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Centrepieces set the tone for an entire wedding event. Designing your wedding centrepieces can be tough even when you are getting married in 5-star banquet halls in Mumbai, Delhi or in any metro-city. After all, to create arrangements for vastly different themes, many centrepieces use various ideas. Centrepieces create the wow factor when guests walk into the room.

Weddings take a considerable time to conclude in India. With so many ceremonies taking place during the entire period of the wedding, you need something to differentiate each function from the other. And here wedding centrepieces can prove to be potent tools to make every function look different. Here, we bring you the best ideas for creating some highly attractive table arrangements for your D day. All you need is just a little imagination.

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  • Candelabra

Want your wedding decor to be a magical charm affair? Pick candelabra for centrepieces on tables. These look just so gorgeous and help to add a lot of character along with a certain charm as you put them on tables. They don’t only add to the elegance of the ceremony but also make a style statement. This choice would definitely make a unique addition to the idea of trendy wedding decorations by being classy, mystic in nature and carrying all that extra dose of beauty in it.

  • Vintage


If you like to experiment, then this is the best option for you. For a couple who wants to differentiate and like to be more relatable in their approach, its best to use the Vintage theme which is simple yet most different in approach. Use mercury glass (the slightly distressed silver finish) or vintage tea tins to incorporate a dash of metallic into your centrepieces. For that extra oomph, you actually don’t need anything else. Especially when paired with other vintage elements, these details will add a different texture and more visual interest.

  • Lotus Urlis

Urlis is a favourite thing when it comes to the centrepieces of Indian weddings. These help to add that dose of tradition and look ethnic and just so Indian. Place them on tables and let people admire the peaceful vibe they project throughout the harmonious ceremony! The beautiful flowers with a few tea light candles when styled in Urlis filled with water, add to the uniqueness of the event. As light reflects through the water in the Urlis, they also help to add that extra glam and almost leave you mesmerized at the first glance. As Indian and traditional as they look, lotus Urlis with tea light candles makes a gorgeous choice for centrepieces for the wedding.

  • Pastel Party

Choose soft coloured flowers and add them to cute short glasses for a classy, elegant look to your table The short glasses will look elegant, modern and so glam adding a perfect touch of beauty on your tables as a centrepiece. You can also circle them with some fairy lights to add that extra dose of grandeur and finesse.

  • Twigs and Crystals

Twigs and crystals are popularly used in weddings these days and they go so well together. Chances are you might get a good deal on them if your decorator already has these centrepieces in his inventory. These make a great combination without doing much, especially if you use just one shade of flowers in these arrangements. For the people who don’t like big table arrangements and want to add something nice and yet simpler in look, this is the best option.

  • Potted Plants

This is an exquisite choice for a couple who would like to experiment with non-traditional decor styles. Potted plants do look cute and would be the right choice for a couple who wants their table arrangements to stand out from the rest and look modern and chic. Not very popular in Indian wedding decor, tiny potted plants are a gorgeous pick for wedding centrepiece ideas and are being used abundantly in overseas weddings though. One can style them with more elements as well to add that extra dose of style and make their wedding arrangements stand out. What else? If you’ve not yet decided on the wedding favours, make these potted plants find their homes in your wedding. Moreover, they also make great return gifts for your guests as well, and according to some stories, also prove to be lucky for the couple.

  • Bird Cages

You might have seen numerous weddings with centrepieces made with birdcages filled with flowers. Made famous for overseas weddings, these birdcages are now being adopted famously in the Indian weddings too. Whether you have a day wedding or one in the night, you can style these differently with or without some fairy lights and add a lot of glam to your wedding tables. Bird cages can be an amazing wedding centrepiece choice if made a little more functional. You can add a twist here! Along with a few flowers, place the wedding favours in the cages with their names. So your guests can take their wedding favours from their table itself! Great, isn’t it?

  • Tiny Doli or Palki

How can we forget this important ritual that is prominent in Indian weddings? After all, traditional Indian weddings have always been associated with the culture. A palki is such a great idea to have as a centrepiece along with some beautiful flower arrangements in it, isn’t it? You can add some pastel or bright coloured flowers in small arrangements to make this a unique centrepiece.  These centrepieces will add more to the beauty of the celebration. The bride will always remember the time she bid adieu to her family and left for the new home sitting in a Palki/Doli!

  • High And Low

Create a stunning celebration by using high and low centrepieces. This is a trend these days made popular by overseas weddings. It can simply be managed by using some tall stands along with some short ones beside them to make for a beauteous arrangement on the table. Moreover, it won’t even disrupt the view on the table as well. This kind of a wedding centrepiece works well for any kind of theme – a traditional as well as a modern one with just the interchange of the elements in it.

  • Birchwood Delights

Delight your guests by utilizing thick or thin wood slices in your centrepieces. This is trendy, looks simply classy and add such different dimensions to your table arrangement. It is so wonderful to use a Birchwood and display flowers on them, isn’t it? This kind of arrangement doesn’t obstruct the view as well and is beautiful to look at; you can use bright or pastel shades of flowers or other elements with it. Birchwood creates a special feel because it’s a white wood instead of the typical brown.

  • Add Some Signage

To make your arrangements a little different, it’s best to add some element which not just makes it more attractive but also works up for fulfilling the purpose. And for this, it’s best to add some kind of a signage which gives information about the essential details of your wedding or anything that a couple would want to talk about. Brighten up your celebration with vibrant flowers and a fun sign with this bright idea. Your guests will appreciate the thoughtful touch.

  • Rustic

These days, rustic wedding centrepieces use rugged, natural elements to create interesting arrangements. Rustic wedding centrepieces are often planted or arranged with flowers in vases. With the addition of jewel-toned dahlias, metallic rick-rack, the basic wooden planter boxes or succulents become a bit more glamorous. To create something more wild and untamed than the average centrepiece, use lots of greenery, allowing it to sort of spill out. To highlight the greenery, couples often opt to select white, rather than brightly coloured flowers.  Surround your planters with bits of moss or ivy for a woodsier wedding. We love the idea of using your all-greenery centrepieces in your garden after the big day!

  • Majestic Moss

Boost your earthy look by using moss as a table marker. Simple, cutesy and yet conveying so much meaning, it is a rather nice way of getting away from the usual and use something that you don’t get to see often at weddings. To highlight the moss, you just need glass to bring out the ethereal beauty of the moss. The glass coche will keep it looking classy and fresh, along with some lights on the table beside this arrangement. It will do all the talking at your D day by being the perfect table arrangement for your tables. Wedding centrepieces can be an afterthought when planning a wedding, but it’s a perfect opportunity to show off your style and impress your guests. Go for something that speaks about your style, something a couple can relate to and something which goes well with your wedding theme. Make sure it conveys a meaning rather than just being beauty element to look at!

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