look for, you cannot ignore the fact that fabric plays an equally major part in elevating the look of a Sherwani. If you are the groom-to-be then this is just the perfect guide to help you out in choosing the right fabric for your Sherwani.

  • Banarasi Silk: The same type of fabric that is also used in Sarees, Sherwanis are also a great success when tailored with silk. The silk could be embroidered with motifs or any other floral pattern that goes well with the colour of fabric beneath it.
  • Velvet: This is a neutral fabric that could be used in jackets, stoles, or the Sherwani body itself. For a winter wedding, velvets would be an intelligent choice for an outdoor celebration of yours to ward off the chill. This seems to be a good choice when you are wearing a jacket Sherwani made of velvet.
  • Leather Pajamas: Might be unknown to you, the Sherwanis today are paired up with a black leather churidar pyjama for a better look. What more? Pair them up with a golden embroidered Sherwani and you would create a look that everyone would be in awe of.
  • Brocade Sherwani: Brocade itself is a richly decorated fabric where the design is woven over silks on golden or silver threads mostly. The elaborate ornamental design on the fabric is such handsomely sewn that you need not wear any accessory if you are not feeling up to it.
  • Jute Sherwani: Jutes are a vintage fabric when you don’t want some extravagant design but still long for a clean-cut look. Then Jute Sherwanis are just what you are looking for. With subtle yet creative designs, they will be your choice at once.

Now go along with any of the styles or any fabric for your wedding or pair it up with your bride-to-be to have a picture perfect moment in front of your guests.

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